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soffian abdul rasad
BASELIB: Assembly language library for FASM/NASM beginners
BASELIB: Assembly language library for FASM/NASM beginners

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BASELIB: This is a backup site just in case it is not available for download from FASM or NASM forums. Link is below. This library is intended for newbies learning x86/x64 assembly programming from the console. Main libraries are "" and "". Inquiry / Report: soffianabdulrasad @ gmail . com. Also:

(19.Nov.2017) Revision 2.7
[1]Minor fixes to "sort_byte". Now sort signed bytes only
[2]Minor fixes to "sort_int" stack versions - One volatile register not saved
[3]"memview2" is switched with "memview" (64-bit)
[4]"memview2" is dropped - replaced by "memview" (32-bit)
[5]Minor fixes to mem_alloc/mem_free(Win64)
[6]Released cpulib source

10.Nov.2017 Revision 2.6
[1]Added prnflte, flte2str, g_ratio, rstmxcr
[2]Added prndble, dble2str (32-bit)
[3]Parameter modification to dbl2str
[4]Win versions now use only "kernel32.dll"
[5]More accurate documentation (basedoc)

27.October.2017 Revision 2.5
[1]Fixed fatal bug in "memviewc" (32-bit stack versions)
[2]Fixed memory leak in "prnstr" (All Win versions)
[3]"memviewc" now can take negative offsets (64-bit versions only)
[4]Changes in parameters position to "memviewb" (all stack versions)
[5]other small fixes not amounting to bugs
[6]Other small improvements to selected routines

Added "" for Win64 compliant source and DLL.

All further revisions are adjourned. Latest version is 2.4. Download link is at the bottom of this post (BASEUPLOADS).

29.September.2017 Revision 2.4
[1] Fixed a fatal bug in prnflt, prnfltr and flt2str (all versions). This bug causes dumpmmx, dumpxmm and dumpymm to freeze when divide-by-zero exception occurs over REAL4 floats operations.

26.September.2017 Revision 2.3
[1]Fixed a fatal bug in "aprnint" (64-bit)

28.August.2017 Revision 2.2
[1]Major updates and fixes (Win64 sources and binaries)

20.August.2017 Revision 2.1
[1]Small fixes to "randm" and "rndint"
[2] Other small modifications

16.July.2017 Revision 2.0
[1] Added "memview2"
[2] Added "mem_insert"
[3] Added "byte_count"

1.July.2017 Revision 1.1.20
[1] Fixed a FATAL BUG in "readstr" (all sources and binaries)

24.June.2017 Revision 1.1.19
[1] Minor modifications to "fpu_stack"
[2] Dropped all ".lib" libraries

7.June.2017 Revision 1.1.18
[1] Minor header / documentation fixes

2.June.2017 Revision 1.1.17
[1] Fixed a FATAL BUG in "delay" of all Linux variants.
[2] Added "get_ticks"
[3] Added "timer_start" and "timer_stop" to Linux64
[4] Other minor updates

8.May.2017 Revision 1.1.16
[1] Fixed stack corruption bugs in "prndbl" and "dbl2str" in all SBASE3 variants.

5.May.2017 (download from BASEUPLOADS) Rev 1.1.15
[1] Fixed small bugs in NASM sources and sample sources
[2] Fixed name mismatch (exit to exitx) in 16-bit sources.

3.May.2017 (download from BASEUPLOADS)
[1] Fixed a small bug in "int2str"
[2] Small changes to "hex2str" and "hex2stru"
[3] Dropped GoLink support for all sources
[4] FASM-specific .SO can now be linked without involving system folder (thanks to filox). Other general .SO stays the same.

.Small update. Download from BASEUPLOADS.

.A minor re-organization of the source ( so that COFF sources are placed in proper sections (FASM only). Nothing major. Download from BASEUPLOADS.

.Released BASELIB revision 1.1.13 with multiple bug fixes. Download from BASEUPLOADS

.Released all-binary BASE2.0. This release is not compatible with older BASELIB. Binaries only. No source. Refer to BASEUPLOADS/BASE2.0 folder

.Added base6.lib binary support (64-bit only). Can be found in BASEUPLOADS/MASM folder. Refer to your assembler manual on how to access a .LIB file using Microsoft's LINK.exe. Due to clashes, this .LIB version have some name changes;
Name changes:
. log10 to lg10
. rand to randm
. pow to fpow
. exit to exitx

These changes affect .LIB binary version only.

.Added base6.obj (static) and base6.dll (dynamic) versions for 64-bit MASM's version of BASELIB. Refer to BASEUPLOADS folder of my Google Drive.

.Fixed a small but fatal bug in "base64w.asm" source. (NASM only). Others are not affected.
.Added .SO binaries for NASM.

BASELIB Revision 1.1.2 is released. Refer to main upload folder (BASEUPLOADS) or on this Profile page. "basekit" edition is also released.

.Released base64.asm source for MASM 64-bit. This is still in beta. 64-bit only. Refer to main upload folder (BASEUPLOADS)

.Revision 1.1.1
.Added 16-bit COM source for NASM
.Small changes here and there

.Revision 1.1.0
.Corrected some minor discrepancy in the source (not a bug)

.Revision 1.0.19
.Little improvements here and there

2.Dec.2016 (Revision 1.0.18)
.Added "memviewb" to enable flat memory view.

.hackstruct.pdf - interfacing Linux syscalls
.convert.pdf - integer to string conversion
.basedoc.pdf - corrected wrong entries (32-bit stack)

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