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Guide to the Island of Elba in Tuscany
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Guide to Plan your Vacation to the island of Elba
Would you like to spend an unforgettable holiday discovering Elba Island? is your best Guide!
Written from the year-long experience and, above all, from the heart of a fond resident of the island, the guide can provide all the tips and advice you need to enjoy a special, wonderful stay on Elba.
Translated into 8 languages, our Guide on Elba will give you all the information about how to get to here and move around the island, about the most beautiful places to visit on Elba as well as the restaurants we recommend you eat at, telling you about the history of the island which always offers new, spectacular emotions.
A section is dedicated to the various activities you can partake while on the island of Elba for all ages and styles of life, from families to students, from couples spending a romantic getaway to grandparents enjoy a well-deserved vacation in the sun and warmth of the Mediterranean.