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LaTeX Notation for Numerals
It is common in meta-mathematics to use the notation n to mean the numeral for the number n, that is: S...S(0), where S is a symbol for successor and there are n S's in the numeral for n . In LaTeX, one can typeset this notation using \overline{n} in math m...

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A Bound in Gödel 1931
When teaching Gödel's famous 1931 paper on the incompleteness theorems this semester, I got hung up on one of the bounds he gives in the course of the 45 definitions of primitive recursive notions. This is the case of concatenation. Recall that Gödel here c...

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Donald Trump is Gaslighting America
"The good news about this boiling frog scenario is that we're not boiling yet. Trump is not going to stop playing with the burner until America realizes that the temperature is too high. It's on every single one of us to stop pretending it's always been so ...

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Attorney General Loretta Lynch on Hate Crimes and our Trumpist Future
"Muslim Americans are our friends and family members, our doctors and nurses, our police officers and firefighters. They own businesses and teach in classrooms. Thousands of them have fought for the American flag. Many have died defending it. And yet, too o...

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Really Great Piece About Male Sexual Entitlement
At Role Reboot .

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Abortion: An Allegory
Angelina Rosario went into Our Lady of Mercy Hospital in Santa Cristina, California, last week for a minor procedure to help with her dysmennorhea and walked out pregnant. The hospital is still trying to figure out exactly what happened. There was also anot...

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"Why Are There Lesbians?" Asks Circuit Court Judge Richard Posner
Absolutely fantastic, and really quite funny, article over at Outward about arguments yesterday at the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals concerning what may turn out to be a landmark LGBTQ discrimination case.

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Working Class Voters and the 2016 Election
The day after.... Today in my introductory logic class, we were supposed to start talking about formal deduction: one of the most important, and confusing, topics in the course. When 10am rolled around, there were a lot of missing people. And those who were...

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Simon Critchley is a Dumb Ass
In otherwise brilliant piece of garbage, in which he attempts to explain the rise and appeal of Trump in however many words that his editor decided he was allotted, Simon Critchley tells us: Our blind, simple-minded faith in the power of social media and th...

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How To Be a Man in the Age of Trump
A man behaving as Trump does would be a pariah in any culture that did not actively and persistently enable men like him. It sounds like an interesting article , but it turns out to be much more interesting than you might expect. It's written by a transman,...
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