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Corgi, Toy, model, car, collector, Dinky, Bond, Aston Martin, Astcote
Corgi, Toy, model, car, collector, Dinky, Bond, Aston Martin, Astcote

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Mercedes Benz 350SL
This is a scarce item. It may be Whizzwheels but it is one of the better Whizzwheels as Corgi did a good job with the Mercedes Benz 350SL. You will find plenty of metallic blue and solid white editions and pretty much as new at very reasonable prices still....

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Setting the scene for the Rocket Age.
While I have all the models, I thought I would try to re-create the scene on the box for the Rocket Age Gift Set No. 6.

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Rocket Age
1108 Bloodhound missile and launch ramp 1117 Bloodhound missile loading trolley 353 Decca Airfield Control Radar 424 Scanner Gift Set 3 352 Standard Vanguard III RAF Staff Car 1109 Karrier Gamecock Decca Mobile Airfield Radar Truck Rocket Age Gift Set No.6 ...

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The Motor Museum at Bourton-on-the-water
I took my friend for a trip to The Cotswolds and discovered this excellent little museum in Bourton-on-the-water. although the small town was littered with tourists, this museum was quiet and a real surprise with many wonderful old vehicles and lots of bits...

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Standard Vanguard III RAF Staff Car
My collector friend from Germany visited this week and gave me this lovely example of the 352 RAF Staff Car. At first glance I thought it was something I had already but then I saw the grey base. It seems that, as with one or two other models of similar vin...

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Corgi Toys @ 60: July 1957
July 1957 saw just one new issue on the toy shop shelves: the Vanwall Formula 1 racing car, #150. This would be the first of a series of racing cars no doubt influenced by the many British successes on the track. The Vanwall is a really simple model - very ...

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That's ridiculous, Steed.
I saw this Avengers Set advertised recently and, coupled with a conversation with a correspondent who is far more expert than I am in matters of the TV series, decided that I needed to write something on the subject of reproduction models of John Steed and ...

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Just when you thought you had the Commer buses, two more come along.
I have to thank my friend Herr Richter in Germany for telling me about second versions of the Commer Film Services Van an Holiday Bus which had actually been there in my catalogue but may have otherwise remained unnoticed. What I presume will be later versi...

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Racing cars
I am nearly complete with Corgi's early racing cars now, having found an exceptionally nice green Vanwall, 150, and a pretty good red one. I knew nothing about these before but am learning fast. These were not that easy to find, at least not in good conditi...

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A 304S Mercdes-Benz Roadster with spoked wheels
Earlier this year I wrote about The Mystery of the Wheels, having just discovered that there really could be a version of the Mercedes-Benz 300SL Roadster with wire ('spoked') wheels. I couldn't see me ever finding one or, if I did, at a price I could affor...
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