How Google Glass Is Completely Missing The Demographic Boat

Google is completely ignoring the U.S. demographic which could most benefit from the use of the Google Glass technology. Namely, the aged

+80 People Won't Care If The Glasses "Look Funny" On Their Face

+APM Marketplace recently did a story on how Google Glass has the tech specs but no style.

_"It's cool for a piece of technology," says Joshua Topolsky, editor and chief of The Verge, who took an official test run of the specs around New York City. But "it has to transcend a piece of technology because you are wearing it on your face."

Though Topolsky says the average person may not be quick to don Google Glass -- at least in its current state -- partnerships with companies like Rayban or Warby Parker could help win over mainstream users._

Google's response to this should be "Who cares?"  The +80 crowd is made up of people who wear orthopedic shoes, pants up over their waists, and all manner of uncool apparel.

+80 People need, more than most, technology it is difficult to lose

Siri will talk to you without you having to fetch your spectacles and look at that tiny screen and use your arthritic fingers to work the tiny touch screen prompts.  But Siri won't do you a bit of good when you are out in the street lost or forgetting what time your appointment is and you have left her on the charger at home.

 For older people, a piece of technology that you can easily set down and forget about is a piece of useless technology.  All the vibrating, ringing reminders in the world are not going to help you if you are in the den with the T.V. blaring and your phone is in the other room trying to tell you not to forget to take your pills.  A piece of technology that requires that you find your spectacles or that your fingers not be stiff before you get it to work properly is also potentially of little use.

On the other hand, a piece of technology that you wear on your face, potentially with a spectacles necklace around it so that when you do take it off it is still with you, is much more likely to send you reminders to which you will actually respond.  When you are watching the game and suddenly your view is impaired by Glasses pop up telling you it is time to take your pills, you will "get" the reminder for certain.

+80 People need, more than most, to record the daily events in their lives on the fly.

I'm currently tutoring an 85-year-old from my church on technology. Actually that is not true.  I come over to the person's place once a week and do simple things like assist them in printing e-mails or checking accounts online.  When the tutoring sessions began there was actual tutoring going on.  But slowly progressing cognitive issues have made learning the entirely foreign "language" of the Internet a little frustrating for the person.

This person has a doctorate degree from an ivy league university.  This person has always been organized, independent and self-reliant.  This person nearly cried with frustration when admitting to me that he/she was double paying some bills because he/she was forgetting to enter checks written into the checkbook registry.

Unfortunately it is very unlikely that I am ever going to teach this person mobile or online banking.  But I fantasize about putting a pair of Glasses on the person and teaching him/her how to take a picture each time he/she writes a check and then to verbally "tag" the picture with the word "check" and the name of the entity to whom the check was written.  Then, with the Glasses on, at any time he/she could call up pictures of past written checks that were tagged with the name of the check recipient and quickly and easily avoid double paying bills.

The person could look in the mirror and take short video of himself/herself holding up his/her medication bottle and taking the medication.  Then he/she could use the video to review if they had remembered to take their prescription.

The person could take pictures while looking inside his/her cupboards and refrigerator and then review those images while at the grocery store to see which items were missing or low and needed to be replaced rather than relying on a grocery list that he/she now has trouble remembering to fill out.

+80 People need, just like most, a pair of Glasses that cost MUCH less than $1,500.00

I think Google Glasses could bring dramatic improvements to extended the amount of time the aged are able to live independently.  But at that price, unless the Glasses somehow get categorized as a medical device, Google is pricing out the demographic that could most quickly and effectively make their product seem like a "must" for everyday life.
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