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CloudTech NetSuite
CloudTech is a fully dedicated consulting company focusing on ERP solutions, Cloud Computing or On-Demand System. The company provides implementation and consulting services, while capitalizing the model of the Cloud.
CloudTech is a fully dedicated consulting company focusing on ERP solutions, Cloud Computing or On-Demand System. The company provides implementation and consulting services, while capitalizing the model of the Cloud.


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Netsuite | The #1 SaaS Cloud Accounting System

Cloud technology has provided new and better options for businesses. It has made possible cheaper and more efficient services. In the past, these options were simply not available.

Netsuite, through its partner CloudTech, has allowed for innovation in the age-old business function of accounting. The usual benefits are offered, but with great value added such that it can be used not only by big business but by the more flexible, dynamic entrepreneurial/ start-up ventures which are often tech-based to begin with.

Whatever the nature of the business, and whatever the size, there will always have to be a reconciliation of the revenues that come in and the expenses that go out. And as in all ventures, the bottom line is key and indicates whether the organization will survive. If it is minimal, or negative, steps need to be taken to correct the situation. If it is substantial, then perhaps it is time to grow the business or take it to a new direction.

This remains true even as all other business norms are evolving. For instance, small companies are not necessarily inferior to bigger ones. Sometimes the objective is not to become too big but just find that comfortable sweet spot. Some of the most vibrant businesses, with global reach, are run from homes or shared working spaces, and are staffed by just a few. These are the companies that have great promise but do not necessarily have the large amount of cash with which to make an investment in computer systems or infrastructure. Sometimes they just have enough to pay for the service they need from month to month. They cannot commit to spending big when their needs, or the technology, can change soon.

These developments highlight the need to make accounting systems flexible to traditional and non-traditional businesses alike.
Netsuite Accounting Software provides this kind of service. It combines benefits derived from traditional accounting systems with conveniences provided by technological advances, like the cloud. Through CloudTech, NetSuite has gone on to become the #1 cloud accounting software.Primarily, because of mobility. The Netsuite Cloud Accounting System allows users to work anywhere because it, along with the organization’s data, is available online through the use of any mobile device. One does not have to be physically within company premises.

No need to cough up capital too, because this accounting software falls under the SaaS — software as a service — business model.
The user pays a fixed amount for the use of the software, and only for the aspects that are pertinent to its operations. No need, too, for periodic hardware upgrades because the software is online anyway.
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Netsuite | The No.1 Cloud Accounting Software

For the longest time, businesses have tried to automate the accounting process. They realized its importance and any human error could be costly and inconvenient for the company. Various forms of accounting software are available in the market today to help companies improve their accounting system.

The standards go higher as time and technology progress. These days, such systems have to keep up with the demands of a growing business especially with multiple locations and different processes. Decision makers always have to have access to their financial information wherever they may be and at whatever time of day. Fast exchange of information is a threat – if one does not act swiftly enough, or uses data that is not updated, one stands to lose. This can only be achieved through working on the cloud.

Philippine-based ClouTtech enables its customers an efficient and hassle-free opportunity to respond to their accounting needs. Through the premier Netsuite Accounting Software, customers will be able to perform comprehensive accounting operations without worrying that the information may not be updated from one unit to the other, and that the physical location of the server is not secure enough.

The Netsuite Accounting System does not distinguish between big business and non-traditional startups. The latter group may in fact find it more suitable to its needs because of the business model of software as a service.This model is suited for newer businesses that are smaller and more nimble than traditional ones. Netsuite is the #1 Cloud Accounting Software that provides all the benefits of a good accounting system without the restrictions of infrastructure requirement and high cost, making it the best possible option.

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The Netsuite ERP System #1 SaaS (Software as a Service)
Entrepreneurs and businesses evolve. What businesses needed in the past are not necessarily exactly what they need now or will need in the future.
The problem arises when a considerable investment is made and the benefits deliver only up to a certain phase in the business.

The Netsuite ERP System is useful for a sustained period of time. How? Because it operates from the premise that businesses change, and these days more rapidly than ever. The age-old notions that business has to be fixed in one place, or big to have clout, or has to have a clear-cut hierarchy, does not necessarily apply.

The idea of an enterprise resource planning system in itself shatters traditional ways of doing business. Previously, each business unit was a near autonomy, with information gathered and kept within it, only to be periodically shared, or as needed, with the bigger organization. This has resulted in inaccuracy and inefficiency. With ERP, it is now possible to have smooth and seamless flow of information from one unit to another — and in real-time, at that.

A yet newer, more revolutionary idea is the cloud. Most ERP systems are powered by on-site infrastructure, and immense data is stored in a physical server. The Netsuite ERP system does away with this baggage because it allows the information to be stored in the cloud. Even better, companies — small- medium-, or big — do not have to shell out large capital to enjoy this. Netsuite is the #1 SaaS (Software as a Service) software there is, and companies only need to pay for what they need, and when they need it.

These benefits do wonders for mobility and flexibility. So long as one has a stable internet connection, one can be apprised of how exactly the business is going at any given time.

Cloudtech is a Philippine-based ERP provider, a Netsuite Premier Partner, that carries the Netsuite brand and offers excellent implementation and after-sales services. It also ensures that the system — which covers inventory to human resources to manufacturing, finance, distribution and customer relationship — is compliant to all regulatory requirements.

It is about making one’s life easier while enabling oneself in reaching for new heights.
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Netsuite ERP Software for SME
I am a start-up entrepreneur. I do not yet have the size or capital that can make me competitive with all other players in my industry. In fact, I do not even have a fixed office because I am just building my brand. But I have big ideas and ambitious goals. I believe technology can help me reach these goals.

In the old days, I would never dream of acquiring software that would integrate all the functions of my business. I would be intimidated by the thought that only big and established companies can acquire such technology. I would worry that I do not have enough money to do this, or even have the location required to house the data.

But here is the cool thing about Netsuite ERP Software. I do not need to have any of these traditional attributes. Netsuite is the #1 SaaS software, meaning that I only pay for the service that I need, when I need it. I do not have to have a big capital outlay and be tied to large payments over a long period.

CloudTech, a Netsuite Premier Partner, has allowed me to gain access to the Netsuite ERP system given the unique qualities of my business. Netsuite is an enterprise resource planning provider of global caliber — and the good news is, I have access to this. I do not even have to worry whether my financial reports, for instance, comply with the requirements of the regulators. Netsuite offers a BIR compliant ERP System that reminds me what I need to do.

I belong to what you would call the new breed of business, with new demands and new requirements and new challenges. Netsuite ERP System allows me to thrive in this environment.
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CloudTech Services - Netsuite ERP Software, Netsuite ERP System -

How is CloudTech Services - ERP Software different from the other ERP software brands available?

At first glance, it may sound as though the Netsuite brand is just like any other. ERP systems have become increasingly common in the past few years. Companies big and small and players in all imaginable industries have realized the value of a unifying software that integrates all their business units into one coherent whole.

As a result, all of the business units of the organization are able to provide real-time and accurate updates to the entire group. The sales team, for instance, will be aware of the level of inventory. They can make commitments to existing and potential customers -- commitments they can fulfill, because they have accurate information on hand. Imagine if this were not so, and the sales team under- or over-estimates the inventory. There would be delays, spoilage, and some very unhappy customers who may terminate the relationship and deal with competitors instead.

And this is just one example.

The similarity ends here. The biggest difference is that the Netsuite ERP system is based on the cloud, upsetting all we used to know about “buying” software.

Cloud technology allows business owners and managers to use software as a service -- so long as there is a reliable internet connection, a business can use the Enterprise Resource Planning software without buying it as one would buy a package from a store. The traditional way was to have the ERP in the premises of the organization, with all the information housed in a server which could only be accessed with physical proximity to the site.

Netsuite offers a different experience altogether. It gets rid of the additional inconvenience of upgrading the software, upgrading the infrastructure, and worrying how to have access to the information when one is physically away from the premises.

And because it can be accessed from any device, the Netsuite ERP system will be useful to today’s dynamic set of business decision makers, who believe they do not have to be cooped up in the four walls of an office just to be productive.
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CloudTech | Netsuite ERP System
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CloudTech | Netsuite Inventory Management Software
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CloudTech | Netsuite CRM software vs on-premise CRM system
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CloudTech | Netsuite Accounting Software Platform
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Netsuite and the Cloud

Accounting is a necessary but tedious task especially for companies that operate from multiple locations and have to consolidate their numbers to get a picture of the whole.

Accounting systems allow companies to make this job easier. Various accounting softwares are available in the market. Companies can then choose from these products, built from the ground up, bought off the shelf or purchased from a distributor and implemented in the company premises – depending on their specific needs and capabilities.
Such traditional accounting systems however entail a considerable cash outlay, minimum hardware requirements that also need periodic upgrading, staff training. On-premise accounting softwares store the data in the premises of the organization, and users can only have access to the information – and the system itself – when they are in the premises of the company.
Now comes Cloudtech, heralding the merits of an accounting system in the cloud.
Cloud technology is a natural consequence of the advent of the Internet and the flexibility, efficiency and mobility it provides. Merging the benefits of a traditional accounting software, thus, with what cloud technology has to offer, results in an even better option for companies that want to revolutionize their processes: Cloud accounting.
The Netsuite accounting system as offered by Cloudtech provides the same benefits to users of accounting systems, and more. It is able to consolidate information in real time such that the information generated presents an accurate snapshot of how the company is doing.
Since its hinges only on a reliable and secure Internet connection, the user also does away with the need to have sophisticated hardware – that regularly needs upgrading, anyway – available.
Furthermore, the Netsuite cloud accounting software is offered not as a product but as a service that users can subscribe to when they ned it, and however they need it.
Imagine the cost savings, the efficiency and the competitiveness occasioned by Netsuite’s cloud-based accounting systems. Because the cost is no longer prohibitive, more companies will be able to ride on the wave of cloud technology and take their businesses to new heights – really, on the cloud.
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