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Science, innovation, search engines and the Web
Science, innovation, search engines and the Web

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Today is the International Coffee Day!
Idag, 29. september feires den internasjonale kaffedagen Vi feirer med (mer enn ett) velsmakende kaffestykke. Gratulerer med dagen kaffe elskere!
#kaffedagen   #kaffeelskeren   #gratulerermeddagen  

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The Norwegian comedy duo Ylivs has a world wide smash hit with wonderfully ironic  Fox video. (Ylvis - The Fox [Official music video HD] )

Nevertheless, I think their praise to Stonehenge is even better.

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Had some luck with a new post on Innovation Norway's innovation policy blog.

I wrote about "8 innovation policy myths". I am afraid the post is in Norwegian, but here is a summary of the eight myths:

1. Innovation is the same as research
2. Innovation is the same as entrepreneurship
3. Innovation in the public sector is a contradiction in terms
4. The effects of innovation can be reduced to direct company profits 
5. Innovations are things
6. An innovation is not an innovation until it has reached the market
7. All innovation is good innovation
8. Countries compete

Here is a rough Google translation:

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I have helped a good friend, Lars Swanstrøm, setting up a web site for the law firm he is working for.

The point was to generate a low cost web site as quickly as possible. Low cost means low maintenance, so we chose to use for this purpose.

Search engine optimization wise a "brochure"  site like this one will not rank very well. I have therefore asked him to write a few informative blog posts on topics relevant to people searching for such services. 

We published the first post of this kind today, a post on requirements for getting public support.

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EU-kommisjonen har lagt frem en ny utgave av Innovation Union Scoreboard. Norge ligger på 17. plass, hvilket skulle bety at landet er en middelmådig nasjon når det gjelder nyskaping.

Det er bare ett problem med det hele: Norsk næringsliv hører til det mest produktive i verden, og det kan ikke oppnå denne formen for produktivitet uten innovasjon --MYE innovasjon.

EUs komposittindikator er misvisende og fanger ikke opp særtrekkene ved det norske innovasjonsystemet.

Jeg har skrevet en bloggpost over på Innovasjon Norges innovasjonspolitiske blogg som forklarer svakhetene ved rankingen.

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Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer Demands Telecommuters Report To The Office

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Policy makers in the West often believe that the test scores of pupils and students in TIMMS and PISA says something about future wealth creation.

New research shows that there is no correlation between these tests scores on the one hand and innovation and economic growth on the other for the rich, industrialized countries. 

I would argue that these policy makers mix the terms knowledge and competence. Companies need people who have the ability to learn and adapt to a changing environment. Knowing how to score well on  tests in school is a different skill altogether.

In other words: There are cultural factors that count more than factual knowledge when developing innovation competences.

Moreover, from the discussion of the Nordic Model and Nordic economic success, we see that there are other framework conditions that contribute to innovation and wealth creation, such as a stable socio-economic environment, trust in public institutions and social welfare.

I have written a blog post on this topic for Innovation Norway's innovation policy blog:

The blog post is in Norwegian, but the New Scientist article I refer to can be found below. 

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I have posted photos from a wonderful trip my wife Susanne, our friend Tore and I had to Argentina.

For freezing Norwegians the December summer of Argentina comes as a great relief.  Buenos Aires is a fascinating city, and seeing the Pampas and the fascinating water city Tigre has given us memories for life.

And yes, taking a trip over to Colonia in Uruguay takes only an hour. 

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It seems climate change is inevitable. The EU looks at ways of coping.

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The mindboggling beauty of the universe.
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