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lol ? actually ive no idea what is meant by this, so I suppose it is some kind of subtle joke I'm not getting.
The guy pictured is a known liar, the earth is not round, its more egg shaped; Saddam probably had nothing to do with 9/11; Elvis is almost definately dead; Obama may have been born in USA; The climate crisis is too ill defined at this point to know what it even means...
Well the latest predictions suggest 4-6 degrees C warming by 2100, results on permafrost indicate that it could add a further 4-6 degrees to that. Oh, and recent analysis of predictions made in past IPCC documents suggest that they have generally been too conservative. That's just the results of climate science within the last week or two. Which part is ill-defined exactly?

PS: The definition of 'round' is "Shaped like or approximately like a circle or cylinder", which the Earth (an oblate spheroid) most certainly fits.
Oh this is mainly taking issue with saying humans are putting CO2 into the atmosphere at a rate that will cause mass destruction ?
If that is the case people need to have a -ve carbon footprints. For people to be able to that, governments need to allow people to create communities that can achieve that.
Agreed - but unlikely to happen while a sizable portion of our politicians have close connections to the companies that produce carbon-based fuels.
We may be able to just go ahead and create these communities and if police/gov try to stop it, take them to court for destroying the world.... something like that anyway... maybe some kind of new occupy style movement that actually has a decent result/purpose.
I mean asking nicely those that you know are liars and theives to do the right thing is never going to work.
Human-caused vs natural is fun to debate. However, if the oceans rise, whatever the reason, we have to adapt.
Too bad more ocean doesn't equate into more fish. 
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