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Kevin Key
Software Developer . Urban Explorer . Photographer . Geek . Not a n00b
Software Developer . Urban Explorer . Photographer . Geek . Not a n00b

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My Alexa skill (app) that reports data from Personal Weather Stations is now available on the Alexa market. To find it via the Alexa app or webpage, just search for "personal weather" or "weather underground"

I created this app at first out of personal demand - I couldn't find ANY working Alexa skills that reported personal weather station data. Since I'm already a software developer, I decided to teach myself how to code my own Alexa skill. I then quickly decided that others would find it useful as well and decided to publish it.

Finally, an Alexa skill that pulls the data from your personal weather station via Weather Underground.

Reports current conditions including temperature, humidity, wind speed, wind direction, pressure, rain in the past hour, rain in the past day, and much more. You can ask for all conditions or just a specific condition.

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Come check out my photos for sale at the Ecomedia Compass Save Our Sea Earth Day event. 3765 Capri Rd, Thermal, CA 92274. 2:00 - 7:00 today.
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My photos are now available for purchase online: standard prints, canvas prints, framed prints, phone cases, and more.

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My latest video: Day and Night In Anza-Borrego Desert State Park

March 28 - April 13, 2017 plus a few favorites from 2016.

This video contains eleven time lapse sequences that I shot in various parts of Anza-Borrego Desert State Park between March 28 through April 13, 2017 as well as some clips from 2016. This is my second major video of this park so far this year. As with my previous video of this park, I spent several nights staying up all night in order to capture sunset, the night sky, and sunrise on several occasions. While shooting one of the sequences, I had to navigate down a mountain and avoid getting pricked by jumping cholla cacti in near total darkness. Cholla have pods of needles that very easily click to skin and clothing. One a needle gets in your skin, it's very painful to remove. First, the needles have tiny scales that act like barbs on a fish hook. You have the rip out part of your skin removing the needle. Second, the needles grow in clusters - if you don't have a pair of pliers handy, you need to use a couple of sticks or rocks to remove the things - or else your fingers get stabbed as well.

To prevent any unwanted light from ruining the shots, I used only the dim display (not the flash) of my phone to see where I was going. This was after setting up my camera rig to shoot for several hours and then return to the campsite in the meantime. Post-processing involved several evenings of working in Lightroom to get the white balance, contrast, clarity, highlights, shadows, etc. just right.

I shot this with my Canon 6D and Sigma 15mm Ex Dg and Tokina AT-X 17-35mm lenses. After editing, I ended up using 7794 individual frames in this video. Each scene was compiled using LRTimelapse and then I used Blender VSE to produce the final video.

This video contains sunrise, sunset, moon, stars, and Milky Way sequences. Also a couple of scenes of my campsite - along with a color-changing campfire made possible by Magic Flames.

Music is a "Daydream" by Maxim Kornyshev and is licensed under a Creative Commons license.

Please like and share. :)

It's a good thing that the passenger that was forcibly removed from the United Airlines airplane wasn't wearing leggings, but too bad he didn't try offering a Pepsi to the cops.

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New article about my photography in The Times Of San Diego.

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My Yosemite Horsetail Falls "Firefall" video made ABC news!

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Elliott's House From the Movie E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial.

The house - located in Tujunga, California - looks mostly the same except for a new paint job and more mature landscaping.

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22° moon halo near Mildred Falls.

Moon halo with a chemtrail through it.

I shot this near Mildred Falls (the falls are out of frame to the left).

A 22° halo is a halo, one type of optical phenomenon, forming a circle 22° around the sun, or occasionally the moon. It forms as sunlight is refracted in hexagonal ice crystals suspended in the atmosphere. As the light beam passes through two sides of the prism forming a 60° angle, the angle of minimum deviation is almost 22° (namely, 21.84° on average; 21.54° for red and 22.37° for blue). This wavelength-dependent variation in refraction causes the inner edge of the circle to be reddish while the outer edge is bluish. A 22° halo may be visible on as many as 100 days per year.
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