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My newest drawing. I actually kinda like this one, so I figured I'd share! :) Thoughts? 

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Check this post out on the blog at! 
Villains: Introduction Week
“You either die a hero or
you live long enough to see yourself become the villain.” ~Harvey Dent   Photo Credit:      As I searched through the dictionary for a
definition of “villain,” I found it difficult to find one I really liked.      Some...

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Hey Everyone!! 
Listen to Party Hard by Walls Fall Down! +1, re-post, and download the demo for FREE! 
Walls Fall Down is an AMAZING up and coming band! Support them! XD Thanks! 

Peeta or Gale or Finnick? Why? 

During the Summer, I want to act as an extra in local movies and perhaps travel a little. Any tips on getting into movies as an extra or even a bigger role? I know it's kinda hard...

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My Drawing of Two Face: 

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My drawing of Gollum:) 

I got the hard cover Hunger Games Trilogy for Christmas!!

Hi everyone,
I am Johnna Forth. I am an aspiring actor having only acted in a few plays and not an actual movie. That is my dream:) I joined this community to find out more tips about acting and to get them from pro actors and directors!

I am a wannabe actor:)
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