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XCOM season is upon us! Currently playing Veteran to learn the game, but looking forward to an Ironman Commander run.

In an effort to properly manage my expectations, I'm revisiting my experiences from an attempt at XCOM EW Classic Ironman. It, um, took a few tries to get started.

XCOM EW Classic Ironman Log

1-17: high expectations. poor outcomes. no notes.
18: april, portent, the very first thin man encountered survived three close-range overwatch and killed two squad members.
19: first mission would not finish (no enemy to be found)
20: sectoid destroyed meld in the first round of combat
21: sectoid patrol killed 1.5 squaddies in the first round
22: last sectoid killed a dashing rookie behind half cover at long range with overwatch (aiming haow?)
      25% chance: 65 aim, -20 overwatch, -20 dashing
23: steam tiles in base sucked.
24: meh. lost a rookie in the second mission to a last-round flank.
25: rookie flanked and killed. my bad.
26: second mission, i positioned squaddie next to a burning car. my bad.
27: first mission: sectoid crit at long range vs full cover    
      2.5% chance: 65 aim, -40 cover, 10% crit
28: lost africa first month due to very difficult abduction. squad wipe on portent after one missed reaction shot.
29: rookie died in first round (accidental reveal)
30: squaddie died in second (tired, sigh)
31: two rookies died behind half cover in first round of combat
32: first mission, rookie was crit while hunkering in half cover
      2.5% chance: 65 aim, -20*2 cover, 10% crit
33: thin man at extreme range on first council mission. only chance at killing was a rocket. i should've.
34: tried north america. it does not affect satellites. /quit
35: first mission, a sectoid pistol shot (not kill) caused two squaddies to panic, setting up for a quick death. wtf?
36: a sloppy dash revealed three flanking sectoids. two missed, and the third landed a wounding shot that caused panic. the rookie actually managed to take cover, but they shot him down next round anyway.
37: bomb mission in first month. reached bomb on final turn with no remaining moves. could not click.
38: flanked by sectoids in first mission
39: ??
40: in a ufo crash at the beginning of the second month, the last move of a turn accidentally revealed three floaters who immediately ambushed and wiped the squad. everything was going so well, and i very specifically tried to make a move that wouldn't reveal anything.
41: VIP escort in first month. couldn't reach a thin men on his drop, and he leaped a building and immediately shot down the VIP.
42: IN PROGRESS (June). Lost USA because I couldn't take down a Large UFO. Falling apart on Site Recon, thanks to massive miss streaks and a misunderstanding that I could farm chitin plating.
43: steam vents are awful (1 on 4th level)
44: abductions can only be delayed for 14 hours!!? wiki said 30. i was 21hrs from squad size upgrade.
45: lost sniper in first ufo crash
46: offscreen aliens patrolled in and flanked me. shot one squaddie who survived but panicked, and another random squaddie also panicked. so then it was 2 (me) vs 5 (them).
47: i stopped caring.
48: apathy. death.

That's XCOM, baby!

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SOPA supporters take note: piracy indicates you're not providing the right service (aka: adapt, don't legislate).

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Heading up to TriConf tomorrow to meet some local tech compatriots! Planning to leave around 7:30am and get back around 5pm if anyone's interested.

G+ Circles in Practice

The circles in G+ are a big draw. I think what got me started actually using G+ was the ability to organize my contacts into groups that are meaningful to me. That was just inherently satisfying. But I'm starting to wonder: are some ways of setting up circles more useful than others?

So far circles have two major purposes -- following and sharing -- with the potential to be at odds. Useful circles for following might be topical (e.g. work-related, hobby-related, etc.). But using topical circles for sharing might unnecessarily limit my audience and prevent people from moving from one circle in my life to another.

For example, I really enjoy playing tabletop games. I could create a game circle, and only share game events/ideas/stories with those people. But that would mean my friends and colleagues might not see me post about games, might not realize that I'm a fan, and might not prompt me to expand my circle.

Sharing is the lifeblood of social networks. If we define our circles too tightly, could we cut off the circulation?

I'd be curious to hear what people have tried, liked, and disliked!

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Just this morning I was getting tired of some Ubuntu bugs and thinking that eventually I'd switch to a Mac. Now, I'm not sure I can buy an Apple product again for quite some time. I respected Apple for designing a superior product and beating the competition to market by such a wide margin, but they're losing all those points and more by trying to sue the competition out of the picture.

Anyone know of a reason why this isn't as despicable as it seems?
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