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the bathroom window
it was musty— mold grew in the basement— the walls needed
ventilation— closed doors seemed too
invasive— but he knew she had ulterior
motives— it was an old apartment— he gave her that— but it was only their first— not their last— and he didn’t like being

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Stations of the Cross
Following Jesus is supposed to look like
freedom. It often does not. We are bound by religious strictures, ordinances,
laws, the expected judgement from our backup clique of like-minded thinkers who
applaud when we do something their Jesus would do, but thr...

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Come Soon, Lord
Come rescue our weary souls From the pits of despair and distress Come soon, Lord Jesus, Come soon We wait for you Come triumph over the wickedness So prevalent in our worlds We grow restless with each day that passes Come soon, Lord Jesus, Come soon We wai...

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Thoughts on Church Membership
A few weeks ago I sat
down with a friend and we discussed the idea of church membership. I, being a
military brat who has never stayed in one church for more than two years,
previously has no understanding of why church membership was a valuable
component o...

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have a friend. She has embraced the embodiment of wonder as an attribute. She
has retained her ability to cry over pain and enter into empathy. She has her
cares but she is careless. She knows the world, but she maintains bliss. I
live in a world where wo...

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The Path of Peace
           In life, we walk paths. We often think
we choose our paths—sometimes we do—but we often have no say in the path our
feet tread. There are side paths along the way that lead us this way and that,
but there is an overarching path our life is taking...

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Abba, We Belong To You (a response to Charlottesville)
“Abba, I belong to you.”
This lyric, this truth, this proclamation, has been echoing in my mind and
heart all day. What a beautiful thing it is to be so wholly loved by God that
He came down and died because we cannot save ourselves. While I resonate with

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As the oldest child in my family, it should’ve been my joy and honor to obey everything my parents told me to do and steer miles clear from everything they told me to stay away from. However, I the only girl of the family (besides my mom); I the only one wi...

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Residing in the Faithfulness of God
I liken myself to Gomer, the prostitute wife of Hosea. I relate to Jonah, the prophet called by God who ran away from God. I understand Elijah's depression and desire to die. So often I cry out to God in silence, wondering where He is, asking Him why I stru...

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Looking For Beta Readers (for a novella)
I'm an INFJ. This means I'm a perfectionist and hold myself to high standards nobody should have to reach. This is why when I don't reach those standards I feel like a failure. More often than not I don't reach these standards. I'm also in college. Lately I...
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