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Italian only: live training course on MARS on May, 11th

Sono aperte le iscrizioni per il corso dell'11 Maggio su MARS!

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Embarcadero MVP Andrea Magni shows how to upgrade your existing console application projects for RAD Studio 10.2 you can deploy them to Linux!
#Windows #Linux #developer

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Blog post: new features! Dependency Injection, FireDAC, records and more!

Stay tuned for some more blog posts in the coming weeks covering all the listed new features ;-)

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Blog post: MARS-Curiosity: new features! Dependency Injection, FireDAC, records and more!

I am back to public training (in Italy at the moment). Here you can find more information about it:

Given the recurrent topic "Delphi developers are getting older", I added special discounts for young developers ( < 35 years old) and students or very young developers ( < 25 years old), up to 60%.

I would be happy to see this (or similar initiatives) done by everybody who does training on Delphi around the world.

Go Delphi! ;-)

Hi all, I need help! :-)
I'd like to have a TValue holding a record instance built starting only from a TRttiType (TRttiRecordType, of course).

function TMyClass.ToRecord(const ARecordType: TRttiType): TValue;
Result := ???

I already have a version of this function using generics: function ToRecord<T: record>: T; but I'd like to have a more general one using only TRttiType.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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My Delphi 10.2 T-Shirt contest entry. Vote if you like it ;-)

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Blog Post: Using JsonDataObjects in MARS-Curiosity

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Blog post: Using JsonDataObjects library in MARS-Curiosity

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