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British Culture and Life, Homework Help, Calendars of Events,
British Culture and Life, Homework Help, Calendars of Events,


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"In England and Wales, the generation least likely to have ticked the box marked "British" to describe their national identity are those who lived through the war and watched the sun set on the British Empire."

".... those whose ethnicity is white British are the least likely to describe their identity as British - just 14%. About half of people with black or Asian ethnicity picked British."

"The British identity reflects the increasing diversity of our society."

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Edward VIII post boxes
Only 271 post boxes made during the short reign of Edward VIII (January to December 1936). Edward VIII abdicated in 1936, before he was officially crowned, so he could marry his divorced lover, Wallace Simpson.

The door of each post box carries the Royal Cipher of the reigning Monarch from the year of its construction. Edward Vlll's post boxes have the 'EVIIIR’ cypher.

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How many landmarks and icons of Britain can you spot? - classroom activity
Angel of the North, Stonehenge, Houses of Parliament, O2 Arena (Millennium Dome), White Cliffs of Dover, the Shard, the Queen, the Loch Ness Monster, Double-Decker bus, the Red Arrows, a Spitfire, a Dalek ........


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Tower Bridge London
Tower Bridge lifts 1,000 times a year which is a rough average of three times a day.
Before going to London it is worth checking when the bridge will lift on the day you are there

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On each day in December 2013, test your knowledge on how Christmas is celebrated around the world. Most of the facts and photos have been sent to us by schools and visitors around the world.

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Who is the Queen of England?

Who is the reigning monarch?

How many pets does the Queen have?

Why is the Queen's husband, Prince Philip, not called King Philip?

Which Queen reigned the longest?

Which King reigned the longest?

Who will be the next King (Monarch)?

Where does the Queen live?

Does the Queen live in Buckingham Palace all the time?

Who will be the next King or Queen?

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Look out for the three main functions of a river as you journey down the River Severn with Pooh and his friends.

Transportation of water
Erosion (carrying sediment)
Deposition (depositing the sediment)

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“Project Britain: The Victorians” is an educational website managed by Mandy Barrow for the Woodland’s Junior School in Kent that encompasses a number of areas regarding the Victorian era. The website is easy to navigate for children and information is broken up into question and answers. Sections included on the website are factories, daily life, the Industrial Revolution, technology, and pollution, all of which are mentioned in The Peculiar. This website gives students vital knowledge about the time period and lifestyle that The Peculiar draws inspiration from. In the novel, there is constant mention of the horrid air quality and diseases that are widespread. Students can learn that these issues derive from historical truth.
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