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Don't kill the bike messengers.
Don't kill the bike messengers.


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Go check you SST inbox. There should be a humongous email thread "Everyone :)". Click on it. Then message>mute. Okay I just saved you.

Just 1 day ago, a student sent an email with the subject "Eveyrone :)" to the entire student body. This sparked a series of confused replies, followed by some frustration with only some peaceful mediation to balance it.
Some replies inculded "dude.....theres something called private messaging", among other commendable efforts to quell the havoc.

Dear all,

Kindly respect your SST email. Thank you. Sent during Chinese Lesson. 


It is good that the issue has been resolved when it was later revealed that the email was supposed to be a draft for an Integrated Humanities project survey. Unfortunately a friend of the sender(who I personally think the sender should stop being friends with) clicked "send" before any text could be put into the body.

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With the Chrome App Store on the rise, Chrome is beginning to feature more and more useful apps, such as Pocket. I would like to introduce Sketchpad 3.5, an amazing software for drawing and making artworks.

Also try the Chrome App launcher, which gives quick access to Chrome apps installed in your device.

(+Chan Ze Feng you might want to see this)

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Lit review.
For my lit review, I have conducted a survey as my source of information I have chosen is people. What factors contriute towards the existence of a wealthy- poor gap in Singapore? 1. Are most of the wealthy-poor gaps in every country increasing or decreasin...

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Stumbled across Google Chrome's Incognito mode(yes, it took me that long). Saw this. The fourth one looks like a reference to the NSA.

Oh and by the way, I am just behind you...

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Interactive "Youtube" clip. 
Try this! 
Have you wonder how it's done (in Youtube)?

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👍 to Mac battery life

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Okay Mr LANdlord.

Wikipedia is not just full of knowledge. So are its owners. Instead of announcing their view childishly "Die, ads!", it mentions politely "There is nothing wrong with advertising. It simply does not belong on Wikipedia". When they needed donations to keep them alive, they kindly requested "We do not want to punch a big hole in your wallet, just that if every single person who sees this banner donates one dollar, we can end this fundraiser today". Sounds reasonable.

Long live Wikipedia! :D May you successfully tap into an infinite ocean of knowledge to satisfy your thirst!

Oh, and I was thinking, in a scenario in where only one person is running Wikipedia,
1- He/She is amazing
2- They must be very smart by now
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