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I absolutely love this track.  I must experience Eluvium live one day. In the mean time, there's this video. Thanks for sharing Frequency! 
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Preventing Drug Facilitated Sexual Assault with Smart Tooth Sensors

Recently a group of researchers at the National Taiwan University invented a smart tooth sensor that can "differentiate between eating, speaking, coughing, smoking, drinking, and breathing." The current state of this tooth sensor is not yet sophisticated enough to recognize whether or not the food we're eating is good for us or break the food down chemically...yet.

The idea of a smart tooth device sounds very interesting not only in the context of helping humans become healthier, brighter, more positive people but also, in the context of preventing date rape from occurring ever again.

If someone is drinking a beverage that has been exploited with Rohypnol, or some drug like it,  the smart tooth device could recognize the drug, send your cell phone and even perhaps emergency contacts or local authorities an urgent notification about it's existence in your mouth.

I imagine in the near future tooth technology will get sophisticated enough so that the latency between accurately recognizing the malicious drug and sending out the urgent notification is minimized if not instantaneously. Obviously, sooner the better so, that the perpetrator(s) are caught and no harm is done.  


#smarttooth   #endingviolenceagainstwomen   #wearabletechnology  
The prototype has an accuracy of nearly 94 percent and its learning algorithms can differentiate between eating, speaking, coughing, smoking, drinking, and breathing. 
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Na you turn it off when you want to get fuel, turn it on when you just want to eat for the enjoyment of eating. All-you-can-eat bbq: challenge excepted 
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Avi Buffalo's Performance at The Wiltern Theater #throughglass  - (7/12/2013)

I recently had the good fortune of seeing +Sub Pop Records Avi Buffalo perform at The Wiltern theater in Los Angeles.  Thankfully, I had +Google Glass with me and decided to record a good portion of their set.  

I recorded the video into two segments in an effort to conserve battery life;  I wanted to make sure that I had enough battery to record the last song as it's pretty epic. The first video is of the first 19 minutes of their set. The second video is of the last song they played that night.  

This was my first attempt at recording a live performance with +Google Glass. Note to self for next time: Stand Closer!

PS: If anyone would like to make a set list that would be rad.
#avibuffalo     #wiltern     #throughglass   
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A good friend and I decided to take a thursday trip to Los Angeles to go see the Urs Fischer's exhibit at +MOCA.  Here's some photos from that day; All shot through +Project Glass!

#glassexplorers   #ursfischer   #contemporaryart  
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Thanks +Scott Lawson! - The raindrops are one my favorites too! :)
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My experience picking up Glass in Venice Beach

Yesterday I had the great opportunity to pick up +Project Glass at Venice Beach and overall it was pretty great experience. Seriously, 10/10.  The Google employees were all really friendly and really excited to talk about Glass with the Explorers.  The Google employee (Please, forgive me I forgotten her/your name) who helped set-up Glass was really down to earth, really informative and genuinely excited to share Glass with us.  

The vibes inside the fitting area was really easygoing.  They offered us a variety of snacks and drinks which I thought was pretty nice too.  After about 45 minutes of gripping and sipping on my orange juice, discovering how to operate Glass & learning about all it's accessories'n'such my guest and I were on our way.  In conclusion, picking up Glass was an experience in itself and I'm really looking forward to providing +ProjectGlass with feedback.

PS. For those Explorers who are unfamiliar with this area be sure to bring some extra change for parking, unless you don't mind parking a couple of blocks away & going for a bit of walk.


#googleglass   #venicebeach   #throughglass  
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+Sarah Hinojos, well since I'm a Southern California local I chose to drive up from Orange County to LA. -- I believe that Google maps has the latest LA transit system available in app so I'd recommend checking that out first. If not, I'd just grab a taxi. 
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Google's Mountain View Campus  #thoughglass   

During the month of August I had the great fortune of participating in a usability study at +Google's Campus in Mountain View, California.  Here's are some photos that I took with +Google Glass during the day of the study.

The campus is in a very beautiful area of Mountain View.  Fresh air, lovely trees and wonderful views of nature are dispersed throughout the entire campus.  

After the study, I ended up finding a place to meditate underneath a tree near the campus' entrance. Needless to say, it was serene and brought new realizations to my mind. 

The idea that my feedback was somehow, to some degree, was going to direct the improvement of a service that hundreds of thousands of people use was really mind-boggling.  

I'm really glad to have helped out the department that was conducting the research; I really hope my feedback creates a much more seamless experience for the end user.

#Google   #MountainView   #throughglass  
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+Google Glass Thanks for the counsel! I'm working with a couple of native apk projects designed for glass. Pretty difficult to develop without a physical device and without the GDK but we keep on it. IMHO things like the Timeline should be like persistent notifications but with transcendental information for the user. Thanks so much, I'll keep an eye to your page!
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Best. Day. Ever.
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A buddy of mine +Daniel Kuark just released an original track via +Berklee College of Music's YouTube channel! Amazing stuff Dan!
YouTube description: Daniel Kuark performs his original song, "Nothing Has Changed," and will perform as part of Berklee College of Music's summer concert series. His free outdoor concerts will be in Kendall Square and at the ICA on August 8.

Berklee Summer in the City is sponsored by Natixis Global Asset Management. For more information visit or
Video by 21summit Production - Joe Barnard 
Mastered by M Works Sudios - Jonathan Wyner
#upandcomingartists   #music   #berkleecollege  
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Using +Project Glass inside the tunnels of Irvine, CA.  

#throughglass     #glassexplorers   
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 Cool! I'd love to see some intergration with street art culture & +Project Glass  - Let us know how the development goes +Cecilia Abadie :)
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A very beautiful cover of Brian Eno's track "An Ending (Ascent)"

Here's are the authors description from YouTube:

Thank you for your patience while new tabs are being completed. Many are available at the store and fresh ones are always on the way! - I first heard this song (By the legendary Brian Eno) at the end credits of Soderbergh's film ,"Traffic". It began my obsession with ambient electronic music. Later Imogen Heap and Frou Frou would use the tune for their song "Hear Me Out".

I applied a volume pedal to the mic to give recreate Eno's synth swells. The result may seem out of sync, but I attack the guitar at zero volume and slowly increase the level with the foot pedal. For this arrangement I've taken a 12 string and replaced the octave strings with normal strings. The result is a different, bigger sound - a lot like strumming the inside of a piano...oh, and a guitar that's about twice as difficult to play :)

Filmed with a Canon 7D. Recorded with Logic. Played on a modified Epiphone 12-string DR212NA. 


+Giusy Rutigliano, be sure to check this one out! :)


#brianeno   #ascent   #cover   #acoustic   #instrumental   #peaceful   #ambient     #beautiful     #acousticlabs  
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This is incredible! You wrote: "The result is a different, bigger sound - a lot like strumming the inside of a piano..."
That's about how I play the piano right now! At least mentally... when I'm moving over the keys, I'm really playing the piano as a harp, turned on it's side. I've tried to describe this to people before, but you are the first one who said it (first), understands this, and does this!

But you are doing this with a guitar! The world - and music - truly is a * spiritual place.* THANK YOU. Grace be to God and the world on High. God lives in all of us, and everywhere. The garden is my church and everything in it... Gracias!
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