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Sandeep Sharma
Hi, I'm Sandeep Sharma I help people to solve technical problems with related to computers, network, routers, network switches and firewall.
Hi, I'm Sandeep Sharma I help people to solve technical problems with related to computers, network, routers, network switches and firewall.

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Routing Loop, Split Horizon and Route poisoning
Routing Loops A   routing loop  is a situation where a packet keeps getting   routed between two or more   routers  because
of problems in the   routing  table. In case of distance vector
protocols, the fact that these protocols route by rumor and have a sl...

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Dynamic Routing
Dynamic Routing Dynamic routing is when protocols are used to find networks and update routing tables on routers.  A routing protocol defines the set of rules used by a router when it communicates routing information between neighbour routers. Routing Proto...

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How to enable default routing on cisco router
Default Routing We use default routing   to send packets with a remote destination network not in the routing table to the next-hop router. You can only use default routing on stub networks those with only one exit path out of the network. To configure a de...

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Static Routing
Static Routing Static
routing occurs when you manually add routes in each router’s routing table.  Static routing has the following benefits: No CPU
overhead No bandwidth
usage between routers Only
Administrator can choose allowed network Static routing has...

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Routing :-  Routing :- R outing is used for taking a packet from one
device and sending it through the network to another device on a different
network. The logical network address of the destination host is used to get
packets to a network through a routed...

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Windows 10 New Features
Microsoft has launched its new operating system "Windows 10". Now it is free for existing Microsoft existing users. People who are using windows 7 can upgrade to Windows 10 for free. Today I'am going to introduce some cool and new Windows 10 Features. 1. St...

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Router Passwords
Setting Passwords: - There are five passwords used to
secure your Cisco routers: console, auxiliary, telnet (VTY), enable password,
and enable secret. Enable Passwords You set the enable passwords from global configuration mode like
this: Router(config)# en...

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How to change name of the router
How to change name of the router           Router#config t Router(config)#hostname
Headoffice Headoffice(config)#

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How to check router command history
Router Command History:- Command Result Ctrl+P or Up arrow Shows last command Ctrl+N or Down arrow Shows previous commands entered show history Shows last  commands show terminal Shows terminal configurations and history buffer size terminal history size Ch...

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How to connect Cisco router and configure clock
Connecting to Router :- We can connect Cisco router using Telnet, SSH, Console Cable and ASDM. ASDM provide GUI console, But command line interface is the best way to configure a Cisco router. Logging to Router :- After router boot process complete  Press E...
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