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Google Hangouts for your business
Goolge+ Hangouts for YOUR business
Goolge+ Hangouts for YOUR business

Google Hangouts for your business's posts

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Today's Hangout On Air with Marcia Wieder. Don't miss it!
What is The single most important skill to master to make more money now?
Join our hangout to  receive Marcia’s unique brand of laser coaching to catapult you forward on your goals.

+Marcia Wieder is a seasoned expert having appeared on Oprah (twice!), because she helps successful companies exceed their potential as thought leaders on visionary thinking. 

In this Hangout, Marcia will walk us through - 

·         Secrets for accomplishing big goals even when money is tight.

·         5 steps to be paid well for doing what you love.

·         How we sabotage our big ideas and a proven methods to avoid this.

·         How to think, speak and act like a visionary!

Special Gift - Access to Marcia's How Be a 21st Century Visionary Kit  - powerful tools that provide the clarity to help you achieve your important dreams.

More about Marcia:

Dream University’s CEO and Founder, Marcia Wieder is also the personal dream coach to +Jack Canfield, she starred in Beyond the Secret with +BOB PROCTOR, and is the past president of the National Association of Women Business Owners often in +The White House she met former presidents Ronald Reagan, Jimmy Carter and George Bush Sr. Last, Marcia has been an instructor at the Stanford Business School.
Marcia is committed to changing how we think, speak and act upon our dreams.
The author of 14 books, she has appeared on Oprah, the Today Show and was featured in her own PBS-TV show called Making Your Dreams Come True.
As a columnist for the San Francisco Chronicle she urged readers to take “The Great Dream Challenge.” She is a member of the Transformational Leadership Council along with thought leaders +Jack Canfield  and +John Gray.
As past president of the National Association of Women Business Owners she assisted 3 U.S. presidents and serves on the advisory board for the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

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9 Quick And Creative Hangout Ideas For Small Business Owners!
Easy #hangouttips  And Resouces

Here are some of the tips I shared yesterday during a hangout event where +Sarah Hill, +Ronnie Bincer, +Marilyn Ritter, +John Ellis, +Hermine Ngnomire, and +George Cohn where discussing video marketing and specially live video technology like #hangouts  and #hangoutsonair

Just in case the you can read the image right:

1. Team meetings.
2. Customer help desk.
3. Weekly Q&A Hangouts.
4. Presentations (for the camera shy like me). :o)
5. Answer one question per show. Like +Matt Cutts does with SEO questions.
6. Invite an employee and interview them on how customers can use your store or product efficiently.
7. Mini training hangouts with clients.
8. Product demonstrations.
9. Physical store live tours.

Extra Information

- 15 Tips On How To Provide Effective Google+ Hangouts or Webinars! 

- Hangout replay video: Fireside Chat -- Strategic Social Video

- Follow the discussion at the event page here: 

- Using Hangouts For New Agency Business: 

- How To Go James Bond On Your Hangouts On Air! 

-  31 Ideas For Grabbing The VIDEO CONTENT CREATION Bull By The Horns! 

Have a successful hangout journey...

If you need help with hangout please contact me here on G+ and I make sure your show grow to high level of exposure.
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How To Calculate Your Website Conversion Rate!

The graphic below shows a very simple formula to help you calculate your own website conversion rates. This formula is base on sales, but it can also be apply to visitor-to-lead rates.

Increase your conversions:
-- -- -- -- -- --
#conversionrate   #conversionrateoptimization   #conversionformula   #calculator   #infographic   #leadgeneration   #onlinesales   #smallbusiness  

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The 8 Best Hangouts From Maker Camp 2013

The heart of the Maker Camp experience has always been the chance we get to go neat places and hang out with awesome makers. Every day at Maker Camp has been a wonderful experience, but here we've collected our 8 favorite days so you can enjoy them again.

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Hangouts On Air its mention many times in this post, because it is a very powerful marketing and communication tool!...

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23 Easy Google Plus Strategies For Your Book Promotion!
A Few #GooglePlusTips For Writers

Before I share the some of my strategies, here is the proof that using Google+ to promote your book works, and it works very well. So well, that my friend +David Amerland's book titled "Google Semantic Search" Amazon best-seller charts before it even comes out.

Read more: 

NOTE: I had to repost this article, because the first one have some problems, after resharing the post on a private community the "Share" button when MIA... Looks like Google thought the post was a private one. Well here it is again just in case you missed it and for anyone who wanted to share this on their stream.


1. Complete your profile.
2. Use G+ search to find relevant posts and people.
3. Learn how to manage your circles.
4. Use relevant hashtags.
5. Use Hangouts On Air to boost your reach with live video and YouTube.

Where these five tips came from:


Don't stop there!

By Me :)

6. Engage with influencers in your market and with a good G+ reach.

7. Participate on other people's Hangouts.

8. Show your expertise by share your content.

9. Curate quality content.

10. Share what positive reviews about your product with link to verify.

11. Make screenshots of some of those reviews and share them.

12. Take 10 pictures of your book in motion and let Google Autowesome do its trick.

13. Read small good portions of your book on a live hangout.

14. Take 10 tips, quote or good phrases of your book and share them on G+ using a Drive presentation.

15. Share a Drive presentations of your hangouts videos about your book.

16. Use G+ Ripples to know who are supporting your book posts.

17. Post a "Thank You" note and ping or mention all your G+ supporters.

18. Give away a free chapter in PDF format and take the opportunity to build your email list by sending people to an lead capture page.

19. Give away a copy of your book to a lucky hangout on air engager.

20. Find G+ Communities relevant to your topic and be part of the conversation. Careful: Don't spam by posting links to your book. Instead share great content, and let the content be your promoter.

21. Take a nice snap shot of yourself holding the book and use it as your G+ Profile Cover.

22. If you have the time to manage it, I also recommend you to create a page for the book. Where you can share content that is relevant and supports your book.

23. Use G+ Events to announce the launch of your books with the combination of a nice informative, fun, or entertaining hangout on air.

OK, I don't want to overwhelmed you with more tips and tricks, so I gonna stop there, I give the other tips another day... :o)

Have a successful book promotion.

Please me know what you think about this few tips....
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Problems with G+ privacy? Here is how to fix it!

via +Luis Galarza 
A Google Plus Guide For Those Concern With Content Privacy! [Infographic]
Google+ Tips And Tricks

What's your thoughts about G+ privacy?... Just asking. :)
#googleplusprivacy   #googleplustips   #googleplushelp   #protip   #infographic   #newuserguide   #googleplusguide   #tipsandtricks   #tipsfornewbies   #privacysettings  

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Excellent post by +Denis Labelle.

via +Luis Galarza 
My Google Business Toolbox
G+: +Google for Entrepreneurs 
G+: +Google Enterprise 
G+: +Google+ Your Business 
G+: +Think with Google 
G+: +Google Engage for Agencies
8. Get your Business ready with Google:
G+: +Google Ventures 
11. Growing your Business and Engaging your Audience with Google+
12. Introducing the Databoard for Research Insights:
Creating Custom Infographics with the New Google Databoard
13. Google marketing resources:
14.  The Community, The Brand, and Me:
15. Meet the New Google+:


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Google Plus Guide From The Beginning Of July 2013!

via +Luis Galarza 
34 Google Plus Posts Filled With Tips, Updates And Fun Ramblings
Google+ Guide

Here are some of the best post I found that have a good set of #googleplustips  and lessons that can benefit all you plussers:

1. The Benefits of Being an Early Adopter of Google+. By +Jesse Wojdylo 

2. Boo.... Google Plus - The "Insert Dead Creature" Articles. By +Amanda Blain 

3. The Best Time to Post to Google Plus. By +Jesse Wojdylo 

4. How to Grow a Google Plus Community Not Related to Tech. By +Jesse Wojdylo 

5. It's Alive! via +Peter G McDermott 

6. Google Plus - a complete introduction in around 15 minutes. By +martin shervington 

7. +Mike Elgan about Google Plus. via +Ana Hoffman, by +Yifat Cohen 

8. Google Plus Pro Tip: Tips about notifications. By +Scott Buehler 

9. Vic Gundotra Discusses Upcoming Google+ Updates in Recent Interview. By +Google Plus Daily 

10. How to build authority on Google Plus! (less than 5 mins). By +martin shervington with +Mark Traphagen 

11. Author Rank and Google Plus 1: Effects on Google Ranking. via +Author Rank & Google Authorship 

12. The Future Growth of Google Plus vs. Facebook Looks Very Bright! Plus Teens vs. G+ Research Data. By me and article source by +G+GoTo Gal 

13. New Google Plus Mute Feature To End Thread Arguments. (Funny) By +Dirk Talamasca 

14. Google+ catches up to Facebook and Twitter with follow buttons for the web. By +The Verge 

15. Visual Posts Get The Best Viral Response On Google Plus, Pinterest And Facebook! via Me! :)

16. Start with the What and you'll find the Who. By +Ronnie Bincer 

17. 22 Content Marketing And Google Plus Marketing Tips For Writers And Information Marketers! [Podcast] By me. :)

18. Auto Preview of Google Plus Videos inside Google+. By +Ronnie Bincer 

19. [Exclusive] Google Plus Daily Interviews +Mr. Jingles. By +Google Plus Daily 

20. The Best Time To Post On Google Plus & Other Social Networks. [Infographic] via +Bill Gassett

21. Google Publishership? Google Plus Brand Page Rich Snippets in Search. By +Mark Traphagen 

22. Google+ Communities Complete Guide. By +martin shervington 

23. Have you got Google Plus sorted? By +Ronnie Bincer 

24. More Advice About Google Plus Related Tags. via me and +Kathi Browne, by +Jens Graikowski 

25. Google adds new Google+ plugins for your website. By +Google Plus Daily 

26. Extremely useful circle tip: Subscriptions. By +Stephan Hovnanian 

27. Complete User Guide to Google Plus (90 minutes, six videos) via +Anna Phommatham, by +martin shervington 

28. Is Google+ Getting Ready to Release Some Huge User Numbers? By +Jesse Wojdylo 

29. Google Plus - It's an Identity Service, It's a Social Shopping Site. +Bill Slawski 

30. Go Mobile Team For Google Plus. By +Margie Hearron 

31. +Vic Gundotra Q&A With +Dan McDermott And The Google Plus Week Crew! via +Seth Goldstein 

32. Oh, excuse me, while +Yifat Cohen was beating me up I was seeing the future. By +Robert Scoble 

33. Google Ranking Factors U.S.! By +Yifat Cohen via me :)

34. Google+ Notifications update: Notifications. via +Yifat Cohen by +G+GoTo Gal 

I hope you enjoy reading all this posts filled with some great G+ nuggets, updates, and fun.
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Social Media Wine Brand!

via +Galarza's Internet Marketing Services 
- - - -
Social Media Explained with Wine

I think they all copy each other. The Google+ one is always about G+ employees loving or doing something.  I am sure they can explain G+ better, no?
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