Last fall, Larry Page and I announced Calico, a new company designed to take the long-term view on aging and illness.  Our goal is to make progress on a very basic challenge: how to help people stay healthier for longer.

Since then Calico has hired some extraordinary talent in the fields of medicine, drug development and molecular biology and genetics.  We’re excited by our work and want to ensure we can bring our ideas to people in need as quickly as possible.  So today, we’ve announced that we’ll be teaming up with AbbVie in a major way to turbocharge our efforts.  

Calico and AbbVie share a common goal: discovering, developing and bringing to market therapies for age-related diseases, including for neurodegeneration and cancer.  Calico will set up a world-class research and development facility in the San Francisco Bay Area, where we will explore the basic biology of aging and develop new medicines for patients with aging-related diseases.  AbbVie will use its deep pharmaceutical expertise to provide scientific and clinical development support and its commercial expertise to ensure these therapies are widely available.

You can read our press release below for more details about our partnership, which will combine the best of Calico’s research with the best of AbbVie’s development. We have progressed much faster with Calico than I ever imagined when we started a year ago, and I am tremendously excited about what lies ahead.

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