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Writer, Blogger (kinda'), Philosopher
Writer, Blogger (kinda'), Philosopher

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I have a mixed relationship with social networking these days. On one hand, it seems like a time-sink. On the other hand, I like interacting with intelligent humans and the freedom of not having it to always be a face-to-face meeting. I'm not antisocial but there are many times I don't have other humans around except myself and my wife. That's cool and all but there are times a talker such as myself has a desire to get into some deep, multi faceted conversation with a handful of folks.

So, there I am, caught between those two hands. Not exactly a major problem or anything but, hell, it's Gplus so I figured I'd mention it.

I've been enjoying the process of learning how to play guitar. It has an interesting effect on my mind; an effect that feels very primal and true. Sound is powerful, music's an artistic manifestation of that raw power.

Plus, chicks dig musicians :)

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I sit here in my office, looking out through the white linen Roman blind, and watch the world drive, walk, and bicycle by. I'm reminded that I should mow my yard. I'm reminded that there is a whole world of flowers, trees, bugs, humans, dogs, and other miscellaneous Earth specimens right outside my door. The view makes me feel both melancholy and inspired.

Then, out of the strange depths of my mind, I imagine how my mind would react if an enormous mutant cephalopod were to appear, ravaging the countryside and eating small to medium sized dogs. And I smile. Because no matter what else is going on in my life, Life saw fit to give me an imagination.

That somehow makes it all better.

I hope you all have a splendid day.

note: I yanked the image from a Google image search. Not my image and I'd like to take a moment to thank the original photographer and the individual(s) responsible for posting in on the internet. Thanks much.

We live in a beautiful world populated by a lot of ugly things. The Taoist in me accepts this. The practical man in me would like to see some of the ugly get blown to Hell.

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Watched "Dead Snow 2:Red vs Dead". Totally badass. Equally as good as the first Dead Snow but different enough to stand on its own two dead feet.

For any fans of horror/zombies, this is a must see. As pointed out in the flick, it's a new genre of zombies. Original and brilliant, streaming on 'Flix.

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I loved this book when it came out and just found out, through the magic of the awesome folks of G+, +GeekTyrant specifically, that it's being made into a feature film. And Stephen King, the original author, is writing the script. Badass.

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I'm easily entertained by such things but I found this hilarious. The more I looked at it, the more I laughed. If you're a little sick, like me, enjoy.
Someone is messing with my joystick
Animated Photo

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I only came across this a few minutes ago and so haven't been able to fully grok it...but I think it's freaking amazing. I'm ready to get on the HGT bandwagon and learn to photosynthesize. Much to ponder. If you're a science nerd, this short article is worth reading.
Confirmation of the first known example of HGT (Horizontal Gene Transfer) in a multicellular organism. I lack words to fully express how fantastically cool this is.


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Flitting about on Twitter the last few days. Haven't done much on it for a while but it's fun every now and then.

Came across this guy and subsequently his art page. Pretty good stuff for folks who dig the zombie or classic monster thing. I really like this guy's Boris Karloff/Dracula. Really good work.

Check it out if you're in the mood for some artistic horror goodness.

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Any time I want to be reminded that there are still outstandingly talented bands in the world, I need only listen to this tune by one of the most consistent top-label bands out there, particularly for those who dig the Seattle sound or the Grunge Rock category.

These guys have been kicking ass since the late '80s. When many others were kicking out hair band music, Chris, Kim, Matt, and Ben were rocking this kind of tune.

I had the pleasure of hearing this group perform live recently. This was the final tune they played and I'm still pleasantly haunted by how ultimately Badass it was.

Shout out to all the bands, signed and independents alike, keepin' it real. You folks are excellent. Respect and Gratitude.
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