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Sven Eric Nielsen

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Hey everyone

Today I need some help from the community.

Some colleges from a different department are searching for a reliable plug and play 3d printer with a relatively big build volume.
And even though I've told them that there is basically no 100% reliable and easy to use (out of the box foolproof) 3d printer available (under 10k€) they close to the decision to go with the CubePro duo.

I've tried to find some information's (experiences) about this printer, but this is not very easy.

Do you have any experience with this printer?
Or do you know any other plug and play printer with a big build volume and and (ideally) a dual head that would be a better decision?

To be honest, I've not a lot of experience with plug and play printer's. And if I had the chance to gain some experience with "ready to print" systems its almost always bad experience (except the ultimaker printer). Especially with printers that are like the cubepro :
- Forced to use their software
- forced to use their (hilarious expensive) filament
- no chance to adjust or optimise things

Thanks for your help/input ;)
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For plug and play I'd suggest Ultimaker 2. Good speed, great quality, and fantastic community.
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Sven Eric Nielsen

Show-n-tell  - 
A few days ago I've asked for a marlin modification to drive a remote extruder on a CoreXY printer setup. So the firmware is still a question, but  this is my approach for a CoreXYE driven printer. All 3 belts are in a seperate layer in this concept. So basically there is no real belt crossover.
CoreXYE means basically a more or less traditional CoreXY belt system with a remote driven extruder.
This is the result of a short discussion I had with Nicholas Seward who made the sketch of the first CorEXY system I've seen. (Thanks that I can use your original picture for the comparison!).

In this discussion he mentioned that we will probably see some side forces on the X carriage due to the E belt. I've tried to compensate this in this sketch.
The good news is, that we probably have the possibility to drive the filament from 2 sides at the same time. The bad news is that this will be a really complex setup ;)

Maybe this approach can equalize the forces on the extruder carriage. But unfortunately it will add some torque to the extruder carriage (less problematic I think) and the same tilting problem on the Y axis that the H-Bot concept had.

I also made a quick and dirty 3D sketch of how a dual drive for the filament could look like for this approach.

Any ideas/suggestion?
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Yep, the Bukobot (by Deezmaker) uses synchromesh and some people have tried it as a belt replacement. I have a CoreXYZ bot that relies on synchromesh for a really elaborate belt path, but I prefer GT2 belts when the path is planar. 
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Sven Eric Nielsen

Questions/Help  - 
Does anyone know if there is a solution for Marlin and a remote driven extruder together with a CoreXY system?

I've seen solutions with a traditional cartesian XY system and a remote driven extruder, but never with a CoreXY system.
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I actually agree with Nathan an plan to make a small geared nema14 direct extruder instead 
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Sven Eric Nielsen

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So, finally I'm back from my business trip to Beijing. Time to review all the photos I made. This one is just a quick shot with my smartphone at 6 o'clock in the morning from my hotel room. This was also the only day where you could see the skyline. Normally there is simply too much smog.
Btw, it's unbelievable how the Internet works in China. It's almost impossible to use Google services. No google plus, no google search. Etc
Just a tip, VPN helps a lot ;)

So, endlich zurück von der Dienstreise nach Beijing (Peking). Zeit mal die Fotos zu sichten die ich gemacht habe. Dieses ist nur ein schnellschuss mit meinem smartphone um 6 Uhr morgens. Normalerweise kann man die skyline nicht so gut sehen wegen dem ganzen smog.
Nebenbei, die Internet Situation in China ist unglaublich. Es ist nahezu unmöglich Google Dienste zu verwenden.
Kein google plus, keine google Suche und so weiter.
Nur n kleiner tip, ein VPN macht vieles leichter ;) 
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Sven Eric Nielsen

Show-n-tell  - 
Just want to show the first pic of my new experimental hotend.
There are a lot of things different compared to other hotends on the market.
This is actually only a test to find the limits of my tools. The main problem is actually to drill a 0.3 mm hole in the nozzle. The drills I have are not very good and designed to drill pcb's.
Monday / Tuesday I'll make a new nozzle an finish the cooler.
The heater block is actually not very beautiful, for a prototype it's OK.

Originally I haven't planed to build the hotend right now, but unfortunately I need the final dimensions to design the print head of my new printer. And therefor I need to nail the hotend design more or less. 
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Nothing radical. "different" does not always mean "radical" ;)
I think all the other hotends on the market have shown that they are already good in certain areas. But flexibility is (at least in my eyes) a major problem.
For example pla and all metal hotends. Especially when we talk about the stainless steel part. Or to be more precise the friction coefficient of molten pla and stainless steel.
You could use ptfe liner, but then you are limited in temperature.
The basic idea of this hotend is to make it as flexible as possible. High speed or high precision nozzles. High or low temp. Every material possible. Modifying the hotend as easy as changing the filament.
Ideally without tools.

Maybe you have already tried something like this at ultimaker. But as I said, different compared to other hotends on the market. Not somewhere in the workshop ;) 
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Sven Eric Nielsen

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I've just updated Level 3 of my last sketch (remote belt driven Extruder for a CoreXY Printer).
The last time I've posted the wrong picture with a version that cant work.
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Yeah, I've been thinking on the same problem for a while and every solution seems like a hack that compromises the system. 
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Does anyone know if there is a solution for Marlin and a remote driven extruder together with a CoreXY system?

I've seen solutions with a traditional cartesian XY system and a remote driven extruder, but never with a CoreXY system.
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+Sven Eric Nielsen​ Of course.
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Sven Eric Nielsen

Show-n-tell  - 
Some pics of the extruder thing I'm working on for my new printer.
This is still WIP but very close to a BETA prototype I think.
Actually it includes auto bed (and nozzle) calibration through the nozzle, filament diameter detection and an integrated dust seperator at the top.
In this assembly it's missing some parts. But it's only a "teaser" so to speak.
It also includes my Hotend design. This Hotend make the nozzle change as easy as changing the filament. Different nozzle positions doesn't matter anymore due to the integrated calibration system.

It is definitely not the lightest and also not the simplest extruder ever. That was not the idea behind it.
The idea is to make a extruder with as much useful functions as possible. Easy to use and with a lot of small tuning options.

As I said, it is still WIP, therefor it is missing some parts and also some detail optimizations.
Btw. the motor in this picture is a N17.
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+Chuck McManis 
Thank you!

Yes it looks like that, but it's not the case ;)
There is a second fan below the Nema17 fixed in the carrier.

You only need to remove the 4 screws on the light red part to disassemble the whole extruder The cleaning and measuring system in the top is not influenced by that. There is a separate "door" for maintenance (dark red part).

But now that I think about it I'll remove the top screw from the light red part and integrate it into the bottom plate. Seems smarter and I simply cant see any reason why I shouldn't do that ;)
Thank for the hint!
So then there are only 3 screws left to disassemble the whole extruder.

I'll post some better pictures in a few days when the Extruder is "finished" and I've tested the new prints.
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Sven Eric Nielsen

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Die EU-Fraktionsvorsitzende der Grünen "Rebecca Harms" stimmte im Juli 2014 für Einreiseverbote von russischen Politikern in die EU. Russland erwidert jetzt das Einreiseverbot für "Rebecca Harms". lg +DieBananenrepublik 
Die Abstimmung:
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Ja h z
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Sven Eric Nielsen

Show-n-tell  - 
Still waiting for some parts for my new printer. In the meantime I was forced to repair my rep2x. To be honest, this is one of the worst engineered machines I've ever seen.
I have already noticed that the cable for the y axis was more or less broken. AGAIN!
And the thermocouple in the right hotend gave no signal anymore. As you can see on the pictures, the left thermocouple was also more or less broken.
I've tried to reinforced them as much as possible.
Printing pla was never really possible with these hotends.
So I've decided to repair and improve everything.
I've also decided to modify the left extruder to be a bowden extruder.
Btw, it's a good idea to put some heatsink compound between the heatsinks and the Alu block.
And because I've spend some time on the lathe anyways I made some nozzle variants for my new self-made hotend benchmark.
And some new nozzles for the rep2x in 0.3 and 0.5. Not because it's a good idea or to save money. Only because I need them and my supplier haven't send them yet. I should definitely have some on stock.

Actually I try to check if I'm still able to print with the old temperatures before I start a "real" print job.
But the first test looks promising. Even with pla.
Because of the ptfe line I'm now limited in Temps of course. But thats OK for a while. I think I'll rebuild everything again in the future when I've found a useful self-made hotend configuration that works with every material and without ptfe. 
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Holy crap: - I did never see this when I developed mine 2 years ago ...
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