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Victoria Jaenig

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Working with a designer
As a multi-media artist and designer I put together
a series of tips in order to address some of the most common issues that come
up when making and creating promotional materials for an event, organization,
business or service from the perspective of a des...

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My Vision Wheel
I was always told as a child to be careful what I put out to the universe, because once we put it out there... it's out there. I believe that! When I was in my early-to-pre-teens I had a very vivid dream and I wrote it down because I didn't want to forget a...

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former teen mom
I am a former teen mom who had four children (with the same guy) in five years. I had my oldest when i was 16 and my youngest when I was 21.  One of my biggest pet peeves as a teen mother was when people used to tell me, I was just a baby having a baby. Sur...

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complicatingly simple
I am a simple girl, well... ok... I'm a very complex simple
girl... and its all the complicated things that makes me simple. I don't play
games, I don't say I don't want something if I do, I don't say I'm fine- when
I'm not and I know what I want ONLY by kn...

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Social Media Identity Update:
Being an individual who is actively pursuing my craft, I have set up an identity for myself on social media sites... that is until a series of events has caused me to lose some, but not all, of my social media identity "dust dancer productions."  It first s...

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google plus everything!?!
Well, after after switching jobs and losing the email
attached to my blog back in 2011, I finally decided to attempt to reactivate my
blog instead of trying to find a new one or start a new one. As you can tell I
have done so, successfully! Now, this was a ...

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Has to admit, that i fully intended to keep a daily digital diary of thoughts, vents, announcements and other random tidbits of information which allows an inside peak into the inner workings of my mind. But... when it came time to write, usually the wee ho...

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Mind Reading Techies?
Dear Diary, Now I know I speak for every technologically inclined career person when i say... scream... or ask... Since WHEN did mind reading or prophet become an essential part of my job description? As a techie, and having other friends who work in all ar...
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