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My favorite company from Y Combinator's 2011 batch gives me a preview

Why did Everyme, a startup that plans to disrupt the address book, get $1.5 million in funding from an impressive group of backers including Andreessen Horowitz, Greylock, Michael Arrington’s CrunchFund, Chinese internet giant Tencent, SV Angel, Dave Morin, Joshua Schachter and Vivi Nevo?

When I visited Y Combinator's demo day, they caught my eye but they begged me not to release their video until they got further along. Here they followed up with a preview of their beta release, which will come sometime in the next few weeks. You can reserve a user name at

What does it do? It adds feeds and social data to your contact list. And more. But that's underselling it. They did a really great job on design.

Is it ready yet? Not yet. I'm testing it and they still have some bugs for "contact whales" like me (I have more than 10,000 contacts). They are working on fixing my bugs before releasing it, hopefully soon. When it works it's very awesome.

In the interview we cover privacy. It's very important that apps that touch my phone book nail that. If any data leaks out from our phone books it could be very damaging to reputations.

Anyway, hope you like this first look, so you can see why this company got $1.5 million from some of the world's top venture capitalists.

More on this company on CrunchBase at

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I confess, life is more interesting in English (and that is how my Google+ may beat my Twitter)

Sixty per cent of my Twitter stream is not in English. It is instead, mostly in Spanish with a little in French and Italian, occasionally some Portuguese and Catalan, and a few times in German a language that I barely understand but I am learning now. This is not the case in Google+ where so far, almost everyone in my circles writes in English. And so far, the quality of the content is outstanding. In terms of novelty and interest it totally beats my Twitter stream.

Without offending anyone who is mostly a non English speaker, reads this and prefers Spanish or other languages, I have to admit that one of the success of Google+ so far is that almost everything I get is of above average quality AND in English. My mostly Spanish Twitter stream has many tweeterers from Spain and Argentina. And while I was born in Argentina and live in Spain, I realize that the problems of Spain or Argentina are repetitive and hardly inspirational. I am obviously following too many people in Spanish that add little discovery, novelty and inspiration to my life. And if they point out to new things, I generally already read them in English.

This also makes me think that while there are 400 million people who speak Spanish and maybe another 300 million who speak the other languages my Tweets are in (French, Italian, Portuguese, Catalan and German) it is hard to find something truly original and new in languages other than English. This is sad but true. Indeed the most original thinkers in those other native languages, write in a non native English (half of the creative minds of Silicon Valley were not born in USA). I wonder if anyone has studied how many discoveries, original sciences, or amazing start ups, happen in all the other languages my Twitter stream is in. Because if Google+ is any indication, sadly not much. Non English languages are probably 60% of my tweets but only 10% of what's new and awesome. And this is why I have decided that while I tweet in different languages and follow people in different languages Google+ will be English only for me.

Instead when it gets to express love, emotions, and local society and politics Spanish will continue to be my main language. But that will not happen in Google+. Now that I have Google+ I will keep Facebook for love and emotions, Twitter for information, Quora for knowledge and Google+ for intelligent conversations and discoveries.

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