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Always ready for a challenge.
Always ready for a challenge.


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HAPPY NEW YEAR!! We're starting the year off right on #BizHeroes with our guest +Debra Eckerling!

+Zala Bricelj and I are looking forward to chatting with our community and with our wonderful guest about "How Can Strategic Goal Setting Impact Your Business and Career"

Here are the Q's:

Q1 How important is Strategic #GoalSetting as a part of someone's overall Business Strategy? #BizHeroes

Q2 What process do you recommend for #GoalSetting for your Business or Career? #BizHeroes

Q3 How do personal goals factor into the GoalSetting process? #BizHeroes

Q4 What's the difference between short-term and long-term goals? #BizHeroes

Q5 What are your tips for achieving Business or Career goals? #BizHeroes

Q6 There are different views of the process of #GoalSetting. How often should people set and review goals? #BizHeroes

Q7 Is there a difference between the way to do GoalSetting for Business versus Personal needs? If yes, how so? #BizHeroes

Q8 What can people do to be accountable for the goals they set for their Business or Career? What are your best tips? #BizHeroes

Q9 Could you recommend some resources that could help anyone who wants to learn about Strategic #GoalSetting for Business or Career? #BizHeroes

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November is about to finish and we all know that once December is here, the holidays take over and the new year arrives without us even noticing!

So, let's talk about what's coming in the new year for the #Marketing world!

Q1. Which #Marketing Tactics will take over in 2018?
Q2. Let’s play a game: Rise or Die? Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn - which will grow, which one will fall?
Q3. What will be the role of Email Marketing? Is it still going to be alive or will brands rely on other strategies instead?
Q5. There’s a lot of fuss about Artificial Intelligence changing the game for all in the way we communicate. How do you think it will be integrated in Marketing?
Q6. Do you think Marketing needs to get more personal in 2018? Why and How?
Q7. 63% of Marketers said they planned to invest more in Live Events (According to Bizzabo) - what makes Live Events successful?
Q8. How will the behavior of consumers change in 2018? What do customers need from brands?
Q9. Which trends would you like to see thriving in 2018?

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This week on #BizHeroes, we have +Kate Frappell - - Design Lead at +ManageFlitter talking about: Design Tips & Hacks: Social & Visual Marketing

Find the Q's here:

Q1.How is visual content used in Social Media and why is it important?  
Q2. What makes a visual shareable on social media?
Q3. What should marketers be aware of prior to creating visual content for social media?
Q4. Finding & creating relevant imagery can be tricky. How can marketers best get around this?   
Q5. What is typography and how can it be used to better market your brand on social?
Q6. How can non-designers ensure that their visual content is legible? Do you have any tips and tricks?  
Q7. What are some resources for inspiration when getting started on a more visual approach?
Q8. Can you share some tools that anyone could use to create visuals?
Q9. Tag the brands that are doing awesome in visual marketing!

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Did you hear we can now write longer tweets? How do you feel about that?

Let's discuss on this week's #BizHeroes: Twitter: From 140 to 280!

Here are the Q's:

Q1. What do you think about Twitter’s character expansion?
Q2. Some say longer messages make tweets harder to read, are you experiencing this? What’s your take on it?
Q3. Do you think this shift has damaged the nature of Twitter?-
Q4. Will this character expansion increase engagement? Would Tweeps be inclined to connect more?
Q5. What are the pros and the downsides of having more characters available?
Q6. What does this character expansion mean for businesses on Twitter? How can #smallbiz take advantage of longer tweets?
Q7. Now that we’ve been chatting for almost an hour, how does the new character limit has changed the #TweetChat experience?
Q8. Tag your favorite tweeps who you can’t get enough characters to tweet with!

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Hello, again #BizHeroes!!!

Another week, another chat! How's Daylight Savings treating you? Did you make the line for the iPhone X?

With all the hype about mobile, this week, we're going to be talking about #MobileApps!!! Let's share our favorites. Here are the Q's:

Q1. Are you an Android or iPhone person? Is the OS important for you?
Q2. How do you decide which apps to download?
Q3. What is the last app you downloaded? What is it for?
Q5. Did you delete an app recently? Which one and why?!
Q6. If you’re on your phone - what app are you on 80% of the time?
Q7. Any apps you use for work or productivity? Share them with us!
Q8. Are you into Health/Fitness Apps? Which ones are your favorites & What are they for?
Q9. Let’s finish up with entertainment! What’s your favorite game app?

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Have considered using video to attract people to your brand? Come to #BizHeroes this week and chat w/ our guest Stefan Day!

Q's are here:

Q1. We're constantly inundated with amazing video content - what's one video that you saw in the last 24hrs that you loved? #bizheroes
Q2. What are some primary advantages in utilizing video to tell your brand story? #bizheroes
Q3. What do you think is the most important thing to keep in mind when creating videos for brand storytelling? #bizheroes
Q4. For brands just getting into it, What are some pitfalls to be wary of when engaging video as a medium? #bizheroes
Q5. Are there aspects of video that intimidate you? Which ones and why? #bizheroes
Q6.Videos can be very expensive to produce: What clever solutions have you seen for leveraging video without breaking the bank? #bizheroes
Q7. How do you decide when to engage professionals for support in either planning, producing, shooting, or editing videos? #bizheroes
Q8. Are there certain kinds of businesses or communications where a video may not be an ideal strategy? Which? #bizheroes
Q9. TAG some brands you see using video really well - what do you love about their approach? #bizheroes

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Are you ready for #BizHeroes tomorrow? +Zala Bricelj and I are!!

On this week's chat, we're addressing a topic for both our personal and professional lives: Smart Decision-Making! We know how hard it is sometimes to take a step forward and make a decision trusting that it is the BEST for you!

Find the Q’s here—>

Smart Decision-making in life and business

Q1 How would you define making SMART decisions in life and business? 
Q2 How do you weigh your options when making a difficult decision?
Q3 How can we learn to make a smart decision in life and business?
Q4 Does decision-making always imply positive or acceptable outcomes?
Q5 What are some decision-making mistakes we should avoid?
Q6 What do we need to take into account when we make decisions for our business or organization? 
Q7 How do personal decisions related to our life, growth, development differ from business/professional decisions? 
Q8 Is decision-making a process based on facts or emotions or a mix of different elements? Which ones?
Q9 What was the biggest, most impactful decision you've made in your life or business? 

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We have a very interesting topic this week on #BizHeroes and the wonderful Molly Nichols from Independent Retailers as a guest!

Topic: “Redefining the Retail Experience”

Here are the Q's, don't miss the chat!

Q1. When was the last time you went shopping in-store?

Q2. What attracts you about the brick and mortar retail?

Q3. How can retailers get more customers inside their store and shopping?

Q4. What are some aspects that need to be improved about in-store shopping?

Q5. In what ways can in-store shopping compete or complement the online shopping experience?

Q6. What tools, both digital and in-person, can be used to enhance the retail experience?

Q7. Are there any goods you particularly prefer to purchase in person? What are some examples?

Q8. What makes you want to return to a store or support a brand?

Q9. What are some your favorite independent retailers?

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Come to #BizHeroes Tuesday to chat about #SmallBiz!!
Let's share what we've learned about getting results, managing HR & more!

Find the Q's here:

Q1 How would you define a successful business?
Q2 Starting a #SmallBiz, what are some ways to set up your work process & development?
Q3 How do you go about finding & recruiting your employees for a #SmallBiz?
Q4 Being a #SmallBiz, how do you reach out to your potential customers, online & offline?
Q5 What are some great ways for #SmallBiz to nurture and engage with their customers?
Q6 As a #SmallBiz, how do you incorporate business development in your overall strategy?
Q7 How can a #SmallBiz increase their productivity for the team and employees?
Q8. What are some helpful tools to manage operations or processes for #SmallBiz?
Q9. Tag your fav #SmallBiz & share why you love them!

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This Tuesday on #BizHeroes, we’re lucky to have Tom Reid as our guest to present his book Sustained Leadership WBS which you can purchase here:

Tom will be sharing his knowledge about Leadership and we hope to see you all there.

Here are the Qs:

Q1. Nature or Nurture: Are people born to be leaders?
Q2. What are some traits that every leader should possess to sustain leadership?
Q3. What can you do to grow and develop as a leader?
Q4. What are some of the challenges that leaders face?
Q5. What are some mistakes you've witnessed leaders making?
Q6. Is ”leadership” universally applicable, or is it different in various circumstances, e.g. digital versus in person?
Q7. How can a leader also be a team player?
Q8. What is the most difficult part about being a leader?
Q9. Tag a person who has had a great impact on you as a mentor or leader.
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