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Correction...arriana grande or whatever her album has everything to do with water resonance. Also you better repent and be baptized in Jesus name for the remission of sins and be filled with the Holy Ghost as the spirit gives you utterance. Youre using their subliminal music in your videos dood and you give no true are them. The keys to the kingdom is repentence and baptism in Jesus name! Acts 2:38...those life hack demon filled nothing on the real church...The Apostolic Oneness Church Jesus is the Father when He framed the worlds by the word of his mouth....Jesus is the son when He but upon himself flesh and walked the earth as a sacrificial servant and Jesus is the HolyGhost the remaining invisible presence of the dearly departed one...we receive the HolyGhost when we repent and are baptized in Jesus name and you will speak in tongues...Jesus the same yesterday, today and forever..THE SHIELDS OF THE EARTH BELONG TO THE LORD...those in truth will overcome and do great exploits...Jesus reigneth forever...He has giving me the victory over the great whore and over the beast and over myself. JESUS reigns foever and ever. You now have the true answer to life...ACTS 2:38
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