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one family making a homestead in the woods
one family making a homestead in the woods

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Trellising Tomatoes...
I'm not even sure trellising is actually a verb. After working at the farm last year,  it definitely feels like an action word. In
years past, we had lost a large percentage of our harvest.   The
loss was due to the fact that the weight of
the tomatoes actu...

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Welcome back!
Well its been a while since I posted here. In fact, life got away on me and I kind of avoided the blog. It was just about the very last thing I had energy for... But that doesn't mean I wasn't still thinking about posts and content. Life gets busy, as we al...

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Bloggers to discover...part 2
Here is a cool roundup of bloggers I've discovered lately... Website  I found and I really dig their manifesto:                   OUR COOKING MANIFESTO                                  We love spending time in the kitchen, and we believe that    ...

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Product Experiment - Upside-down Planters - The Results are In!
By completely accident we became the owners of two separate upside-down planters. I have always been intrigued by these contraptions. We never had one during our apartment days. But I always kinda wanted one secretly. (not so secret now though) By the sprin...

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4 of my Top Hearty Meals
Ham and Split Pea Soup We started with the ham bone leftover from Christmas dinner at my mom's house. Boiled for a few hours with spices (oregano, thyme, bay leaf, s n p) and vegetables (onions, celery, carrots). Removed the bone and added the remaining con...

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New additions to the flock 2015
Another unexpected bonus to working at The Kitchen Garden was the part timer! She is a skater boarder/bird breeder living in Erinsville. You can find her on Instgram under the name The Real Farmacy. It sounded like her homestead had a lot in common with our...

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So its fall! At least that's what my calendar is telling me. I suppose if I were to sit and think on it... It feels like fall too. The air is cooler. (Not so stifling and heavy) The geese are honking their goodbyes. The nights are beautiful! (no bugs) Not t...

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Talking Garlic at Burt's Greenhouses
Well another weekend...and another event about GARLIC! This time I traveled to Wilton, ON to Burt's Greenhouses to see Mr Brian Burt talk all about how they grow garlic. Brian and Ruth have been growing garlic for sale for 5 years now. Held in the greenhous...

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Verona Garlic Festival 2015
Saturday was the annual Verona Garlic Festival. It has become quite an event for this community! Thanks to BearRoot Gardens for this beautiful braid!!! I just love stocking up on garlic. Although we tried to grow garlic for the first time this year... It wa...

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What you plant and why it matters...
So this year I broke down and bought a bag of pea seeds. I normally just plant what we saved from last year. This year the packaging seduced me. The Heritage Seeds Co. Brown paper bag shouting "LINCOLN HOMESTEADER" I couldn't help myself. I note that normal...
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