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Well, it was my turn to get hit with the problems. Still worrisome that iTunes wants to do a restore with the 9.3.5 package, but I'm letting it do its thing......

Just wanna throw in a quick review for podcast app OverCast. I moved up to a 64 GB iPhone SE and wanted to get away from manual syncs of podcasts from iTunes (yes, I was still doing that almost every day with my 4th gen iPod Touch).

OverCast is awesome - I've subscribed and have it auto downloading podcasts, and it also has tons of customizability for how many episodes to keep, etc... The one feature I really love though is its ability to keep all the podcast available through streaming through their website. This means I don't have to have iTunes open when I'm working on my PC, or a client PC that doesn't even have iTunes. It also works with my 4thGen iPod Touch which I now use as a streaming device in the family room. It remember playback position, what was listened to, and tons of other things even on the website. It even has a LANDSCAPE mode - which I love because I prefer my iPhone in landscape in the dock I have for my car!

It's far superior to Apple's Podcast app, so if you're looking to make the jump I highly recommend it.

Re the headphone jack loss:

Most people's opinions seem focused on the loss of a place to plug in headphones - which is valid. Some pundits have speculated on the reasoning having to do with Apple controlling devices you can listen to music on and DRM.

I think there are two other long term goals here - the first which I haven't personally heard many talking about is to make the phones thinner. Both the lack of headphone jack, and the loss of a spring loaded home button can make the phone thinner. If Apple eventually ditches the lightning port in favor of wireless charging (which they already have with the Apple Watch) this opens things up to get even thinner still.

The second long term goal I heard mentioned on This Week in Google believe it or not. One of the journalists mentioned that in the AirPods is technology that filters out ambient noise. This is similar to what the Amazon Echo uses. If Apple is going to push HomeKit in a big way, they need technology that untethers you from your phone but still lets you talk to it. The Airpods are one way that can happen (the other way is Apple Watch). So pushing forward in wireless technology is essential to having us talk to our devices in a big way. Especially for those without an Apple watch - they could have Airpods - even just one, in their pocket and either pull it out or have it already on their ear and talk to the phone which controls things through HomeKit.

These are BIGGER long term goals, and while everyone focuses and whines about their headphones, a few years from now when HomeKit has taken off and "just works" like all the other Apple products, the other side will be whining about a lack of standard and all the troubles in getting all their stuff to talk to each other.

Just curious for anyone who has the beta of iOS10 - does the Music app have a functional landscape mode?

Ok, so I'm going to be upgrading to an iPhone SE and I wanted to check how music playback will work with my setup.

Currently I have a 16gb iPhone 5C and a 32 Gb 4th gen iPod touch. I do not use my phone for music at all. I do manual syncs on a regular basis (almost daily) to put new music and podcasts on the iPod touch. It is my main music/podcast player. I have iTunes Match but when I buy music from iTunes I immediately rerip it at a slightly lower bit rate (which keeps the files sizes down so I can have more music on the iPod).

So - with the iPod touch i know for sure I am not streaming anything in the car because it isn't connected to wifi.

I'm upgrading to a 64gb iPhone SE shortly. I don't want to have to have two devices in the car and I would also like to be able to talk to Siri to play music and podcasts. (My car stereo has an iPod connection but it is six years old and I have to use the buttons on it to control it).

So - questions:

If I manually sync music to it, so that the files are on it, am I assured that it will not be streaming?

Since I have iTunes Match this concerns me as I don't want to use data for my music.

Should I cancel iTunes Match to be sure? I'm not sure I really need it as I don't do music from my iPad really and have no other devices to use with music. I back up my hard drive where my iTunes library is weekly so I don't see any danger in losing the music. I will probably continue manually syncing music into the iPhone.

So I upgraded to 9.3 on my iPhone 5C the day it was available. In setting it shows I am on 9.3.

Now I have a message telling me to upgrade to 9.3 AGAIN. It shows as downloaded again, and ready to install.

I'm obviously hesitant to do this because I've already upgraded, so why is it asking me to upgrade to the same iOS version again?

Anyone else having this happen?

So Wifi calling is supposed to be turned on now for Verizon with the release of iOS 9.3. I have an iPhone 5c and when I go into phone settings I do not see the option to turn it on. Is the 5c now compatible? I see that other carriers do allow it on the 5c.

I also have seen mention of turning on advance calling or HD calling as a feature in my Verizon account to get the wifi calling but darned if I can find where to do this in my account.

Anyone? Ideas?

Does anyone have any good recommendations for a good bluetooth headphone/mic combo to use with the iPhone? I've seen lots of really bulky gaming ones, but I'd like something lightweight but that goes in both ears and has a mic - mainly for use on conference calls. I know it will have to have be bigger than standard headphones if it is rechargeable. I'd also take something wired, if it is over/behind the head but only has one wire (I have a pair of over the ear headphones that is one wire, but has no mic). The earpods are actually good for this - but I'm looking for one wire or wireless bluetooth as a better option. THanks!

Home Sharing is back in music!  Just thought you'd all like to know.  It was in the beta apparently - and it is back in iOS 9.  However - it is still a little quirky.  To get it to work - you may need to sync with your PC to get it linked up.  Sync in one song from your library - and it gets turned on in the music app.  Yeah, really weird, but it now works again, which should make a lot of people happy.  Just throwing it all out as an FYI.

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