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Just your everyday entrepreneurial rock star ..
Just your everyday entrepreneurial rock star ..

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+Bajee Baskararasa  - could you please revert for d2tmo -

this size increase (MMS) was only tested for d2vzw prior to being merged into CM and on T-Mobile, this causes lots of MMS's to fail thru T-Mobile's servers ('server not activated on this network' message).

my only remedy since this merge (merged on 5/18 I believe) has been to pull MMS.apk from 5/17 build and push to /system/app .. however, this apk is old enough that, although it fixes the MMS not sending bug, it doesn't play 100% well with Halo and quickreply, etc.

at this point - this is the only noticeable bug/issue on d2tmo on 6/23 nightly.

I can't comment on 6/24 nightly cos it's the only device that hasn't built  (did the build fail??) :(


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