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Maximize the Business Value of your Enterprise Data
Maximize the Business Value of your Enterprise Data

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Nowadays, the mass of information handled by companies is so voluminous that the classification of data and their proper understanding become challenges in their own right, especially when it comes to integrating new employees or ensuring the smooth running of teams. Therefore, it is necessary to set up a business glossary, a unique knowledge base, to which each employee can refer to discover, understand and integrate the concerns related to the data in circulation in the structure, in the department or in the company in the broad sense.

Global Data Excellence is excited to announce the launch of DEMS verbatim! DEMS verbatim is a multilingual business semantic glossary, its main advantage is its ability to link the human semantics to the physical data model taking into consideration the context of usage. The overall goal of the semantic data model is to capture more meaning of data by integrating relational concept with more powerful abstraction concept known from the artificial intelligence field. It helps users understand the business language and the business meaning of data. By delivering accessible and trustworthy data, the business semantic glossary helps users to search, understand, trust and use data to support your business. It allows you to find your data easily without meeting conflicting meanings. The business semantic glossary provides data users with a dynamic semantic mapping view of all the business terms that displays all the business terms along with their related data, metadata, and data lineage.

DEMS establishes meaningful governance by providing flexible and configurable governance roles and by allowing stewardship assignment at any organisational level (Business Objectives, Business Excellence Requirements, Geography, Business Contexts and Business Semantic Glossary). Based on the roles and responsibilities integrated in the Data Excellence framework (DEF). Thanks to the DEF, DEMS will automatically build your governance community and functionalities to manage and interact with it across the entire eco-system.

Embedding contextual intelligence, the data catalog automatically provides context, lineage and semantic meaning and supports search. It defines the relationships between the business terms and their metadata to sharpen decision-making and actions. It goes beyond standard data catalog by providing the ability to associate relationships (semantic operational or functional) between others with a direct link to the physical database (metadata).

The knowledge generated by DEMS verbatim will enable human-machine collaboration since it will be understood by human and artificial intelligence and automatically synchronized. People across the organization can easily collaborate, share and agree on data meanings and usages to achieve data governance goals. At the higher level, they can collaborate to design the knowledge necessary to create and sustain value. The synergy goes beyond human interaction. It facilitates human-machine collaboration using same knowledge basis. As the data definitions, rules, terms and policies have been simplified and standardized, they can easily be governed and shared to create a greater transparency and trust. It becomes an environment of sharing and collaboration within the eco system (internal and external).

As soon as you connect DEMS verbatim to your databases, it will generate a dynamic semantic data model. This will automate traceability in the form of a semantic mapping that displays relationships to terms within a specific context. People can have a view of all business terms and related data. They can easily view variations, meanings, relationships, and business metadata. You can generate semantic models linking your natural language terms to your database terms including relationships. The overall goal of a semantic mapping data model is to map natural language semantic data model to the physical database data model that will enable high level of automation and artificial intelligence optimization.

DEMS integrates global search capabilities that easily allows users to search for business terms, definitions, technical metadata… Users can type a keyword and the system will look for context specific results. Optionally, you can get advantage of the natural language interrogation capabilities.

Person semantic model

DEMS integrates global search capabilities that easily allows users to search for business terms, definitions, technical metadata… users can type a keyword and the system will look for context specific results. Optionally, you can get advantage of the natural language interrogation capabilities.

Thanks to the contextual intelligence embedded into DEMS verbatim, you sharpen communication between people (business, data management, IT) and the machine.
Collaborative functionalities: the permanent dialog and collaboration clarifies ambiguities within the organization which leads to higher productivity and knowledge value maximization
Generates end-to-end traceability for a greater transparency and control of ownership
Gain value from people alignment on agreed definitions, data policies and business terminology
Foster understanding of data’s context and usage
Integrates an easy-to-use Intelligence-enabled search
Intuitive navigation in your knowledge base from any perspectives
No need for document management system as DEMS integrates contextual knowledge documentation and generates it automatically
Fully configurable workflow capabilities
Designed for employees at every level of the company
Covers end-to-end lineage functionalities (from business usage to IT systems)
Easy to integrate and to configure

#glossary #businessglossary #automation #dynamic #knowledge #datagovernance #businessterms
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On thursday June 21st 2018, Dr. Walid el Abed, C.E.O of Global Data Excellence, will be speaking about: The Data Excellence Science and Artificial Intelligence – Business Excellence Automation and the Human-Computer Dialogue “Automate Business Excellence and “Govern by Value” at the Aviation Data Symposium that will be held at the InterContinental Berlin.

Here is the agenda of the keynote:
– The story of the Data Excellence science
– The challenge of the digital era
– The paradigm shift in the value creation ecosystem
– What type of intelligence is required to win the digital era
– A collaborative framework and system to reconcile humans and computers for the creation of a society of excellence and to “govern by value”

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The European Union regulation 2016/679 (on the protection of the natural persons with regards to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, also known as the “GDPR”) imposes the highest compliance standard to date on the protection of personal data to virtually any person or legal entity in the world.

The substantive requirements, the extended rights of data subjects, the extraterritorial reach, as well as the very high sanctions threshold impose a high burden on any company, nonprofit organization, or even natural person that control the process personal data belonging to other data subjects. The burden is particularly high since we are all operating in an interconnected world where remote connections become the rule anywhere the digital identity of persons tends to prevail over their physical one.

The cost of ensuring GDPR compliance can be prohibitive notably for companies that operate with vast mountains of personal data or for entities that have financial needs to support a comprehensive human driven compliance assessment.

Data Excellence Management System (DEMS) offers a unique solution based on an automated artificial intelligence driven system, which allows IT systems to control the GDPR compliance themselves with very limited human intervention. The system relies on the understanding by the machine through controlled natural language of the rules of the GDPR and the linking of such rules with the data that exists or develops within the company.

#GDPR #EU #Governance #Glossary #DataPolicies #Rules #Regulations #Compliance
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Global Data Excellence received an award from CIOReview magazine as 1 of the 20 promising enterprise information management solution providers 2017.

#DataGovernance #CIOReview #MostPromisingEnterprise #AI #Data #BusinessGlossary
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On Monday October 2nd 2017, Dr. Walid el Abed will present a keynote Data Excellence Science: Contextual Intelligence at the Global Forum from 2pm to 2:40pm in Winnipeg, Canada at the Fairmont Winnipeg Hotel.

What is the Global Forum?

The Global Forum/Shaping the Future is an internationally recognized think-tank for exchange and networking among governments at national, regional & local levels, private & public organizations, research & development experts.

The Global Forum is an independent, high profile, international, non-for-profit event dedicated to business and policy issues affecting the successful evolution of the Digital Society. The Global Forum brings each year in a different city around the world more than 300 key policy-makers and public/private stakeholders from more than 30 countries from all continents, it is often considered as the Davos for ICT.

For more information visit the website.
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Information Management delivers the latest IT news, business technologies strategies and analysis about business intelligence, analytics and data management, including big data, business process management, cloud computing, master data management, data governance, and more…for business and information technology professionals.

On July 12th 2017, Information management posted an article about the 12 top products for data governance stewardship based on the Forrester Research wave report on “Data Governance Stewardship and Discovery Providers, Q2 2017: The 12 Providers That Matter The Most and How They Stack Up” authored by Forrester analyst Henry Peyret. This article is mentioning our product Data Excellence Management System© (DEMS) as one of the 12 leading products for data governance stewardship.

What is DEMS?

Data Excellence Management System© (DEMS) is a complete integrated cloud-based system (internal or external) that uses contextual intelligence based on artificial intelligence techniques and semantics to enable organizations to automate data governance, business excellence and analytics to accelerate the maximization of the business value of organization’ strategies and transactions while minimizing operational costs. It provides a factual value-driven collaboration that engages end-users from all levels in the ultimate value creation. It also helps your organization to manage data policies, to comply with evolving EU GDPR guidelines or any other regulation like FINMA.

DEMS fits the maturity of your organization functions and resources. It establishes accountability and responsibility throughout the organizational structure and links the data assets to the value flows to predicatively govern business strategies.
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Markets and Markets, the largest market research firm worldwide in terms of annually published premium market research reports, recognized Global Data Excellence as a key innovator in the Data Governance Market.
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On December 5th 2016, Global Data Excellence was invited to introduce DEMS (Data Excellence Management System) as a solution to allow NGOs and Civil society to work in partnerships to achieve the 17 Sustainable Developement Goals (SDGs) for the International NGO day 2016 conference at the Palais des Nations in Geneva.

From an NGO perspective, we can state that we have to collaborate in a fast changing world with huge challenges around fighting poverty, diseases, hunger, safety etc. The big challenge is to get all the parties aligned and to collaborate and share the available data to maximize value and keep tracking the different laws and regulations that apply to the mutual objectives.
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Global Data Excellence will be part of the INTERNATIONAL NGO DAY 2016, taking place on December, Monday 5th 2016 at the Palais des Nations in Geneva from 10 am to 6 pm. Dr. Walid el Abed will be a keynote speaker. He will present DEMS (Data Excellence Management System): the global collaborative platform to govern by value for perpetual excellence. He will answer the question:

How DEMS can help NGOs and civil society (especially from the perspective of working in Global Partnerships) to implement the Sustainable Development Goals?

This day conference event seeks to:

1. Highlight the importance of inclusive partnerships as the challenges we face now from conflict, poverty, poor health, hunger and nutrition, low quality education, and climate change, cannot be dealt with by a single actor or structure. Neither governments, development agencies, the private sectors nor civil society organizations alone are enough.

2. Move beyond silo world-views and traditional models of NGO only, State only, Public Private Partnerships (PPP) only, into more People-centered and Sustainable Public Private Partnerships hereafter known as Global Partnerships.

3. Discover common solutions that will be found in the partnerships between myriad of different organizations, networks and ideas. New value propositions, new ways of collaboration and cooperation including new business models must be found for all stakeholders to engage in successful partnerships to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

4. Explore these global partnership models that could be replicated, cross-fertilized and scaled across different countries and sectors to help all stakeholders to implement the sustainable development goals efficiently and effectively.

5. Connect people, networks, technologies, business processes, ideas, models to achieve a peaceful, healthy, democratic sustainable development for all. Building consensus and open processes to design and implement best practices of global partnerships to make positive change happen.
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