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Always ready for a challenge.
Always ready for a challenge.


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Have you ever wondered what Initial Coin Offerings were? There's a lot of hype about ICO's and we still don't know quite much about them.

Come to #BizHeroes and chat w/ our guest +Phil Siarri about ICO's. +Zala Bricelj and I will be happy to see you.

Here are the Q's:

Q1 What is an ICO (initial coin offering)? #bizheroes

Q2 What is the difference between an ICO and an IPO (initial public offering)? #bizheroes

Q3 Does an ICO necessarily translate into the creation of a new cryptocurrency? #bizheroes

Q4 What are some of the advantages of ICOs versus other means of financing? #bizheroes

Q5 What can possibly go wrong with ICOs? #bizheroes

Q6 What have been some of the most successful ICOs to date? #bizheroes

Q7 Do you plan to participate in an ICO in the near future? #bizheroes

Q8 What are your predictions for ICOs? Will they ever gain acceptance in mainstream business environments? #bizheroes

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Is email marketing dead? We think it's very much alive.

Let's talk about it tomorrow on #BizHeroes! Join +Zala Bricelj and I for the conversation. Here are the Q's:

Q1. Why do you think Email has been able to stand the test of time?
Q2. What are some best practices for a successful email marketing campaign?
Q3. What kind of topics & types of emails are good to engage customers?
Q4. How can we get new customers through email without resulting to spam & buying lists?
Q5. Email Marketing is also used for Retention, what are some good tips & examples out there?
Q6. Other than click-rate, what are some ways to measure email marketing success?
Q7. What are some things to consider when doing email A/B testing?
Q8. Tag the brands & solopreneurs that are using email the right way!

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I can't tell you how excited I am to talk about this topic with this specific guest! ;)

My dear co-host +Zala Bricelj has agreed to be our guest on #BizHeroes tomorrow to talk about Making Your Social Experience Memorable!

Have you had a memorable experience? If you've exchanged tweets with Zala, you know you have!

Here are the Q's:

Q1 What does Social Experience mean in this digitally connected world? #BizHeroes
Q2 What helps #smallbiz create a Social Experience? #BizHeroes
Q3 In your opinion, is Social Experience related only to Social Media? Why (not)? #BizHeroes
Q4 What key ingredients are needed to make your #smallbiz experience memorable for you and others? #BizHeroes
Q5 What role do marketing and integrated communications play in creating a valuable Social Experience? #BizHeroes
Q6 How can building connections impact your Social Experience in the long-term? #BizHeroes
Q7 How can an engaged community help translate Social Experience to customer advocacy and loyalty? #BizHeroes
Q8 In your opinion, can Social Experience be converted into leads, sales, collaboration? #BizHeroes
Q9 Who are #smallbiz or individuals who've made your Social Experience memorable? Tag them. #BizHeroes

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It's time to talk about #Podcasting and the role it plays in content creation & community building.

Fortunately, +Cheval John agreed to be our guest on #BizHeroes this week & that makes +Zala Bricelj and I super excited!

Here are the Q's:

1. How can #smallbiz use the power of Social Media to start building their digital presence? #BizHeroes
2. How important is it for #smallbiz to have a strategy when building off/online brand presence? #BizHeroes
3. How can #smallbiz start creating content that converts and engages the audience? #BizHeroes
4. How can #smallbiz leverage different Social Media tools to measure success of their marketing efforts? #BizHeroes
5. Tell us more about your podcast »What's the Word« and how it's helped building your personal brand. #BizHeroes
6. How can creating content via podcasting help you start building a community? #BizHeroes
7. How can podcasting help you establish connections and collaborations valuable for your #smallbiz? #BizHeroes
8. How important for long-term business success is building an engaged community? #BizHeroes
9. What podcasts would you recommend to those looking for great creators and content? #BizHeroes

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This week on #bizheroes, we're tackling a very important topic: what does it take to be a leader?!

Luckily, our guest Tom Reid is very well versed on the topic and he even wrote a book about it! (Pre-order here: )

Tom has agreed to share some of his knowledge with our community, here are the questions we'll cover:

Q1. When someone says “leadership,” what words or phrases come to mind?

Q2. How would you define “leadership?”

Q3. Where and how does one learn to be a leader?

Q4. Is leadership situational, or can a good leader lead any team in any environment?

Q5. How are leaders selected in your organization? Is that a good system?

Q6.Do some leaders seem to have a number of negative traits? What are they and how does that affect their leadership?

Q7.Is there conventional wisdom you have heard about leadership with which you disagree? What is it?

Q8.Do pithy quotes help or hurt our thinking about leadership? Share your favorites, pro or con.

Q9. Have you encountered good leaders in your life? Share your experience and tag them!

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We're getting ready for this week's #BizHeroes with +erika heald!

Erika will be talking about what sets good content apart from the rest: Smart Content Creation.

Join us for an hour of fun and camaraderie. Find the Q's here:

Q1.What is the most common missed opportunity when it comes to content creation?
Q2. How can you get to know your audience and identify the content they need?
Q3.How can you build content repurposing into your content creation process?
Q4.What are some examples of how to repurpose content?
Q5.What are creative content sources for content teams with small budgets?
Q6.How can employees be brought into your content creation efforts?
Q7.What are the pros and cons of adding guest bloggers to your content mix?
Q8.What are some good resources for ideas/inspiration when creating content?
Q9.Share some peeps that are creating smart content. Tag them!

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Hi all, we're happy to be here another week with a new guest + topic for #BizHeroes.

This Tuesday, +Andrea Villeneuve will be sharing her experience and knowledge on #relationshipbuilding. Here are the questions she drafted:

1) How can we see building a relationship like dance?

2) Why a Tango and not the Hustle?

3) What steps can you take to find the right partner?

4) Is a relationship all about leading?

5) Are relationships all steps and timing or is there more?

6) How do you fix a misstep?

7) Dances end; how does that compare to a relationship?

8) How do you define relationship goals?

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We're back this week with another great #BizHeroes guest! For those in the US who will be celebrating 4th of July (Happy 4th of July), take a break from the BBQ & join our tweet party!

This week, Jennifer Baker +Mind of a Diva will be letting us know why each of us are our brand and how to go about it.

Here are the Q's:

Q1. How would you explain what is a personal brand?
Q2. Why is having a personal branding important?
Q3. Why does having a personal brand matter to your audience?
Q4. How can your personal brand establish you as an expert?
Q6. What can blogging do to help build your brand?
Q7. What are a some branding practices that can be used in blogging?
Q8. How can curated content help develop your brand?
Q9. Do you have goals for your personal brand? (Please share!)

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We're excited for today's #BizHeroes to chat with our guest +Shakirah Dawud! The topic is #ThoughtLeadership for Account Based Marketing, don't miss it.

Find the Q's here:

Q1.What is account based marketing?
Q2.How does account based marketing differ from content marketing?
Q3.What are the benefits of account based marketing?
Q4.When should a business consider thought leadership as part of their account based marketing strategy?
Q5.Where does thought leadership fit into an account based marketing strategy?
Q6.What are some challenges faced when integrating thought leadership into account based marketing?
Q7.What does a good integration of thought leadership content into ABM look like?
Q8.What tools and resources do you need to successfully implement account based marketing?

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We often get obsessed with growing the number of followers on our social profiles.

This week on #BizHeroes, our guest +Louise Upchurch will be debunking the follower number myth. Come chat with our community!

Q1. Follower numbers are often seen as a 'vanity' metric why is this?
Q2. Do more followers mean greater engagement on social media?
Q3. What are your top tips for being engaged as a business/brand on social media?
Q4. Why is the community manager role important for a business/brand?
Q5. What are your favorite examples of engaged brands/businesses?
Q6 How can brands measure or make sure that engagement with their audience works? Any tips?
Q7 What are the main activities a Community Manager does to keep community growing and engaged?
Q8 How can smallbiz convert engagement into leads?
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