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You may have seen the news ( that Google and I will be starting a new company focused on health, aging and well-being, called Calico. I’m honored and incredibly enthusiastic about this opportunity, and eager to get started. 

I suspect there are a lot of questions, such as how this came about, what we hope to accomplish, and why “Calico.” When I served on Google’s board, +Larry Page and I got to know each other well—and when he and Bill Maris approached me about a venture that would take the long term view on aging and illness, I was deeply intrigued. For example, what underlies aging?  Might there be a direct link between certain diseases and the aging process? We agreed that with great people, a strong culture and vision and a healthy disregard for the impossible, we could make progress tackling these questions, and improving people’s lives. 

Calico is an abbreviation for the “California Life Company,” but if you’re thinking about cats, we like the old saying that they have nine lives... 

I want to thank several people who have been supportive of this venture, especially Tim Cook, Franz Humer, Bill Maris and my family. 

Finally, this would not be possible without Larry, whose focus on outsized improvements is motivating and inspiring, and I couldn’t be more excited about what lies ahead. 
I’m excited to announce Calico, a new company that will focus on health and well-being, in particular the challenge of aging and associated diseases.  Art Levinson, Chairman and former CEO of Genentech and Chairman of Apple, will be Chief Executive Officer.

OK … so you’re probably thinking wow!  That’s a lot different from what Google does today.  And you’re right.  But as we explained in our first letter to shareholders, there’s tremendous potential for technology more generally to improve people’s lives.  So don’t be surprised if we invest in projects that seem strange or speculative compared with our existing Internet businesses.  And please remember that new investments like this are very small by comparison to our core business.

Art and I are excited about tackling aging and illness.  These issues affect us all—from the decreased mobility and mental agility that comes with age, to life-threatening diseases that exact a terrible physical and emotional toll on individuals and families.  And while this is clearly a longer-term bet, we believe we can make good progress within reasonable timescales with the right goals and the right people.

Our press release has a few more details though it’s still very early days so there’s not much more to share yet.  Of course when Art has something more substantial to communicate (and that will likely take time), he’ll provide an update.  Finally, thanks to Bill Maris for helping bring this idea to life and getting Art involved, and to Sergey Brin for consistently supporting 10X thinking like this.  It’s hard for many companies to make long term investments.  So I’m tremendously excited about the innovative new way we’re funding this project.  Now for the hard work!
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As someone in the healthcare software industry, I found this to be an exciting announcement, but I wish there were more details available.  Can you tell us yet what aspects of aging or which diseases you might focus on?  I am particularly interested in degenerative diseases like Alzheimer, and am wondering if that might be one challenge you plan to tackle.
Best of luck guys. Save the world!
If y'all start Google health up again with explicit opt-in data sharing I'm in... to provide a DB of conditions, treatments and outcomes(something that is almost impossible to assemble broadly..
Anything that puts more actionable information and tools in the hands of the patient/consumer is a step in the right direction! It is a problem that needs fixing and solving it makes a difference. The correct blend joins information + gold standard technology (e.g., hangouts) + solutions directly into the hands of individuals & caregivers.
I'm looming forward to it!!
Congratulations, Art. All the best.
Can't wait to see what amazing disruptive solutions +Arthur Levinson  and your team will bring to healthcare as we not work to find and apply ways to "extend" our lifespan but "ehance" the years we have at both the individual and community level. 
When I had the pleasure of hearing you speak at Genentech last week it was obvious that you were super excited about SOMEthing in your future. Now that I know what, I'm super excited, too.  Best of luck with this venture.
Congratulations. Is it too early to pitch a well-aligned proposal to Calico?
Could you tell more about this and weather we can meet up in mid November ? 
 Congratulations Art! It's time to make some magic happen! Wish you the best..
Congrats and Best Wishes. Hope the project serves its core purposes in a timely and effective manner.
What an excellent move, I hope you will also focus on one of the great issues of modern medicine and society: lack of donor organs
Good news. I recall Linus Pauling working on something similar. Today with making Teleomers longer, exercise, nutrition, medical testing systems, telemedicine and even meditation we have many areas that need research. How much can we change genetic defects and how can environmental causes can be remedied.
May you have good fortune. 
Congratulations Arthur!  You may find this research on #Palliative  care interesting, this is an expert from my favorite book Palliative Care: Transforming the Care of Serious Illness - #hpm  Best wishes!! rb
Eric O
Looking forward to hearing and seeing great things. If you're looking to hire over-compensated management that does very little, please call me.
Hi, I am UX/UI Lead interested in Calico.

Today is my birthday, hopefully announcement Calico is a gift =).

I look eagerly for companies that do great things for the world. I personally have a father that a couple months ago got stage 3 lymphoma and I would love to work for an organization that would help save lives. I haven't really ever applied to Google except for a job from renewable energy vs. coal idea because I needed a mission I could get behind. I feel like I could definitely get behind this mission.

Let me know where I can help,
I love the way Google helps electric car manufacturers. 
Please keep us posted about Calico's website!, can't change aging but we can help people find solutions on how to deal with it for their aging loved ones.
Very exciting news! The genetic regulation of aging discovered in recent years means we now have the opportunity to develop therapies to slow human aging. Lots of commercial potential while extending human lifespan at the same time! Check this recent review:
Gratz. Hope you can find some time to investigate gut health and good bacteria vs. bad bacteria. It all begins with what we are eating. SAD (Standard American Diet). Best wishes for a healthy future. #JERF 
Health and wellness unarguably need more efforts like these. Best wishes for this new endeavor!
Esperamos mas noticias sobre este interesante proyecto. participo como VOLUNTARIO en una Casa Hogar para ancianos abandonados en RIO GRANDE ZACATECAS,Mexico. estaremos atentos a su proyecto.Saludos
SO much interesting research being done on why we age and the root cause behind it. From Telomere shortening, to inflammation and oxidation, there is much that can be achieved in many areas. I not sure what Calico's role and mission will be, but there is certainly a need for education, additional R&D and marketing to be done in this area. I for one, would like to part of this exciting venture!
Good hunting with Calico! A very important area for mankind to focus on, good to have the resources and leading edge thinkers of Google behind it. Hope support crosses all corporate culture, this is bigger than one company. And all corporations should fully embrace the ∞ upgrade opportunities ;-) 
Congratulations on the launch!
congrats, all the best, let's improve health on this planet...
Brilliant! Congratulations for this utmost honorable position you achieved.

Calico's endeavor  is a very sensible move for Google and, frankly, only affordable coming from a company above usual lobbying.

It is obvious that our current healthcare system is misguided as it is maintained by lobbies primarily interested in maximizing profit when minimizing (sound) investments and uncertainty (disruptive changes).

There is tremendous economical growth potential in a much more rewarding system, aggressively pushing for rejuvenation therapies and a corresponding financial ecosystem e.g. as envisioned by Bruce Sterling in his brilliant SF novel "Holy Fire".

And don't forget that biology has advanced enough to become yet another information science (see e.g. System Biology). In this context,Google is already ideally positioned to leverage on a competitive advantage in mining big data for key advances in genomics, proteomics... down to biochemistry all keystones for cracking aging.

Now, I would love to see from Calico concrete milestones as to substantially augment lifespan of model organisms, already well studied like C. Elegans or Drosophila melanogaster having the advantage of a natural short lifespan (benefits of experiments can be measured quickly contrary to the excruciatingly slow motion of the Methusaleh Foundation's "Mouse Prize" and such achievements would be very relevant as humans share the same life's building blocks as those humble organisms.

I'd like to see too Google partner with IBM and enlarge the competences of Watson the oncologue to a custom Watson, the "aging cracker" ;-)
Calico is a great idea. I believe the human mind is strongly connected with general health,well being and longevity. It is important for Page and Arthur to integrate this aspect in their project. I can help if invited.
Very, very exciting!

You need to get Aubrey de Grey involved. The SENS Foundation are doing great work in breaking down aging into categories of damage and identifying engineering approaches to repairing each category.

Also check out the blog, which is the other group that really understands the problem.

I really hope you'll focus on mitochondrial repair, clearing out lysosomes, vaccinating against amyloids, breaking glucosepane crosslinks, stem cells and organ printing, removing senescent cells (and defective T-Cells and visceral fat cells) etc.

Those cellular damage-repair approaches should give maximum returns for a small investment, and seem to be the only way of actually undoing aging and preventing the diseases of aging before they can occur.

Let me know if there's anything I can do to help with this endeavor, it's the kind of revolution I really want to be a part of! 
I'm a UX Designer, who at 65, has worked in the software industry for 25 years. I have friends, my age, who work at complex tasks daily, and are always learning and trying to move their various companies ahead. a couple things that I've noticed that we have in common is that we're all voracious readers and we all meditate (to some degree or another). I'm not sure that aging is such a bad thing, really. It's another phase of life. Maybe we need to address adolescence first :-).
+Gary Bastoky That's a stupid thing to say. Of course aging is a bad thing. It's the leading cause of disability, ill-health, and death. The only reason you accept it is because you've never had a choice before. Hopefully Google Calico will give you that choice. And 20 years from now, if they have a treatment that can take you from being 85 back to being 65 again, I hope you'll reconsider and take the treatment.
+Carl Kenner  Being 65, do I want to be 45? No. I'm happy where I am now. I think that having treatment for people with dementia or other illnesses is a good thing, but fear of aging, in itself, is not. Fear of not having affordable health care is more worrisome, and if we can fix that with tech, then I'm all for it. I don't like the fact that we look at older people, in general, as some broken entites that needs fixing. As a society, at least in the US, we seem to have this view. And what I say, is my opinion -- if you think it's stupid that's yours, but it's not a good invitation to discourse.
I am very interested and excited to hear about this venture.  Will you be engaging with digital health technologies?  It seems a perfect fit for google to become involved in this growing, disruptive industry.  What we need in the aging/tech industry is a model. We have plenty of innovation out there (like GrandCare Systems, the company I represent), we have the personal emergency response systems & call centers, we have caregivers, healthcare providers, long term care communities and clinical data/EHRs. What we lack is a solid way to intertwine all of these into one cohesive model.  What is the most effective way for a care provider to offer virtual caregiving via technology as a model of care and find a good revenue stream from this. Extremely interested to see how google will help!!! If anyone is interested in talking - - ping me:
Absolutely intriguing and exciting! Using current technology to improve real-time treatment in diabetes, and adding years of life expectancy?
+Michael Wynn There is one device people are working on called the Scanadu Scout:
But I agree. I'm surprised we don't have some sort of standard medical scanner in every house.
That's not what I'd like Google Calico to work on though. I want them to work on treatments and preventative measures for those cardio-vascular health problems so that they would never be an issue that you  would have to measure in the first place.
For example, the SENS Foundation has been working on an enzyme to allow atherosclerosis foam cells (undead macrophages) in your arteries to break down 7-keto-cholesterol, a vaccine for the amyloid that builds up in your heart and arteries stopping them from working, and (with far less progress) a drug to break the glucosepane crosslinks that accumulate in the proteins in your arteries making them stiff. Those are three of the seven or so categories of aging damage, and reversing those kinds of damage is what I would like Google Calico to work on.
Also printing out whole new organs (particularly the Thymus which trains the immune system and deteriorates rapidly with age) to replace our aged and damaged ones. And repairing the mitochondria in all our cells. And killing off our senescent cells, dysfunctional T-Cells, and visceral fat cells which cause constant inflammation damage to our bodies. And doing something about cancer.
Those are the sorts of things I'm thinking off when I think of treating aging and its associated diseases. Identifying the categories of damage that accumulate with aging (that cause and are aging), and engineering some way of repairing each kind of damage.
Aubrey de Grey explains it well in his book Ending Aging, or you can read Reason's blog or just do a Google Video search for Aubrey de Grey:
+Gary Bastoky You think people say you are being stupid, or say that old people are broken and in need of fixing, to be mean. But that's not true. When people say you are being stupid, it's to stop you from making stupid mistakes. Especially ones that seriously hurt your health, or the health of others. Not investing in health care, and arguing against it, because you are insulted by the suggestion there's something wrong with your health, is one such stupid mistake.
"Aging itself" is what causes dementia (and other diseases of aging). You can't prevent dementia without preventing (at least parts of) the cellular accumulation of damage that we call "aging". 
You may not like it, but older people objectively ARE "broken entities that need fixing". The fact that it's objectively true is why people have that view in the US, and in other sensible countries. Aging damage accumulates constantly from when you are born. After you are about 20, your cells and your organs start to function less and less well. Which doesn't seem like a problem at first, but there is only so much damage they can handle before they eventually fail. And that's why older people need fixing before that happens too drastically.
This is a very exciting annoucement and incredibly forward-thinking enterprise.  I currently work for an R&D unit focused on Aging at a major pharma company, Sanofi, and we need more engagement in this area, such as Calico.  Please contact me as I would like to learn more about it.
+Richard J. Barbalace I wish there were more details too. I'm hoping they'll target aging itself, since that is fighting the diseases of aging, such as Alzheimer's, at their root cause. Specifically, Alzheimer's seems to involve mitochondrial dysfunction, the accumulation of amyloid, the accumulation of tau tangles, and probably clogged lysosomes. And of course the loss of cells that aren't replaced. Those are all the kinds of things that anti-aging researchers normally target, and are developing treatments for. Because those same things cause other diseases of aging (Macular Degeneration, for example), and the general deterioration as we get older.
So hopefully they'll target all those root causes. That would be most useful, and also the fastest, and the most cost-effective.
Dear Arthur,
At 59, after 4 years of a set of very cost effective self healing practice I can confirm that anyone could achieve the zero medicine status as the first key step in healthy happy life. Technology, Medicine etc. are certainly tools we need to develop and use effectively but reversing the aging will call for methodologies and efforts affordable by 7 billion on earth. Will be keen to demonstrate and share with Calico regards
Dear criminal charlatan and fraudster Sanjay,
At 35, after 20 years of opposing con-artists like you, I can confirm that there is zero possibility of a giant Western multinational corporation like Google falling for your petty scams. So go back to plying your cons on some primitive street corner. Regards, Carl.
First of all, congratulations for the new venture, It is very important to unite technology and healthcare to increase patient safety and life quality.
If you ever come to Brazil, I would strongly like to help you out here.
I'm excited. I've been following the research for some time, and I see exciting things coming. Im seeing lots of changes for drugs targeting mTor, NPkB, autophagy, etc. It's an exciting time to be alive! I'm glad to see that people are looking ahead.
I hope you include a a major focus on the immune response and aging. it doesn't do any good to live longer but in a constant battle with your immune response.
I am thrilled to see this.  As a primary caregiver for a 71 year old husband with advanced MS, I constantly see how limited the available options are for dealing with day to day needs.  And as a bit of a tech nerd for 40 years or so, I keep seeing things that could be applied in a creative manner to make our lives and those of others so much better!  I would love to help in any way that I can.
I came here to say what Carl Kenner already did.
Vicki C
Is Calico about aging or about health? are the users the general public or health care workers? If it is the general public, and general aging, there is alot more to add than health care.  The market for this is huge - with 78 million baby boomers in the US it is very needed. Just don't make it scream "old people" - because I will never use it. Our next older generation is very complex.  
It is only logical that as scientific discovery continues along its exponential growth curve that the brightest minds turn their attention to the challenges of disease prevention and reversal, and healthy, extended, and viable longevity.  Tell me where do I sign up? Steven Charlap, MD, MBA.
super exciting and definitely needed! in my years in the health/pharma/biotech industry it's always been clear to me that true outside the box thinking is required. when the time comes for analytical, consulting and solution development skills, i'm your man.... 
This is a fascinating subject as I have so far gleaned from the discussion...doctors, geezers (like me), and folks with potential solutions are all clamoring for a "piece of the action".  May I suggest that you define "success" as you see it, then "work backwards from the finish line", including (perhaps) "crowd sourcing"  a huge assortment of folks who seem to be "fired up" by the concept.
I've been following the War on Aging for several years now. I'm always surprised by how many people think that it can't be done. I'm incredibly pleased to see some real muscle in this fight now. With +Google & +Arthur Levinson joining the battle, I feel as though we cannot lose. 
Why is +Tim Cook not on Google+?!
I Like This. Aging is a disease that might be treatable if scientists work on these nice ideas. Add Me. 
Like this very much!
How can we contact You with business and altruistic proposal (80-90% ready)? A new generation of medical tests. Need confidential or private mode for contact, ready to visit You. Can send a kind of presentation.
Russian-Israel company (scientists and doctors).
Dear Arthur,
We have something very interesting to bring into your new project. It's "game changing technology" (be E&Y) and we can build Google Health - dynamic epidemiology map of the world within two years. Please, contact me to discuss such opportunity.

Congratulations on your new venture!
Dear Arthur Levinson,
With scientific colleagues we think we know how to significantly increase the lifespan of mice  within very few years and in many very tangible ways, using human medicines. We think it would considerably shift health care approach towards medical prevention of aging (/age-related processes and risks) and provide a new field of pharmaceutical and health care opportunities.
We are wondering how that could fit with the orientations of Calico and are at disposal for discussion.
Very respectful regards,
Edouard Debonneuil
I have no college degree , I am a worker in Mexico . But I have read many books on science . I like science as a child ; much . That is why my hobby is to be an inventor .
I designed and fabricated a machine to stimulate the growth of neurons. I guess it would be good to investigate if that machine can preserve the integrity of the brain over the years. There are several ways to stimulate the cells throughout the body, to achieve repair. This is possible if we use while extracts , vitamins , minerals and organic compounds appropriate . For example , if we want to stimulate the repair of bone cells , can use my machine and the patient should take vitamin D3 , calcium and glucosamine. If we regenerate neural cells , we can use my machine and the patient should take Vitamin C , Zinc , Hydergine ( medicine ) and garlic.
The key to living a long time is probably a mixture of treatments and not a total solution. But if there is a possibility of using a single solution , if we could control the cell life cycle .

I'm good looking online scientific information . I would work for Calico seeking information from my home.
 I designed a machine to stimulate the growth of neurons.
I searched for information , tracks that allow me to live much longer. I found many clues ; keys.
I would like to experiment using some of that data. If Calico pay me a salary , I could perform experiments in mice and in myself , or volunteers , if the procedure does not involve serious risk. But animal testing is always better.
You need to find the right clues to find the treasure of eternal life . And as I said before, I 'm good to locate clues. I can find scientific research data that may be useful to be able to live many more years.
I have some ideas. But I'd rather talk about it by sending an e- mail . Knowledge is power and you decide what data are public and which data are secret.
Luis Ortiz Flores
My e- mail is: 
Dear Sir,

I propose Joint Venture with Google through Calico company .The project is of 1200 Billion US Dollar. The details is
on :

Let me know your views.

No capital investment from your side.

Prof. Babubhai Thakkar
Akshar Neuro Info Tech,
City: Ahmedabad
State: Gujarat.
Country: India.
Mobile: 0091-9624114674

"This world is not for cowards. Do not try to fly. Look not for success or failure. Join yourself to the perfectly unselfish will and work on." ---- Swami Vivekananda.
Congratulations Art!!
Hope this will bring a twist to our Living Systems Theory.
Greetings Arthur,

I am a biological scientist who would be very interested and invested in performing this type of research.  I've also studied up on Aubrey De Grey's SENS and have some ideas of my own.  When you start forming your team of researchers I would very much like to be involved.  You can view my linkedin profile here:

Kind regards,

John Moore
Several years ago I created a company called Bio-Stasis Int. Inc., which produces an all natural product called Virapress. The basic function of Virapress is to normalize the immune function by increasing the cytokines, proteins and other building blocks of the immune system.  Virapress  is based on 35 years of science from a publically traded company which at one time held 22 US patents and did 125 double blind studies, most published in medical journals, treating and curing autoimmune diseases and viruses. I never expected to see the results that I have in the treatment of autoimmune diseases such as multiple sclerosis; one customer has had MS since 1981 and has tried every drug available and the week before starting Virapress was blind in the right eye, had almost no use of her right side and was one week from going into a wheel chair. Today, 2.5 years after starting Virapress she is symptom free and walking five miles per day. Her story is but one example of our successes with autoimmune diseases. As far as viruses go, every person who was suffering the pain of shingles has been pain free in 2 to 4 days. I know you are asking yourself "Why isn't everyone using Virapress?" and the answer is that the US medical system isn't about treating disease, it is about treating symptoms and selling drugs because that is where the profit is!. The woman with MS went from taking a $5,000.00 per month drug to using Virapress which costs $89.95 per month. Please review our scientific web site at and see for yourself that Virapress is a game changer in the world of medicine. My personal e-mail is and my phone number is 951 654-1605. Interesting to note that within the next several weeks we will be starting a study in Honduras for the treatment of Dengue fever, a disease that effects 350,000,000 people on a yearly basis according to the WHO. Each person with Dengue who has used Virapress was symptom free in 2 to 3 days with no side effects or negative consequences. Virapress only allows the body to do what its immune system is supposed to do, fight disease. I look forward to hearing from you. Larry Griffin, Founder and president of Bio-Stasis int. Inc.
where can I apply for a job? that's what I want to know!
I too want know where i can find job in calico! i want give every ideas and strong that i can give ! I belive that be one web that the peoples can give yours studies and drafts and experiments and ideas how we can get the objectives .
# # # # Calico
What are we? We are a structure and the function of it, which determines the soul or consciousness of the person, the person needs to be time and energy and material system or function

The idea that we are functions, based on the idea that repertirmos physical actions can come back to life, just as it is generated in us. a photo of these actions in our physical brain in viewpoint micro and nano, you can determine what or who are you, who is your soul, or as I consider consicencia, no idea who you really are

If our consciousness remains, we need to define an immutable consciousness - energy is something that changes? So what meaning (paper) energy and time?

Can you bring the person back to life even without her body, just knowing the dynamics of the mind and consciousness of it, after reprogramming with a memory or a photo of her memory reprogramming with the information in her time, and with or neurons in the vicinity that were to have access

Can you build atom by atom of the person? Yes with many machines, or at least build atom by atom consciousness or as some call it the soul of the person

If we redid the structure will be, if different atoms with the same functions? I do not think

And if we rebuild we will be with the same atoms ourselves?

Consult for free every body in google about medicine

News bald

In each of lists one finished new list with questions and needs for answer is in plus end of answer in the list have diagnostic, Which drugs and the people need drink, in what hour, only in structure of cpp have questions how hours of work, weight toll, routine, time that work, if work is hard, foods in place (city and place specified in the list), and select questions in very end diagnostic is the best!
This sounds fascinating.  I'm an avid promoter of healthy aging and hope this venture brings more people to awareness that taking responsibility for how we age makes a huge difference  in our experience of aging.
Excellent. Pretty exciting stuff. Would love to hear more about any hiring opportunities available!
+Michael Wynn Michael, I respectfully disagree.  I've been using gadgets and portals for some time now as a 'quantitative self-er', (although zeo's demise was, admittedly, a step back), and there are plenty of health related gadgets not only already out there, but with ridiculous numbers of competitors gaining funding via kickstart type sites.  There are quite a few I can't even get hold of because I'm not in the US.  I'm looking forward to the new generation of bodymedia about to be released, and it all integrates wirelessly via android very easily.

+Christine Bean I agree, I'm fascinated by some of the work being done on bacteria, which makes sense when you view the human body as an ecosystem.  It's interestingly echoed in 4 Hour Body where the 'ideal' diet includes fermented foods, and in the raw food community where one of the persistent issues is reluctance to give up cheeses.  I'd love to see any papers comparing bacterial environments of raw foodists to standard diet consumers, and see whether, as they allege, the raw diet aligns more closely with historical human environments.  

+Arthur Levinson Please let us know if there's going to be a separate Calico G+ channel we should follow to keep abreast of your projects.  I'd be fascinated to watch.  And thank you for taking this on!

PS Will 'life extension' be defined to include or exclude the concept of personality or memory upload?
I am a biochemical researcher and I initially got into science because of the mystery behind the aging/death process dealing with telomerase. But, of course, now there are so many other ways to continue cellular division with ALTs and such. I would absolutely love to conduct research with google at Calico-- can't wait for more details. I love science and I love google. And to solve aging/death is in total alignment with what my passions in science were from the beginning!
Good luck! I think we can help! Please check out, a health non-profit to share data and our newest campaign:
How you can help ???

Prof. Babubhai Thakkar
Akshar Neuro Info Tech,
City: Ahmedabad
State: Gujarat.
Country: India.
Mobile: 0091-9624114674

"This world is not for cowards. Do not try to fly. Look not for success or
failure. Join yourself to the perfectly unselfish will and work on." ----
Swami Vivekananda
Congratulations! Your objectives are very much identical with ours. Please see for more information. We would highly appreciate to discuss with you possible cooperations and projects. We wish you all the best and look forward hearing from you.
Hi Arthur! I'm Sid from India. My friend owns Earthpulse Technologies , a PEMF anti-aging technology device company. I am his webmaster and internet marketeer from quite a while now. I'll be keen to work Calico in the future. Can i send you my resume? I'd also love to enable a conversation between yourself and mr. paul becker from earthpulse. Thanks
Human Life is immortal now .

Google may take my project of 1200 Billion US Dollar.

Prof. Babubhai Thakkar
Akshar Neuro Info Tech,
City: Ahmedabad
State: Gujarat.
Country: India.
Mobile: 0091-9624114674

"This world is not for cowards. Do not try to fly. Look not for success or
failure. Join yourself to the perfectly unselfish will and work on." ----
Swami Vivekananda
I’m glad to find someone interested in future researches. I am open for collaboration, my research interests include the use cell-based approaches to developing new therapies. I aimed to devise a therapy to specifically protect endogenous progenitor cells at sites of ischemia in aging-related heart pathologies. New projects are coming.
Human Life is immortal Now.

U can visit the Human Life immortal Software of 1200 Billion US Dollar.

Prof. Babubhai Thakkar
Akshar Neuro Info Tech,
City: Ahmedabad
State: Gujarat.
Country: India.
Mobile: 0091-9624114674

"This world is not for cowards. Do not try to fly. Look not for success or
failure. Join yourself to the perfectly unselfish will and work on." ----
Swami Vivekananda
Half develop egg of any bird gives huge benefits to repair damage human body parts. When we inject liquid ( remove hard parts which are some develop parts of egg) of half develop egg of hen in human body by blood nerve then cells of this liquid repair full human body. Half developed egg has almost all type of cells of body parts with other DNA from humans. These cells make space in human body for original human cells. After this original human cells replace to these cells. Human body parts have own speed to grow. When speed of any problem is high with any body part then this part of human body is damage permanently.

Cells of hen's egg gives high speed to grow human body part. If we will inject much related body part of human cells or DNA then speed of repair will be high. Inject a egg in a day in human body four month treatment will give huge benefits to patient.

This method will give death less life to humans.
Inject a egg in every month for healthy life.
My name is Dan A. Baker. I published the novel Forever and Ever in 2009, with the help several eminent molecular biologists. Forever and Ever is the fist fiction title on the topic of gene-based aging reversal, and has been compared to the best work of Michael Crichton. The book features a very detailed and comprehensive treatment strategy based on both existing and proposed technology. The book explores the unprecedented dilemmas this technology will present.

The book has attracted development interest in LA. A feature film on this topic will provide the kind of public interest and political will that Disney and others provided to the space program in the 1950s. 

Please advise your interest.

Contact is
If we will inject a part of a kidney of dead human by blood nerves in kidney patient. Then patient will improve his kidney 25 % minimum. But condition is only we should inject full kidney in form of cells not like parts of kidney. We should melt a kidney in water or any other blood part.
We can repair all body parts by this method like liver, nerve system, lungs, kidney. Body part of a dead man has many things of cells like, ECM, full cells etc.
If we will inject a part of a kidney of dead human by blood nerves in kidney patient. Then patient will improve his kidney 25 % minimum. But condition is only we should inject full kidney in form of cells not like parts of kidney. We should melt a kidney in water or any other blood part.
If we will inject ECM ( Extra cellular matrix) and stem cells in body then it will repair quickly to our body.
Our body is programmed forever living. But we are doing activities in life then we are facing accidents, unbalance food, bacterial infection, viral infection, tension presser, routine work for living like walk, exercise, study etc. Due to all these activities we loose our organs quickly. We loose our organs because our skin and mussels covered our organs quickly without their complete development.

It was important in history of nature. But if we will inject cells of our organs directly in body then organ develop directly and quickly. Every man and woman can live at age 25 to 35 forever by this method. Because we are getting our last teeth in this age. So, it is our final age.
Blood of our is traveling in every parts of body. Grip of our body parts is strong for cells so, cells of body parts can not mix in blood. So, If we will make cells of any body parts and inject in our body by blood then cells will attach with their related parts. But our body parts are programed by DNA for limited size. so by this we can repair every our body parts.
 Dear Arthur, Calico can easily solve this problem , if they refuse the idea of creating genetically engineered man of the future – Longevity man, but will rescue body of a man who lives, his crumbling independent largest organ of the body - integument, which is its lungs, external brain, kidneys, nervous system, circulatory, endocrine, immune, and more. This natural destruction, which is visible to the naked eye, can cause death of the body. People still die from diseases of internal organs, and also external - ruined skin. Even the ancient people, who did not want to grow old and die, tried to restore the crumbling skin. There are techniques. Valery Chuprin,62
At what email address can I join you ? I know a doctor in Paris who has invented a means to get rid of atherosclerosis. You might be interested, because atherosclerosis is the main responsable of heart attacks diseases, AVC, artheritis. He is looking for fundings to open a Thalassotherapic Center to heal his patients. 
And by the way : Congratulations to you for your approach!
At 68 years old, I still do some pullups, pushups and dips, some jogging as well, but I would like  to find back my eyesight, my Brown hair get rid of my wrinkles, my loose skin!
Hi Art,

I am a French Citizen and I am very enthusiastic about your approach.
I want to know if this list is interactive. I mean if you 'll take into account some clues that people could provide for free.
Art...if you ever need an enthusiastic Electrical Engineer with a background in Pharma/Biotech/MedDevice innovating, I'm your woman! 
Incredible.. it was like I was waiting for this! Right now I am pursuing my PhD in protein quality control system in the context of age related diseases. I believe, I will make my place to this initiative. a Great step by GOOGLE! 
M Bo
As a nurse, specialist and long term care guru, I am also excited to see the birth of Calico.  Larry Page is a brilliant strategist to seek this area as an investment over the long term because the boomer group is going to present with many issues and they fortunately intersect with where/how we are using the Internet.  So applause to Google & Calico and I'd like to make any contribution I can to the project because this aging group will prove to be a force that must be dealt with.
It is not clear which way Calico chooses - extra years for old people or rejuvenate their old bodies and make them young again.           Our aging is result of misunderstanding of nature of this phenomena. Aging is absolutely not necessarily. Organism can stay young with no time limit, if you help him. We reported this on 20th IAGG Congress of Gerontology and Geriatrics, Seoul, Korea, 2013.                       Valery Chuprin,62 & William Mihajlovic,PhD,63
On my opinion, it's just a big communication operation. I said I knew a doctor who has invented a formula to get rid of the atheriosis slab, and they didn't even ask me who he was and to which address or phone number they could join him. Atheriosis slab is responsible of many old age diseases, notably infarctus, brain vascular accidents, +Valery Chuprin
There are no aging genes and aging mechanisms in human organism – human genome disclosed. Organism can stay in young state years with no time limit, if you help him. Our aging is result of misunderstanding the nature of this phenomena. Aging is absolutely not necessarily. We report our concept on 20th IAGG  Congress of Gerontology, Seoul, Korea, 2013.                                                                                       Valery Chuprin,62  & William Mihajlovic,PhD,63
There is no feedback on that list. Only advertising
+Arthur Levinson any indication of when you, Calico, will have an official site, with attendant social media profiles to raise awareness and distribute news?
I am an INTP who has been studying why people get sick for 14 years. I have answers. Contact me if you are interested. You know where to find me.
Arthur Levinson, We have been working indirectly in this area for over 20 years.  You will be interested in what we have accomplished with this advanced homeopathic product Enercel..take a look and you will see that aging has everything to do with immune system malfunction.  Enercel corrects that.   Sincerely, Dr Jan E Hale  941-927-3444  We want to help.
Mr. Levinson, what would be the value of solving the human condition? Is Google interested?
A remarkably worthy endeavor, and an area in which there is enormous potential for improving human life on this planet, not just one person at a time, but for large populations.  As a senior physician/radiologist/informatist, I am intimately familiar with the problems of aging, as well as improvement of health and well-being in younger populations.  There are so many opportunities here that it is hard to see where to start.  Maximizing quality of and access to medical information (scientific, technological, public health and epidemiologic, perhaps even personal) would play to Google's enormous capabilities in managing Big Data.  Targeted investments in epigenetic research (it appears, to me at least, that the key to aging disorders lies both in genomics and epigenetics, but most research I am aware of concentrates on the former) is another exciting possibility.  A boost (however applied) to translational activities in medical science is another potentially very fertile area for investment and development.  One opportunity that particularly interests me is creating new networks and improving existing ones between medical practitioners, educators, and researchers to spread useful innovations, create wide-angle brainstorming opportunities, identify common challenges and opportunities for progress, and support large population based research initiatives.  The other side of such an initiative would be to curate and organize the information interchanged over these networks, to add knowledge bases to these discussions.  I look forward with great interest to reports of the activities of this new entity.
Thanks to everyone behind this initiative. Glad to see increased attention to aging & healthcare.  We all know that death is inevitable. But to the extent the journey to death can be made physically and financially less painful, it serves everyone well. For past few years my company has been focusing on financial aspects of health and long-term care to better prepare retirees. Given that there are many initiatives in this space, generally at small levels, perhaps there's an opportunity to also leverage what's already out there to make a bigger impact globally.
Can we start a branch of Calico in India?
Interested in partnering with a new medical school?  We have a mission to promote wellness through patient centered and evidence based care.  Our mission is to provide high quality physicians for rural and under-served regions.  To that end, our students will reside in these areas for much of their training and mentoring/teaching will be provided through online collaborative tools.  As a new school, we have the advantage of a blank slate---we are doing it differently.  Medicine today is a high-tech team sport with the patient as captain--the education paradigm needs to change.
Hi Steve, kindly elaborate the opportunity a bit. Wish you a very happy new year.
What can I say...  I want to work for Calico.  I have a  diverse background in biotech from being involved in every aspect of bringing two biotech companies from ground zero to clinical trials. See my profile at   ; )
Congurats on your new challenge.

As an ambitious PhD. candidate, I wish we can find more information about possible open positions, and my chance to contribute to this challenge.
Old skin is the main and basic evidence of old age. Skin getting older first in the body. Old skin makes the whole body old. But the old skin can regain their youthful structure and function. It's like a muscle and skeleton develops from stem cells and can develop. And young skin will make the old body young again.
Our aging is not a disease. Our aging is a natural decay of energy processes that create the substance of our body. But they cannot continue indefinitely. This is indicated by the natural laws. Their activity weakens and stop. This is our aging and death. But they can be prevented and avoided, and the old body rejuvenated. Human organism has enough power to do so.
But biologists, doctors, geneticists ignore these laws and many decades cannot understand the nature of aging and offer the most fantastic explanations.
While they thoughtfully think people grow old and die.
Dear Dr. Levinson!                                                     Our research ("Three Layer functional model and energy exchange concept of aging process" Valery Chuprin & William Mihajlovic) argues that old human organism is able to rejuvenate its aged body and make it young again, as it restores damaging, disease, weak body makes strong. This conclusion is confirmed by the experience of medicine, and athletic development. You should help organism to fight aging. Without help, its live processes weaken and fade over time. People call it aging and death.                                             Calico, or the “California Life Company,” aims to extend life by tackling aging and disease. Allow us to offer for your consideration our conception of aging and rejuvenation and little practical experience, which confirms the correctness of this study. We are sure this is the way to eternal youth.
Dear Dr. Levinson!                                                                                                         Our research ("Three Layer functional model and energy exchange concept of aging process" Valery Chuprin & William Mihajlovic) argues that old human organism is able to rejuvenate its aged body and make it young again, as it restores damaging, disease, weak body makes strong. This conclusion is confirmed by the experience of medicine, and athletic development. You should help organism to fight aging. Without help, its live processes weaken and fade over time. People call it aging and death. Calico, or the “California Life Company,” aims to extend life by tackling aging and disease. Allow us to offer for your consideration our conception of aging and rejuvenation and little practical experience, which confirms the correctness of this study. We are sure this is the way to eternal youth.
the best thing to focus on would be the sens approach as pioneered by the methuselah foundation. most of their strategy looks to be very sound, and their rationale is very appropriate to the problem of aging. i would ignore their particular approach to cancer, but the rest of it looks excellent.
Dear Dr. Levinson,                                                       Our research ("Three Layer functional model and energy exchange concept of aging process" Valery Chuprin & William Mihajlovic) argues that human organism is able to rejuvenate its aged body and make it young again, as it restores damaging, disease, and weak body makes strong. Same it can make old body young again. You, Calico, and Google can start to save old people life now, today.
Minerva Biotechnologies has discovered the link between stem cells and cancer. You can regrow neurons , beta cells on mice but not humans b/c you know the natural mouse growth factor (LIF). We discovered the true human growth factor. We can grow cardimported with a 87-95% efficiency without a suicide gene. Current technology is 1-10 with suicide gene never get FIA approval. We can grow 100% pluripotent stem cells in the true ground state with our dingle growth factor. Contact Cynthia Bamdad..
This same receptor if blocked will make 75% of all cancers and probably 100% of all metastatic cancers mature and die. Sorry about the spell corrector . Email us this is REAL!!!
Art Levinson, unfortunately, like other researchers, ignores the Natural laws in their studies of aging. Result: dozens of fruitless theories of aging, no explanation,  just promises, complete misunderstanding of the nature of aging, and people continue to grow old and die.  
According to these Natural laws man can keep his body young without time limit, and can make his old body young again as he makes a weak body strong. The experience of medicine and athletic development gives reason to believe that 70-80 year old man can make his body 30-40 years old in 1-2 years.                                                                                                       
Impossible? Please read: Valery Chuprin, William Mihajlovic, Three layer functional model and energy exchange concept of aging process.
There is something to be said how an exponential increase of research on telomere and telomerase and other reactive influences such as Oxidative Stress, Cortisol and Inflammation juxtaposed to  the multiple intervention approach can have an insurmountable outcome on the advancement needed. This can only result from the huge financial and extensive resources that Mr. Levinson and Google bring to the table.
Even if Google will sell itself and get all this money on the table for Mr.
Levinson's studies, they can not solve this natural mystery, our agig.
Because they are moving in the wrong direction.
Our aging is not a biological problem, but physiological and natural
This is why thousands of biologists/gerontologists decades can not
understand the nature of our aging.
The solution by means of natural laws shows that human can make his old
body young again and keep it young with no time limit.
Personalized medicine, slowing down aging, and mind-body wellness has been a passion of mine for many years. How do I get involved in this noble exciting venture?
Dear Mr. Levinson! I have question - what is your  concept of aging?  Can I see it?  
You have announced your top talented staff
• Hal V. Barron, M.D.
• David Botstein, Ph.d.
• Robert Cohen, M.D.
• Cynthia Kenyon, Phd.
Do they have the concept of aging? Can I see it?
Thank you in advance.
Chuprin, Valery
The Open letter to:
Cynthia Kenyon,  David Botstein,  Arthur Levinson,  Hal V. Barron, Robert L. Cohen, Jonathan W. Lewis,  Nick van Bruggen. 
Lady and Gentlemen! I have a feeling that you are afraid to know the truth. And the truth is that you are searching in the wrong direction. So you’ll never come to the correct solution.You understand that, but hiding, do not want to admit it.                                 
The solution is that the human organism has sufficient power to restore programmed young structures and functions of its aged body. But the human organism needs the help of specialists. There are techniques. 
And the organism returns youthfulness to its old body  and can work without time limit.
Chuprin, Valery
Dear Google, dear Calico! 
Continue to search for genes and mechanisms of aging? Good luck to you!
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