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Speak Without Fear - Boosting Public Speaking Confidence Since 2001


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Wedding speech success factor No.1 - Make sure you get a view like this before you speak!  Why? on.....

To kick off the Wedding Speech community I'm going to start with what I consider the single biggest success factor for your speech.

Acclimatizing.  "Huh? "  "What does he mean?" I hear you say.

Well, I know you know a lot about whoever you are going to speak about at the wedding.  You know the people, you have stories, you have the love.

If I put you in a pub or coffee bar and asked to express your thoughts without the pressure, I'm pretty confident you would do a half decent job.....and that would in turn make a pretty decent speech foundation.

...but if I stand you up in an unfamiliar place, with a bunch of people staring at you with intense  expectation then I reckon the old "ticker" will be beating a little faster than normal and strange things will happen to your voice.

This is of course perfectly normal, and to a large degree that reaction is physical.

But you know what?  Your physical reaction will subside if you give it a chance.  It is unlikely that you will be as cool as Ice Man for a while, but it is possible to be at least able to think and talk!

....and this is the point I want to make.  Acclimatizing!

Get yourself to your speaking position early!

It doesn't matter if the staff are setting up.  Just do it!

Stand where you expect to speak and FEEL baby FEEL.

Give your body chance to experience the sensations of being in that position and that location.

By doing this you will allow your body time to get used to unusual sensations.

By getting used to the sensations you will be more likely to think straight and more likely to speak without croaking like a bull frog, and that's gotta be good for everyone!

Simple and actionable advice that anyone can use....that's what I want this community to be.


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