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Hawaii 2015: Day 7
Our original plan was to go back to Ray's Cafe one last time before heading to the airport for our 1:20pm flight.  Unfortunately, this was not meant to be.  We weren't able to find parking and when we finally did, there was a long line.  Since we still need...

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Hawaii 2015: Day 6
On our last full day on O'ahu we wanted to take my Dad and Christopher to Ray's Cafe since they didn't go with us the first day.  Today we ordered significantly more food.  I really wanted the French toast again, but also wanted to get the Ray's special.  W...

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Hawaii 2015: Day 5
The second half of our week is pretty packed full of things to do.  Today we got up early to hit Leonard's Bakery for their famous hot malasadas, but first made a stop at the McDonald's next door for something quick to eat.  We didn't have time today for a ...

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Hawaii 2015: Day 4
Today was a pretty lazy day for Nick, Mom and I.  My Dad and Christopher took off early to go for another scuba adventure.  While they were out, we went to the McDonald's that is pretty much 10 steps away from out hotel and got breakfast.  I've been wanting...

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Hawaii 2015: Day 3
Jet lag has really been a problem this trip even though it's only a 3 hour time difference.  I got up at 6am this morning hoping to catch the sunrise, but when I went out to the balcony it was already up!  I've also been waking up at 4am so maybe I should t...

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Hawaii 2015: Day 2
This morning my Dad and Christopher took off early to do a morning scuba dive over in the North Shore area.  While they did their scuba diving adventure, Nick, my Mom and I hunted for a place to eat before meeting up with the rest of the family.  Nick found...

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Hawaii 2015: Day 1
Welcome back, folks! Today was our day of travel to O'ahu, Hawaii.  We originally planned this trip when I wasn't pregnant, but now it's serving as a Babymoon .  Our plan for this trip is to spend a lot of time eating, sleeping, and relaxing.  What's new?  ...

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Thanksgiving 2014
This was the first year that we were able to host Thanksgiving comfortably.  Last year we were all crammed into our apartment eating off a fold out table with a table cloth.  After hosting in our apartment, which was homey and cozy, I'm even more thankful f...

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The Big Game 2014
This year Nick and I decided to not to buy tickets to the Big Game because Cal hasn't done so well in the past years. I guess I should say, I asked my parents not to buy us tickets this year.  We did, however, go to the tailgate because lately, that's been ...

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Dimensional Stars
  As most of you know,
I love to shop, but I hate spending a lot on one item.   I was at Joann’s the other day and saw some “dimensional”
adhesive stars in the holiday section at Joann’s.   They were originally priced at $15.00 and
were on sale for $11.00 f...
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