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Caring Physiotherapy in Kirrawee
Caring Physiotherapy in Kirrawee

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When recovering from an injury sometimes it requires the same determination as your training.

- Stay focused
- Make goals with your Physio
- Put the time in & do the work
- Stay determined

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Staying strong throughout you run wil:

- Improve your efficiency
- Limit injury
- Make you look awesome while running :)

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Its a questions we get asked a lot Aevum Physiotherapy and there has been so much research into the area. The answer is YES and NO.

Stretching before and after exercise to limit soreness or prevent injury is a habit 90% of runners do but the research doesn't support. However specific stretching to alter/correct/improve biomechanics can make a huge impact on injury and performance, but just like anything, needs to be done regularly (3 x week) to get a tangible result in improved muscle length where needed, if needed...

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Runners with fore foot strike (FFS) pattern demonstrate lower knee loading as well as lower frontal plane moment compared
with runners with rear foot strike (RFS) pattern. This may decrease the risk of
developing running-related knee injuries. However, increased
ankle plantarflexor (Calf and Achilles) loading.

Are you getting recurrent knee issues? Maybe your rear foot striking too much. Are you getting recurrent achilles issues? Maybe your fore foot striking too much?

Running is an art and there is an ideal form but it varies slightly for everyone. Take the guess work out and talk to your local running specialist.

#running #5k #10K #marathon #triathlon

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Human locomotion evolves from a profusion of interrelated mechanical minutiae, and it attains its greatest perfection in the smooth, even, graceful running gait of the trained athlete. Each body segment contributes to this final pattern. Individually, each lower extremity may be considered as a system of articulated levers which are acted on by the dynamic force of muscles, the kinetic force of the forward moving body, and the static forces of gravity and ground reaction. Together, they present a complex series of interrelated physical phenomena undergoing a constant flux with each change of position.
- - -
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Do you sit at a desk for most of the week? Sitting with incorrect posture can be one of the big contributors to neck, upper back and lower back pain. Check out this great article with tips on how to improve your posture.
For a full postural assessment and further ways to improve your posture and prevent the onset of pain, give us a call at clinic today!

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A great read on prevention of running injuries. How heavily do you pound the pavement?

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Do you have an ACL reco coming up? Evidence shows that pre-op physio for 3-14 weeks will improve your long term outcomes.

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Great video about tendons and pain.
A tendon can take a lot of tensile load.. but doesn't like compression.
Shoulder impingement, for there impingement, or compression of the tendon?
It's not due to compression of the acromion on the rotator cuff tendons.. The tear is almost always on the side of the humerus.
So not on the top, where you would expect the impingement would occur.
That's why it's now called: subacromial pain syndrome. :)
Tendon compression can occur at the insertion of the achilles tendon, gluteal tendons on the greater trochanter, long head of the biceps on the humerus, etc.
Loading the tendon is best... but how do you go about it

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Corticosteroid increases recurrence rates in tennis elbow. More pain @ 12 & 18 months.
So corticosteroid injections for lateral epicondylalgia are in the long term worse than just wait and see.
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