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For those listening to this void, check out this game from a Mac student: . Worth it.

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Just ... Yes.

When people who are not programmers talk about not understanding why we are willing to spend hours writing small scripts that automate repetitive tasks even if they save us only a few of seconds every time we run them, and it would take months to get that time investment "back" during which we'll be writing even more of those scripts, and they don't realize it's not about the time but about the mental drudgery, but you can't really explain that to somebody who doesn't mind repetitive copy-pastes or some other rote sequences and even seems to enjoy that every single time because it gives them some sense of "mastery", and I'm all like...
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For those who doubted ... more things you can buy with Bitcoins!  Got my bundle now (who can say no to a Humble Bundle paid in Bitcoins?)
THIS JUST IN: The Humble Double Fine Bundle now accepts Bitcoin!  Name your price for a bundle now with this sweet digital currency!

You can also check out our FAQ for more details:

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New superuser app that works with Jelly Bean and is open source.  It's what I use now.

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A little deer I saw that was crossing the road.

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Charity Ball 2012 - The Lasers!

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