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Hi Folks,

Today’s blog is about staying younger and healthier. I read where 60 years old is now the new 40 years old. I think this is great! However, I see more evidence that 165, is the new 140. What does this mean? I am talking about excess weight and obesity, that 165 pounds is the new normal for what used to be a healthy 140 pounds. The goal used to be an unrealistic and unhealthy model like skin and bones thinness. This is being abandoned for am overweight even obese standard, even in children. We all know that standards of what is beauty change but standards of good health do not.
Studies show that overweight children as young as 5 years old are already showing signs of high blood pressure and heart, kidney disease, even a greater risk of stroke.
Can you imagine more frightening? Parents that allow this for their children (and themselves) should be ashamed! It is to the point that people do not know what a healthy diet is anymore or they do not care. They see people all around them that are overweight and I guess just follow the crowd. Have you been to a beach lately? Eating healthy and staying healthy is something that has to be worked at all the time! The reward is living longer and happier healthier lives. It is self-respect knowing that your hard work has paid off every time you look in to the mirror. It is going to the beach in a new bathing suit and “strutting” your stuff!
Parents should consult their Pediatricians for their kid’s healthy diet. Don’t forget the exercise!! Diets hardly work without exercise. Adults also need to get a check up and start a good program – usually supervised by your doctor.
A few stating points for the adults is this;
Calories do counts, so must count the calories, a combination of protein, complex carbohydrates (sugar) and unsaturated fats in the calorie ratio of two parts protein and one part sugar and one part fat using plenty of fruits and vegetables. In addition, one-half hour a day of exercise is essential. See your doctor and start a program you can realistically follow. 

Stephen.X.Giunta., M.D., F.I.C.S.

** Dr. Giunta and our staff our available to answer any questions. Contact us by email at or at 703-845-7400.
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What kind of anesthesia will I have for surgery?
There are two types of anesthesia that are used depending on the procedure you are having.  All anesthesia at Aesthetic Plastic Surgery International is administered by Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists.
General Anesthesia: This is used for major cases that require patients to be unconscious throughout the surgery. 
Medication is administered through an intravenous line in your am that allows you to go to sleep. You then breathe an anesthetic agent (gas) by mask from an anesthesia machine.  This keeps you completely unconscious and pain free and is only turned off when the surgery is finished. It takes a few minutes for you to wake up and you are then be taken to the recovery room for about an hour until you are ready to leave.
Intravenous Sedation:
This is used for more minor cases which do not require as much medication as general anesthesia and in which the surgeon is able to inject numbing medication into the surgical area to make you pain free.  You will not need to breath an anesthesia gas but will be given all medication through the intravenous line allowing you  to sleep lightly while being pain free and totally relaxed.  Recovery is more rapid that general anesthesia and time in the recovery room is less.
All patients are monitored by a trained anesthetist and recovery room staff with an EKG, a pulse oxymeter, a carbon dioxide monitor, and a blood pressure machine throughout the surgery and in the recovery room. 
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Hi folks,

Well – well we are still digging out of the great snowstorm and things should be pretty much back to normal by next week.
Today, for a change of pace – I will answer questions about surgeries I do not perform.

1. What are the newest operations for women? From: G.C. 56 years old,

You are undoubtedly to asking about the new field of Female Cosmetic Genital Surgery. 
I am pleased to tell you that here at the Aesthetic Plastic Surgery International we are privileged to have as an associate Bernard H. Stern, M.D., F.A.C.O.G. Dr. Stern is recognized both here and abroad, a pioneer and a leader in this field. You can check Dr. Stern website at for more information.

2. Do you do sex change operation? From: J.C. 43 years old.

I do perform what are known as ancillary procedures in patients who are seeking sex changes. Sex Change Surgery is technically known as Sex Reassignment or Transgender Surgery. I feel that since it is very complex requiring a lengthy commitment of time and multiple procedures, it is best done by specialists in this area.
Ancillary procedures can help complete the transformation by bringing the facial and other body features in line with the new sex. This is called Feminization or Masculinization of the face or body.
For example – male to female changes include – feminizing the facial features with nose reduction, face lift, laser hair removal, etc. Reducing the size of the Adam’s apple, Breast Implant, Buttock Implant and other body contouring can be done. 
For female to male changes implants to the nose, cheeks and jaw can broaden the features as can pec and other body implants. Hair transplant to the face for beard production can be done.
This is very exciting and rewarding surgery. 

Well that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. As always, “Honesty is the Best Policy”.
Stephen X. Giunta, M.D., F.I.C.S
** Dr. Giunta and our staff our available to answer any questions. Contact us by email at or at 703-845-7400.
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Hi folks, 
Today, the office, along with just about all of Washington is closed because of the big, snowstorm. So being house bound I thought I would answer some questions that I often get. 

1. What operations do you perform most often? From: H. W. 37 years old
Over the last 21 years I have developed a large, some say the largest practice in Phalloplasty- penis lengthening and thickening-having performed over 10,000 of these  and related procedures. However, this is not all that I do I still do all of the cosmetic procedures I have always done. These include Body Liposuction, Face Lifts, Eyelid Surgery, nose job’s (my favorite surgery) Butt Lifts, Botox, Fillers Dermabrasion, etc. I often so these on wives or partners of my penis patients (at 50% discount – it’s a great deal). Often they can be done at the same time as the penis surgery.

2. What is your professional credo? From: Z.T. 28 years old
 The Hippocratic motto is a good place to start – 
“First, Do No Harm” – I believe 
I know when and how to avoid potential problems and not take risks. 
My personal mottos are simple – just treat everyone like I would want myself or my family treated.
The other, which has served me well since I was the youngest Eagle Scout in America, is “Be Prepared”, the Boy Scout Motto.

3. What has changed most in Medicine is your experience? From: C.B. 56 years old
The Internet without a doubt.
The fundamentals in Medicine still serve doctors well, but the Internet has opened up new means of communicating with patients and other doctors from all over the world like never before.
Well that is all for today.
Stay warm and cozy.
Well that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. As always, “Honesty is the Best Policy”.
Stephen X. Giunta, M.D., F.I.C.S
** Dr. Giunta and our staff our available to answer any questions. Contact us by email at or at 703-845-7400.
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Today’s question comes from D.D. – 43 years old.
 I have been overweight all my life. I am 5’8” and weigh 210 lbs. I consider myself healthy and exercise quite a bit.
Am I too overweight for penis enlargement surgery? I am embarrassed by my penis disappearing into my pubic fat.

 The short answer is probably not.
We first have to find out a few things.
o Are you taking any medicine regularly or under a doctor’s care for any condition?
o Have you had any serious illnesses, injuries or operations?
o Do you have any erectile problems?
o Are you married with children?
o Has your weight been stable at 210 lbs. or do you yo-yo up and down?
o What is your erect penis length?

These are just a few things I need to know before I can advise you as to what is the best course of action. Also I need complete HONESTY on your part.
It is my responsibility to uphold the principle and standards of good medicine and surgery.
Before we even have a face to face consultation you should send me photos ( I’ll advise you what I need)
Here are the things you need to know;
 Being overweight does not necessarily deny you access to the progress and innovation we have made in penis enlargement surgery. It is the degree of being overweight along with your age and general (and emotional) health that I must evaluate. If you are fifty pounds or more overweight I will generally advise you to lose at least 20-25 lbs. and then stabilize for about two months before penis enlargement surgery is done. This gives your body the best chance of healing properly and the fat graft to “take” 
There are no shades of gray. This is just good medicine that will give you the best access to the progress innovation and breakthroughs of the last 20+ years.
If you have a lot of lower abdominal loose skin and fat this may need to be addressed by either liposuction or by actual removal of excess skin and fat called a Suprapubic Lift (sort of a “tummy tuck” for the penis)
Remember your best course is to consult an experienced, ethical doctor. Medicine and surgery are complex and demanding. Business is complex and for many there is no instruction manual provided. Accountability and ethics are not complicated. 
Actually being 10-15 lbs overweight is good. One it insures a good supply of donor fat and it protects the donor fat from being burned for calories before it can fully heal by having that fat to use for calories that you need for everyday activity.

So that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Stephen.X.Giunta., M.D., F.I.C.S.

** Dr. Giunta and our staff our available to answer any questions. Contact us by email at or at 703-845-7400.
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What are STEM CELLS?
Why do they help in your Penile Enlargement Surgery?

Stem cells are those cells in organs of the body that turn into the cells of that organ to re-new or replenish it or repair it after injury.  Sort of a reserve system. There are some stem cells that have the ability to turn into more than one type.  For instance it was discovered that bone marrow transplants first done in the 1970’s could be used for more than replacing blood.  They could be used in treating damaged muscles, cartilage in joints, bones and fat.  Shortly thereafter similar cells in other adult tissues were found and were called Adult Stem Cells.
One of the problems with fat grafting is the unpredictable amount of free fat that will become permanent when used as graft material.
With the advent of liposuction in the mid – 1980’s – large amounts of the fat removed could now be used for various purposes in other areas of the body for either reconstructive or cosmetic purposes.
It then was discovered that your body fat has a large reserve of stem cells; even more than bone marrow.  These are called Adipose (fat) Derived Stem Cells (ADSC).  They are found in that part of your fat called the Stromal Vascular Fraction (SVF).  WE are now able to isolate the SVF from your fat and then add it to the fat we use for grafting as in our penile girth enlargement.  This has improved the percentage of fat graft survival that becomes permanent.  I have been adding stem cells to the penile thickening for several years.  I am very happy with the improved results.  We are constantly working to make things better.

So that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

S.X.G., M.D., F.I.C.S.

For a private personal free phone consult with Dr. Giunta please call 703-845-7400 or email me at 
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More about advantages of treatments with Fat Derived Adult Stem Cells (ADSC);
I recently treated a woman whom I discover a small skin cancer on her upper cheek near her eye. After surgical removal, since it was growing beneath the surface, a deep defect to...
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Hey! Watch your Ash! – And other words of Holiday

advice. For many of us, the Holiday season brings much over-

Indulgence in the food, drink, partying, smoking and general

relaxation of healthy habits. For others not being able to do or

provide t...
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