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Content tangentially related to my blogging activities on 'nevertheless'
Content tangentially related to my blogging activities on 'nevertheless'

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The common question one might ask someone; "Do you internet?" ought now be asked as "Do you Google?"

Mark Wilson's wordy essay post is a really thorough examination of the aesthetics of Google Design and it's implication of surreptitiously mingling everyday human experience.

#googledesign   #arsthetics  

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An invaluable resource for people on Pinterest

now possible to create an unlimited number of secret boards. 


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Australia provides earths oldest crystal

An ancient rock found at Jack Hills in Western Australia has been realised to be the oldest known crystal ever discovered and has been positively dated to 4.374 billion years

"That age is 300 million years older than the oldest previously dated age [of other crystals], and only 100 million years after the magma ocean," says the study's lead author Professor John Valley of the University of Wisconsin. This is when Earth started making protocontinental crust, which is chemically differentiated from the mantle. The chemical evidence from the zircons is a good fit for what we call intermediate composition ... halfway between granite and basalt."

#ancientcrystal   #Australia   #earth  

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Amusing #squirrel  aims to get his wings!
Dumb thing of the day: Squirrel steals airplane.

You just can't trust squirrels.

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Amusing Michelle Obama #photobomb  
Brilliant. Michelle Obama photobombs the +Miami HEAT team with a little help from +LeBron James!! h/t +Marvin Chow 
#photobomb   #autoawesome   #nba   
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Thought provoking #lanscapephoto  
"The Gorges of Karijini National Park"
Karijini National Park, Western Australia

Located an hour outside the small city of Paraburdoo in Western Australia are some of the most beautiful gorges in the world. Known as Karijini National Park, this area is set in the heart of the outback, but contains amazing emerald pools, waterfalls and gorges. 

If you are looking for an adventure, than my all inclusive June photography workshop will be perfect for you. Many of the locations we will be photographing will require hiking, climbing and even repelling through waterfalls and pools. All accommodation, transportation and necessary equipment will be provide. More info can be found below :)

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Neat #landscapephotography  Perhaps captured by Google Glass?
Behind the Lens || Vermilion Lakes Sunrise

What a great way to start a 9 day adventure through the Canadian Rockies. This morning +Peyton Hale and I were greeted to some beautiful light as the sun rose behind Mt. Rundle while we were at Vermilion Lakes just outside Banff.

Here you can see my +Sony a7r working its magic with the Zeiss 16-35 f/2.8.

If this is any indicator to the light we will experience over the next week and a half...we are in for a treat.

#behindthelens +Travel Alberta

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#Crazycool   #surrealistic  photomontage 

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Oh how sad, the #AfricanElephphants  are almost #extinct  

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Who's worried?
"Everyone you will ever meet knows something you don't" ~Bill Nye
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