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You wouldn’t start a trip without a map, right?

A map for your business is actually not a business plan but an engaging vision that gets everyone on board for the big picture of where you’re going.

The company that can truly win the hearts and souls of its team excels. And the first step to winning those hearts and minds is creating an engaging vision for your business.

Creating a compelling and inspiring vision and mission is the key to making sure you get where you want to go and that your team is behind you. This is also how you know what to say yes to and, more importantly, what to say no to.

Quite frankly, when I first got started in business, I thought visions and mission statements were pretty much total BS — just stuff that looked really good in a frame next to a bathroom.

But it’s not if you do it right….

Check out Yanik's article in Conscious Company magazine entitled “How to Create an Engaging Vision for Your Mission-Driven Business.”

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