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Willo O'Brien
Inspiring Creative Sustainability in Life & Business
Inspiring Creative Sustainability in Life & Business

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I've been cleaning up my google profiles and thought I'd pop over here to say hi. 👋

I just did a bunch of work cleaning up some old/outdated Google+ pages/profiles and created a new YouTube channel for my videos:

Fun to see who's still posting here! I went back about a month, and see it's really only ~30 of you* publishing here regularly.

After a bit of searching tonight, it seems I won't be able to take this Google+ community with me (over 11k followers!), but hard to say who avidly reads here anyway.

I have some great content lined up for the next few months - as always, designed for the heart-centered, conscious entrepreneur! - so if that's of interest, please subscribe on YouTube and/or sign up on my mailing list:

Hope this all finds you thriving and taking good care of yourself amidst these intense times.

Sending lots of love to you all from Hong Kong!

*Waving hello to you, +Dan Martell +Holly Becker +Mari Naomi +Darya Pino Rose +Karen Walrond +Sherry Belul +Leonie Dawson +Derek Sivers +M.G. Siegler +Tiffany Han +Ian McKellar +Ron Richards +Gretchen Sweet +Brad King +Maggie Mason +Lisa Hix +Robert Scoble +Gene X Hwang +Becky Striepe +Laura Albert +Carrie Whitehead +Keely Kolmes +Tara Tiger Brown +Chris Heuer +Laura Gluhanich +Zelma Rose et al! 

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Wow, I love this!
Introducing +Natalia Rak - coming to NYC from Poland next week to participate in a Collab Mural Project with Art Battles. 

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Big exciting day around here, celebrating the launch of my most comprehensive offering yet! Soooo excited to have this baby birthed and share it with the world! xoxoxo

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Added photos to Grander than Gatsby.

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"Stay humble, keep learning, and don’t get caught up in perfectionism." New interview up on +IdeaMensch! Thanks for having me, +Mario Schulzke.

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This is neat. 

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Silly vid testing out the new YouTube app. Thanks for the tip, @bl!
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