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Did you ever think you'd use your #CAD skills to design organs?
Design Software For Organ And Tissue Printing Is On Its Way With Autodesk, Organovo Partnership

Autodesk and Organovo, a publicly-traded bioprinting company, are partnering on software for designing three-dimensional human tissues. While it’s still a few years too early for these tissues to be applied in treating humans, Organovo-printed tissues are already used in medical research.

Organovo,... manufactures a bioprinter that can create 1 millimeter-thick tissues. Based on research out of the University of Missouri, the company’s technology creates a bio-ink from cells and deposits new cells in a layer-by-layer matrix according to a computer design.

“This could give us power to recreate human tissues and organs outside of the body, but you still have to build blood vessels and you need fairly intricate designs,” said Keith Murphy, the company’s CEO.
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