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So, I am sorry you got work you don't like. BUT, you didn't get it from me or at my studio. I simply don't do my work this way. I design on paper & computer first, then apply to the body.
ESPECIALLY for a cover up. Things have to be strategically placed for it to work. Not something to freehand on -ever. And I do not.
But more importantly, I have a software that all clients are signed into each time they visit my studio. Don't have a Steve N or P Duncan. Sooo...either you are a competitor who does so poorly they have to stoop to the level of writing false reviews on those of us who do better than you. Or, you are just stupid and don't know where you actually went.
Either way. this is not in reference to anything that really happened at my studio.

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Of course I hate to hear anyone not 100% satisfied with my work or studio. But it will happen sometimes.  I do good work as my 10 year history in Permanent Make up shows. & 20 yrs in traditional tattooing. All photos on my website are after complete healing. My policy on permanent make up is very transparent. As are all  complexities associated with it. I do charge for all applications needed per individuals. And I'm open about the fact some people need more visits than others. And unlike most of my competitors, I show my work in before & after photos.  A person seeking this work  should be aware of that before getting started. If not with me, ask the technician you do choose, how they approach that-there is always a fee. This info is on my site & paperwork you fill out the day of the process. It is different than a tattoo as I have learned in not only my 100 hrs of training, but also hands on in the 10 yrs I've done this process.  No elective beauty treatments are inexpensive. And if price was an issue, I shouldn't have been your choice.  
I did get upset with this gentleman. Because he had perfect color retention after the 1st 3 applications. But needed 4 hairs in the front of the brow. I agreed to a small fee to put in the 4 hairs. Upon arrival, he DEMANDED I go over both brows completely. Although it didn't need it at all. And was not what we agreed  on. We did argue. I, like other professionals like to be compensated for the work I do. And don't think it's fair when 1 person thinks they are entitled to what others pay for. I stand behind my work and policy. I feel like if you really can't afford an elective beauty treatment-don't do it. None are cheap & there is maintenance with anything involving skin, hair , or nails. My goal is for all people to leave happy. But realistically that is not possible I suppose. Best of luck with your future endeavors down this road Steven.  
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