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Dr. Ed Hersh
Husband, dad, innkeeper, author, teacher, counselor, pastor, ... as servant of God
Husband, dad, innkeeper, author, teacher, counselor, pastor, ... as servant of God
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Why settle for less? 
It's year mid-point. How are you doing with those New Year resolutions? You want a better life, but what needs to change first to get on a sure path? Click here to read Four Barriers to Better LIving ...

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Four Barriers to Better Living
            If you are a
Christian,, (or just want to know God better), and honest enough with yourself
to admit you don't have it all together yet, this article has something for
you.   Like me, I'm sure you struggle at
times with allowing the spirit part ...

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While you're taking in a great vacation time, you can also get some fresh perspective with a session complimentary for Christian missionaries and church leaders. Just ask to schedule an hour with me when you book or come through the area. Blessings! 

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Great opportunity for recharging your missionary service! 
LREC USA still has openings for the August 6-11, 2017 missionary debriefing retreat (located near Atlanta, GA). See details and request an application by visiting:

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Words make a huge difference! 
Does your speech/ message carry the authority of God, or does it aim to appease man's pleasures? Your answer may not be as obvious as you think ... Click here for " Words Matter for Leaders" #AuthorEdHersh


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Words Matter for Leaders
            Topics in the previous (part 1) article discussed
euphemism,   political correctness (PC),
and abuse by the media.   Reading it will
help provide a foundation for what I address here to leaders and specifically
Christian speakers.               ...

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I consider it a privilege and honor to serve servants of the Lord in ministry. When I receive this kind of feedback, I am very blessed. I truly hope the Lord continues to make me a blessing to others. 
Feedback this week from recent debriefing sessions is as follows, "First of all, it was very refreshing to be in the beautiful environment of your BnB – the greenery all around, the pretty interior, having our own little apartment, and your very gracious and warm hospitality.
Ed’s quiet way of speaking, allowing plenty of time for us to process our thoughts and share them, was really good for us. ....."
If you or a pastor/ missionary need a short break, consider what we offer here at our BnB in Lancaster, PA ... #debriefing

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Everyone needs it ... everyone must reckon with it ... no peace in your heart unless you give a piece of your heart to it .... 
A better understanding and application of FORGIVENESS can revolutionize your life like nothing else ... You can benefit from my 3 year in-depth study and apply it to your life with eternal value ... see #Forgiven #Forgiveness

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Life is too short to stay depressed ....

Depression CAN be overcome! I can personally atest to it. If the article below apllies to you or someone you know, here's another resource ... Click here for
Overcoming Depression ...

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Visit Lancaster this summer! #FarmToTable 
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