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Today we have a choice, but it is a choice much broader then what we have been lead to believe that we have. The pundits on TV, radio, and print want us to believe that we are limited in only two candidates, only two parties. Here in California there are three other sets of candidates and parties along with the write-in option (which makes one's choices limitless) Don't feel like your choices are limited, like you have no options. One is never out of options. For those who are yet undecided, for those who have not yet voted I ask you to protest the two party system. I ask you to recognize you have many more choices than you thought prior to today. When you are voting look at the other names on the ballot. See you truly do have more than an A or B choice.

If you truly are disgusted by politics.,,If you truly hate the Washington gridlock...If you truly hate the party bickering then consider this: in order to receive federal election funds for an election a political party must receive at least 5% of the popular vote in the previous election. Vote third party. Vote Independant Party. Vote Gary Johnson. Let's start funding political parties other than the Big Two.

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Does anyone know what speed class and UHS speed class the #Samsung #Note7 support?

+Samsung Mobile USA+Samsung USA​

#LATraffic has brought #SanDiegoTrip to a near halt 😑😕😱

Little kids are adorable. Stopped at a gas station. There is a life sized yellow M&M display. Two kids ran up and started hugging it and saying "momma momma, peanuts peanuts" lol
#SanDiegoTrip #Traveling

What the heck, where did all this sun and warmth come from?
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