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Last fall, Larry Page and I announced Calico, a new company designed to take the long-term view on aging and illness.  Our goal is to make progress on a very basic challenge: how to help people stay healthier for longer.

Since then Calico has hired some extraordinary talent in the fields of medicine, drug development and molecular biology and genetics.  We’re excited by our work and want to ensure we can bring our ideas to people in need as quickly as possible.  So today, we’ve announced that we’ll be teaming up with AbbVie in a major way to turbocharge our efforts.  

Calico and AbbVie share a common goal: discovering, developing and bringing to market therapies for age-related diseases, including for neurodegeneration and cancer.  Calico will set up a world-class research and development facility in the San Francisco Bay Area, where we will explore the basic biology of aging and develop new medicines for patients with aging-related diseases.  AbbVie will use its deep pharmaceutical expertise to provide scientific and clinical development support and its commercial expertise to ensure these therapies are widely available.

You can read our press release below for more details about our partnership, which will combine the best of Calico’s research with the best of AbbVie’s development. We have progressed much faster with Calico than I ever imagined when we started a year ago, and I am tremendously excited about what lies ahead.

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Congrats, this is a huge deal! I'm really glad to see this level of pharma interest in aging.
Good to there is serious health research going on despite our Ludite congress.
guess what on the news people are dieing of ebola the africas are and the scients are bringing it back here
History judges a society by how well we take care of our most vunerable citizens. My best to the fine folks who made this possible. I wish you much sucess.
I am a Ghanaian and want to know if u have office hear? Ghana west Africa
old age n its problem is natural bt if there is a help fine
age is a problem learningg to stay healthyis the challege
I am a TIENS distributor and I can tell for sure that calcium2; chitosan; antilipemic tea sect are very good for both old and all they keep our immunity boosted and sickness are afried to attack us u can called me on +233 249964856 or +233 287218967
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stay off my site with that language. it is not needed
And we can see your concern for people, but pray tell what are your projected profit and loss statements saying, behind every silver lining is a dark figure, who is keen to line his pockets from the most vulnerable
So thanks, but no thanks, we are doing just fine, with out lining your pockets     
Old folks need to die when it is their time to die so the next generation has a chance. Anything past the age of 64 is borrowed time! It says so in the Bible.
I have recently looked into researching Bio identical hormones. Is this what you are talking about?
Hi good morning, more than medicine, it is their emotional n pshycological health which needs more mom is 90. Now ...they need love ,care n regulated diet n medical support.

More than anything else every human being needs a care n cincer
Hi good morning, more than medicine, it is their emotional n pshycological health which needs more mom is 90. Now ...they need love ,care n regulated diet n medical support.

More than anything else every human being needs a care n cincer
Hi good morning, more than medicine, it is their emotional n pshycological health which needs more mom is 90. Now ...they need love ,care n regulated diet n medical support.

More than anything else every human being needs a care n concern
You are so and let live
My attitudes on aging pass through a few prisms. One is my PhD training in biogerontology at the molecular level. At this level, I appreciate the interest of big pharma in the problem. But the most overlooked aspect to the question of human aging is the psychosocial aspect. I am Hispanic. And one often overlooked fact in longevity studies in the US is that, despite extensive cardiovascular and metabolic problems, in addition to reduced education and access to health care, Hispanics have longer lifespans than their non-Hispanic white population. Now, living in Asia, I have first-hand experience with the "what are Asians doing right to expand their lifespan?" question. One commonality between the cultures: social ties. Community. Do I think there's some "magic" to that? No. I think there are molecular-level benefits to the way some people live that go beyond what they eat and how much they exercise. I hope that, in the vastness and creativity that Google often approaches problems, Calico will go beyond what solutions we find to individual challenges to lifespan and healthspan and look to the larger picture as a whole. 
+Arthur Levinson, the literature shows that one of, if not the main driver of good health and longevity is proper diet.

It doesn't seem like this country is going to make much progress until we either remove the addictive and destructive foods from our diet either by education or legislation. The worst culprit seems to be sugar, but saturated fats and highly processed carbs are also a problem, not to mention the unsustainable way we consume meat.

It may not be fancy, but if you don't change the diet, you're not going to win this, though Google has proven themselves quite effective at changing our behaviors through technology, so maybe they have a chance. 
Very interesting. Nice.
We will have to leave our prejudice aside and ready to listen ideas n work on alien, established ways n means from across globe.
Its time to globalize the remedies with due respect to less impressive cultures as they may help us better understand different n all aspects of human success.

It is very disheartening that the contributions of the nursing profession has been over looked providing health and longevity in the R&D efforts of Google. 
+Chris Ruhs Meh, who the hell wants to live a life with no enjoyment? I fail to see the point in that. Eat, drink, and be merry! Screw living to 100 if it means I can't have a decent steak, or dessert. What kind of a retard are you?
I have more than 5 illness and nothing related to each other / did u know about fmf? 
This is very important research and we need it
I believe that your project is kool beans for the Nation !
You are a genius arthur and do great work for this world 
I like that idea is impressive 
The idea is great Arthur, I think there is a lot in giving people better knowledge and evidence to improve their lives and ultimately decisions. Taking a holistic vision like is incredibly exciting!
+Paul Frederick, have your cake and eat it, too! By all means. But the fact remains, longevity and health are inextricably tied to diet. 
@ Arthur Levinson.
It is really great to read about your effort to help improve the general health conditions of humanity.
What about so called Mental Health conditions which is even a far greater tragedy than cancer itself as in the likes of autism and Asperger’s for example? It is a known fact that autism is prevalent amongst those in Silicon Valley hence Microsoft which is why they are capable of achieving the almost impossible.
This might be a very bold statement, but bring the autistic community aboard your venture and I can assure you that you will achieve far greater results in much less time than by relying on the neuro-typical scientific community alone, irrespective of their achievements and credentials.
How about investing a very small portion into getting to understand the human mind and how we get to experience our realities.
I have developed a theory soon to be launched on “The Autism Channel” that is destined to change the world.
Feel free to contact my host “Ray Smithers” the co-owner of “The Autism Channel” in America or myself back here in South Africa if you might be interested to hear more about my theory.
Supporting this kind of research would be a dream job. I hope for the opportunity.
Excellent news to this Abbott labs retiree and now head of Research Down Syndrome. Drugs targeted towards reneurodegeneration, vis a vis the Alzheimer's disease/Down syndrome connection would be a remarkable pursuit for Calico.
With medical research based on the ideas of the Extroverted Charles Darwin and the overwhelming majority of Extroverts in the US who cannot see intelligent design Calico will never find what you are looking for precisely because you don't know what you are look for. And, you most likely won't be able to recognize the solution when it becomes available.

When man started farming and eating what he produced the population exploded. That happened because we did something wrong causing a tsunami. Disease and suffering and race was and continues to be a result. Not only are we suffering the world (mankind) is at the point complete destruction.

I am an Introvert who has been studying this for a long time.
Drugs have no future in science listening is the key to results
What is the impact on supporting systems and resources by having people live longer on this Earth?
I'd say it's all about disease and suffering.  Remove those things and use saved resources to support systems for longer life.

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It's really exciting to see Calico starting to open up to the public, but one thing that baffles me is that you still have not reached out to the SENS foundation and Aubrey DeGrey. If it wasn't for him, we wouldn't have had the progress we've had in age-related disease.
“Larry Page and I announced Calico, a new company designed to take the long-term view on aging and illness.  Our goal is to make progress on a very basic challenge: how to help people stay healthier for longer.” -  Very good!!! This goal is many thousands years old. Do you have a specific concept? Known, the theory is a compass of practice. Or this is ordinary promise? To the elderly died peacefully. Could you publish your concept?  
Valery Chuprin,63                                                                                                                                         
Art, or Arty might have to say. It's tricky for you to hear from me, especially as i'm a french guy, a former french could i say, a bloody one as others might say (not me, of course : i'm injured in a way you cannot imagine, you can't imagine). If i post that comment here, consequently after have read these declarations you've done physically and which are now transcripted on a blogspot from (or at least edited from) "google" of course (in France several funny people around me, in order to make laugh may say gogole, which is, actually, a poor synonym to express a mental disease commonly known as autism or trisomy 21.)
If Morcheeba and its beautiful songs and the term zetetic are not tricky for you (for exemple did you know that a french guy scientist as Luc Tavernier, "Nobelized", had been associated in a french documentary too with the idea that autism can be treated with antibiotics ?), then please feel free to contact my google's avatar.
i do love to speak english, i do love google (if not i wouldn't have written this short text) and above all i love the idea of Calico as i better and better discover it and, even if it is also for money, a thing i would disclaim too in the same time i agree with the idea for some scientists to talk about homo economicus, and i do love zetetism (c.f. : amazigh on my facebook avatar), i am happy that this initiative you're leading appears on Earth at the same moment i'm using a "perfect" macinstosh (since i'm 19, now i am a 29-years-old person : we can affirm that i'm an Apple sinner now ;) ).

As a CEO of that "enterprise" i hope you do speak french a bit finally, and maybe japonese or arabic (which is a tongue i do learn in two ways : with "my ears" and with "my tongue" :

"La sagesse Est de voir le nouveau Dans l'ordinaire, en s'accomodant du monde tel qu'il est. Il y a des trésors cachés Dans l'instant présent"
Santoka Taneda, moine et poète japonais mort à 58 ans. My perpetual calendar displayed that sentence to me today, yesterday it was about ambition ^^.
Here i am, here i'll remain.
C U soon dear friend (i begin to know you little as you're now CEO of Calico, as i did like the idea of Calico and i'm a bloody good speaker as a skizophrenic person who, after have learnt english and latin, understand the former greek, i'm learning arabic (especially its orthography) and i've been fond of russian in the same time I DO LOOK FOR A JOB (and then money and the social pattern it might provoque within me) ;)

Maybe are you able to find me a cheap flight for the next international congress CALICO will organize somewhere in the next years, or, if not, you would have a job from me as a typic induction-thinker who has also a pretty-nice ability to use its deduction power to write and communicate enough to still be in life.
I'm a mother-fucker thinker (oups).

Good luck anyway (i mean any ways, Laurence ? sorry i was thinking Xavier Dolan, a typic canadian hihihi )
C.U. C.E.O ;) Rest in peace anyway, we'll see each other one day, one night, somewhere (la planète bleue, yves blanc, couleur 3 RTS (radio-télé-swiss ;) )
Age old ppl require love ,care n a great deal of understanding....i am happy that i really take care of my mother 90 yrs old now,...more so with homeo,allopathy n to a great extent emotionally...wishing them luck n best wishes for such a great cause..wd love to get associated...with such projects
Our aging is a natural weakening of energy processes that create living matter of the human body. These processes can be artificially activated, enhance, and man can rejuvenate his old body, and live with no time limit. The human genome has already deciphered - no aging genes. It can be done today. I know how.
Aging is a natural slow strangulation of the body. The second respiratory organ of the body - its integument, skin, the largest organ in the body - wear out eventually, covered with wrinkles, becomes bloodless, create a shortage of oxygen to the internal organs. Skin turns into an old bag that is not breathable. Senile diseases - the result of suffocation, the result of increasing oxygen deficiency. Death from old age is a complete stop breathing. No oxygen, no life. Urgent need to save and restore the skin first, its vital functions - breathing, metabolism. This is the work of dermatologists, physiotherapists, but not geneticists and biologists. This is not Biology of Aging, but the Physiology of Aging. Better Physiology Rejuvenation. This is why the biological direction in the gerontology does not provide solution. Many decades.
Valery Chuprin,63
Hello Arthur,
glad to know that you have launched a new company to carry out very wonderful technical projects.
Such projects should keep humanity away from awful diseases and should increase lifespan. I dare say that I would be greatly honored to share a bit of my time to bring a piece of my technology aimed at increasing lifespan.
In my academic labatory I have fed Human cells with my broth of my own and cells came to live more than twice their usual lifespan. I launched a clinical trial 3 years ago on humans and  we have got a similar result regarding the increase of telomere length. Of course we cannot wait for 200 years to be sure that we unfold by 2 times human lifespan but we got an increase in the length of human telomere that fits such an extra gain on the usual lifespan. May I send you our last technical report about our results over the last 3 years ?
I know that you are an important man and your time is very valuable so that I thank you so much for all the time you spent at reading my short message.
Wish you a wonderful Christmas time.
Dear Mr. Caterini,
I also study the nature of aging and cause of death. I can say that Mr. Livinson and his team can not help you, because it is absolutely not a biological problem. But they seek only a biological solution. It does not exist.
Hello Valery, I have read your paper on "Three layer functional model and energy exchange concept of aging process". Did you carry out some experiment to confirm your theory ?
About my experiment our human cells they live 2.6 times longer than all other 'normal' cells .
Sciences need evidence to go ahead because without evidence a theory remains just a theory.
So again my question: can you bring any consistent evidence to ground the foundation of your theory ?
Hi Richard, 
People do this rejuvenating practice since ancient times. They intuitively felt that the man is young as long as his skin is young. I'm doing and continue to do procedures for myself.                    
A resident of Manhattan, NY, Mrs. Dori Evans, SPA specialist, believes in this theory and practices these procedures for herself, her husband, her mother and other people.              
As you know, the theory is a compass of practice. This theory is based on medical facts - if the organ functions poorly, it may lead to death of the organism. This is what we have. If you think that the external organ of the old body, his skin (open any site of the old people and look at their skin) operates at 100%, not at 10-20%, and old skin does not need improvement, treatment, so this theory is not for you. I believe that the old skin needs improvement. Thereafter human organism can be operated without time limit.  
How to improve old skin? This technical question to the specialists. I have personal experience. 
Thanks for your reply.
Hi Richard,                                                                                                                                      
A few more words about the consistent evidence. I want to mention not very widely known experiments carried out by L. Woodruff and S. I. Metalnikov in 1917. Experiments showed that thousands of consequent generations of a single cell organism were obtained by transferring every new generation of the initial cell into a fresh nutrient solution. During the experiments performed, none of the cells observed showed any degeneration whatsoever. The cells were divided normally in compliance with their intrinsic program. Numerous experiments were carried out for decades, until final artificial interruption. No appearance of dead cell “corpses” were ever detected. Based on these observations, L. Woodruff concluded that aging is not a major property of living matter, i.e., that there are no mechanisms of aging in the cell organism itself, but aging could be caused by hostile “poisoned” cell surrounding medium.  According to Woodruff, this poisoning results in the blocking of physiological functions of the membrane, which in turn leads to dysfunction of the cell’s inner system. In the end, the successive generations would fail, and at some moment cell division would cease. A few years before 1912, A. Carrel drew similar conclusion about possibility of the permanent life of the cell tissue.    
It can be concluded, Woodruff, Metalnikov, Carrel cared out for full functions of membranes, rather than looking inside the cell causes it mandatory fading and degradation.                                                                                                                                                              
But you can say that the human body is not a cell. It's true. Let us remember cell theory. It asserts, cells are the basic unit of structure in all organisms and also the basic unit of reproduction. You can add, the cell is a functional and structural unuit, model for the human body. The human body develops from a single cell for only 270 days. We can say, the human body is a giant cell. It replicates the structures and functions of a single cell. I reported this to the Congress of Gerontology and Geriatrics, held in Seoul, Korea, 2013.                                                                                                                                   But until now, researchers do not realize that our skin is a cell membrane, and skin requires more care. Care will bring life without time constraints. Same as in the experiments of Woodruff, Metalnikov, Carrel.                                                                                                  
Is this convinced you? My address is agingaway&gmailcom
+Richard Caterini
 Hi Richard,
I'm sorry, I don't think I answered your question. Your question refers to the fact that the human body is a giant cell? Or your question is that rejuvenation of old skin will rejuvenate the entire old body?
Do you know that the human organism is a giant cell?
Do you know that skin is the membrane?
Do you know that aging and death are optional, that they are the result of a misunderstanding of the nature of this phenomenon?
Please read: The report to the 20th IAGG Congress of Gerontology and Geriatrics, June 23-27, 2013, Seoul, Korea; Valery Chuprin, William Mihajlovic
Do you know the root cause of aging?
This is a natural weakening of energy processes that create the substance of the body.
Do you know the organ, which weakens the first? This is membrane of body, our skin. Why it destroyed first? Because It is located in the most adverse conditions - at the border of organic and inorganic environments. 
Do you know why the human body dies? Because dying of any vital organ leads to the death of the entire body. 
Do you know what to do, not to die? You are right - it is necessary to restore, revive, and heal this dying organ. 
Do you know how the old, wrinkled, lifeless skin with dark age spots on it to make a full-blooded, firm, young? It is not easy, but possible. I know how. I've tested it on myself. The skin is filled with blood, comes to life, it becomes younger.
Google, Calico and other rich companies can begin to rejuvenate old people, to conquer this rejuvenation industry. There are techniques, technology, proven experience of people. 
You can start!
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