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PEOPLE marry for the sake of conveniences also if they have faith but the MARRIAGES  fail when we become  possesive . human beings are very funny they r very independent &also very intolerant NKY
I think people should be able to marry who ever they please to and shouldn't have other people saying something about it.  Its not your life its theirs.
All marriage law should be struck down; just as the 1st Amendment outlawed a "state church",  and a "state opinion",  it should also strike down a "state marriage".

There is no objective test of "love" or " commitment", and it is foolish for the government, in this age of equal rights between men and women, to interfere.

All "benefits" currently assigned married couples should be either available to "unmarried" people.  Two guys that decide to rent a place and start a business as partners have just as much right to file a joint return!

All child rearing benefits need to be tied to the CHILDREN, not to some "couple" that may or may not raise a family.
Sexist Fool. You should be embarrassed. Would Bill not run if his daughter was pregnant? Silly woman.
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