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Put some figs in a tart and you get a figtart + dough recipe
It was a fig season and since I had some spare figs at home, I decided to do something with them. I came across a interesting recipe for fig tart. At home I had only small molds so I made some small tarts. First I had to make tart dough. This was my first t...

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My this week nail try
Beginner alert!  Beginner alert!  Cheers!

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Product review: Nivea diamond shampoo & conditioner
It is not a interesting or new product but I am doing this as a reminder for myself. This shampoo and conditioner smells nice, and smell is only thing that helps me choose my shampoo. Of course, price is important too. I don't bother with all that text that...

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RP : Mixa bb cream review
Tinted moist..whops, I meant   BB creams are thing right now, everyone has to have one. I bought this Mixa BB cream because it said that it is good for sensitive skin and it has anti redness ability and also, mum was paying so then it is easier to try new t...

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So we have new number there 2015
First there was alcohol shopping, then there was a lot of crackling noise and heavy drinking and then light started to increase, more noise, more cheer..dogs became upset, friends are drunk and..yay we have beginning of  New Year ..that is chance for making...

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How to beat unnecessary stressing... with 3 steps!
While stressing, I found this gem web page and wanted to share it.. it is brilliant!  STEP 1) go to this site: Magic site STEP 2) Click on the magic button STEP 3)  Wait! So, did it work? :) ( or, perhaps that's my unlimited will for procrastinating writing...

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Music of the night
Hello borg! I can't stop listening to this song. Video is kinda creepy, but cool. And lyrics, well, more like those few lines, are truthful. I don't know what it is, but it is addictive. It is tagged on last fm as: mellow, quirky, indie pop.. I don't listen...

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Orchid 102: how to get rid of mealybugs?
I got my last
orchid as a gift. Luckily, I always put my new flowers far away from
other plants until I see that it is healthy. This one was really nice colored and I was sad when one day I discovered cotton-like parts
on her spike. I immediately started...

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It's just a cigarette.
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