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Senthil Kumaran

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Today is the 25th anniversary of the Linux-0.01 release, I do believe.

Normally the anniversary is counted from the announcement email (August 25), because that was the actual public statement of intent. The 0.01 code drop happened a couple of weeks later, and wasn't publicly announced.
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Senthil Kumaran

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Folks who have taken the KBAI course can resonate with this one "How to Ruin William Shakesphere" :-)

+Abida Haque 
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Senthil Kumaran

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Senthil Kumaran

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Not sure when this site came up. I stumbled upon this yesterday and did a virtual tour of Gatech. Will be interesting when the VR gears come up!
Explore Georgia Institute of Technology in virtual reality or online in a 360 experience.
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Thanks, Senthil, for the great post. Very cool.
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Senthil Kumaran

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Hope Machine Learning folks noticed this: Fizz Buzz in Tensorflow

Absolutely hilarious
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Senthil Kumaran

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Peter Norvig had session in Quora today.

It is relevant to us, since we study "Machine Learning", "Reinforcement Learning" and also "Knowledge Based AI".

Knowledge Based AI is a Symbolic school of Artificial Intelligence and someone asked this question on relevance of symbolic AI to him and his response of similar to what many good students would have taken away from the KBAI class.

That is, yes, it is relevant now as it is same as programming that has advanced over the years.
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Thanks for sharing. Great read!
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Senthil Kumaran

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#ImagineIf  you had a world class computer science education from GeorgiaTech.
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Senthil Kumaran

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I just discovered:

And let's join in there!

Typeforms are beautiful web forms & surveys that get you higher completion rates. Create one FREE now and start asking better questions online today.
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Not yet relevant to new students. As we don't have email yet
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Senthil Kumaran

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Senthil Kumaran

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Sebastian Thrun's session on Quora:

First time, I hear someone stating that Artificial General Intelligence is probably a decade away.

Plus, look at his enthusiasm. It's obvious. 
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Senthil, thanks very much for the post. So many great insights into the thinking of Sebastian Thrun, one of history's greatest iconoclasts. Also, the new Udacity Talks video series is outstanding!
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Senthil Kumaran

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Not having grown up in the US I find baseball/softball boring (sorry) but this play is simply awesome. 
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Baklavas are amazing
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My experience has been good. Once when I went, the Dmv site was down so they asked me to come back again.
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