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Lavender sachets and keyrings
A couple of little things have been finished recently, like these lavender sachets and keys, along with other things that I can't share until the recipients have seen them. I also have a little stack of items that I need to add to my Etsy and Folksy stores,...

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A birthday card with a flower
This is an 80th birthday card that I was asked to make for a customer. I've tried out a new style, with 'doors' that are kept closed with ribbon tied. Inside there's a pocket with a tag for the sentiment etc.  I've used a dried flower to decorate the front,...

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Photos from my phone.
Just a quick one today as I'm in the middle of Mother's Day making, so here's a few photos from my phone. - the Three Graces on Liverpool's waterfront bathed in today's sunshine. - two photos of goodies from The Works - a painting called Peonies by Perugini...

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#Our52weekproject - week 11
#52weeksofstitchingthecircle This week I've been sampling couching - the art of attaching surface threads etc to fabric with stitches at regular intervals. By box of fancy threads. It would be very hard to actually stitch with these threads, but couching th...

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A white wip*
Happy St. Patrick's Day to those who are celebrating and don't imbibe too much in the black stuff! I've been doing a bit more work on this white piece in between other projects, so it's moved on a bit since you last saw it . I've added a patch of white on w...

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Victorian Treasures - an exhibition at the Walker Art Gallery
On Monday we went to the Walker Art Gallery in Liverpool to see their Victorian Treasures exhibition. All of the paintings in the exhibition belong to the National Museums Liverpool, but some aren't usually hung at the Walker, but at the Lady Lever Art Gall...

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#our52weekproject - week 10
#52weeksofstitchingthecircle The sample's for this week's circle could be seen as an extension of those that I did for week 4 , which showed various ways of using buttonhole stitch - these samples use buttonhole stitch as the base that gets extended by addi...

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The white embroidered hanky pillow
Back in 2014, I was doing an online embroidery course that involved adding embroidery etc to vintage hankies and then joining the hankies together to make a cloth. Well, I did embellish a few hankies, but didn't do enough to create a cloth (I moved straight...

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The blue and white patchwork pillow
This pillow started with the embroidered blue and white piece in the top right-hand corner that I'd bought as part of a craft pack. The way it had been cut determined where it had to go to be able to keep the scalloped edges visible and then I went through ...

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A trio of lavender sachets
I always keep my fabric scraps if it's a size that can be used, plus I love to buy scrap packs too, so I always have a good supply for making little things like these lavender sachets. Every so often, I'll iron a little pile of scraps and cut out a load of ...
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