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looks like a cat door or toilet seat :-)  Hoping its a toilet seat, but suspecting the world as we know it is headed for a relevation of sorts.  So tempting to coverup in ways that others are simply oblivious of, let alone, too.  Are others, not in the (mind or head) space to start appreciating serious possibilites? I'm beginning to think so, unfortunate if I choose to mesh science and (my) sense. Family and, less so, a wife of a previous 15 year life, are not open to changes that aren't 'advertised' or in their own back yards (tangeable and figuratively). 
A little moral delemma of my own to sort out before 'running to the hills' or committing to practical measures clear to me.  
Perhaps (as the 'Cake' song goes) I stop feeling and start thinking about helping myself.  Easy said.  
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