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Paul Miller
Cloud Computing, Big Data, consultancy, analysis... and a wallet full of frequent flier cards
Cloud Computing, Big Data, consultancy, analysis... and a wallet full of frequent flier cards


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I started contributing to Forbes this week, and should be posting there with reasonable regularity. I'll be covering the usual topics; cloud, big data, and points in between.

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Gigaom shut down this week. I look back at a bit of what its Analyst arm, Gigaom Research, meant to me…

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Gigaom announced their new Artificial Intelligence event this week, reminding me just how long I've been in and around some of this stuff. Now off to feel old in a corner, quietly...

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Please write this book, somebody.

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Following a flurry of tweets yesterday, I try to explain why I think private clouds are occasionally real, useful in certain contexts, and eventually likely to go away.

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My latest podcast, with Infochimps CEO Jim Kaskade. He has plenty to say about the industry, and the ways in which Infochimps/ CSC customers are evolving...

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Got out of the habit of posting my blog entries here. Will try to remember in future!

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Three different events in Yorkshire over the past few days... some common themes...

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The Internet is currently getting all hot and bothered about allegations in The Washington Post and The Guardian that US agencies are spying on us. Unfortunately, the rhetoric is moving far beyond the facts... damaging real businesses as it gets increasingly extreme. We need to learn more, but we also need to retain a sense of perspective... and a grounding in fact.

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I'm finding the same thing... I understand the point, and imagine it will work well for a 'normal' user... but I have too carefully defined a workflow and too many filters, for this to fit... I've turned the tabs off, everywhere...
Why the new GMail tabs don't work for me (but I'm not very normal)

It's neat that +Jason Cornwell was listening to me kvetch on Twitter a little about the new tabs in Gmail. He asked for expansion, so I thought I'd write it here. 140 chars not a great place for it, really.

So, first thing to say is: I'm an outlier. I actually think the new tabs are a really good match for how a lot of people use email. I am also thrilled to see innovation around email of any sort.

The main issue for me is the way I deal with my email. I'm "inbox zero"  oriented, so my workflow is something like this: as much non-direct email as possible is filtered and I check it at leisure. The rest I read and either reply right away, or star for follow up then archive. Nothing stays long in inbox.

(a) I used Smart Labels, but I have Promotions, etc, set up to auto archive, so I get to choose when to view them rather than having them in inbox. I don't want to "process" my Promotions, not even manually archiving them.

However, the tabbed Promotion only shows promotions in the inbox, so it's empty if I use the tabbed UI.

(b) when an email is processed and I need to follow up, I star it. Everything is archived. So my Starred Items folder shows the important things I need to work on. 

However, Starred Items is not among the things I can put in the tabbed interface, so that's not much use to me. (You can include Starred in Primary, but I don't like mixing inbox with to-do, it's distracting.)

(c) It's another layer of visual clutter. This is probably the most serious objection. I already have menus across the top and down the left.
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