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This swedish woman spent several months mastering "Kulning" - and it WORKED!

"Kulning is the word for the ancient Swedish herding call, that has its roots in the nordic medieval age. Because of its special high-pitched sound it was used to communicate with animals and creature through very far distances. Ever since I was a child i have felt something magical and enchanting about this sound. It really touches me in a way I can't explain. So the last months I have practiced this vocal technique to learn it myself."

We are starting off a new path!
To help provide new animators with a path into the industry, we will be offering select work placement positions.
Animation Salvation will obtain jobs, and assign certain tasks to trainee animators. We will deal directly with the client, and provide each trainee with guidance, feedback, and direction.
This will give new animators easier access to their first jobs in the industry - the hardest part of gaining access to the industry.
Please contact us if you are either:
A) An animator looking for work.
B) A company looking for talented animators at a good rate.

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Framestore's Film offices in London and Montreal are both hiring animators of various levels to work on a range of new shows, featuring some amazing creatures, characters and sci-fi legends! Apply online now -->

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What separates Disney, Pixar, or Weta animators from the rest?
They have a regular Animation Training program!
This article will help you create your own animation training program to reach YOUR full potential!

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Want to become a Disney Animator?
What does it take to make it to the top in the Animation Industry?
This video explains some of the techniques I've used to get my dream job at Disney, and then continually improve.

These tips can help you get more done in less time.

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A new article by Ed Hooks, author of 'Acting for Animators'!
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