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Valerie Streit
Strategist. Producer. Journalist. Newish mom. Fantasy occupation = artist.
Strategist. Producer. Journalist. Newish mom. Fantasy occupation = artist.

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Several new additions to our "Popular on YouTube" recommendations this week... ranging from creative crocheting to pop cultural parodying  Take a moment to explore a variety of offerings from these YouTube Creators on G+: +Barely Political +David Choi +Just For Laughs Gags +Kina Grannis +charlieissocoollike +Brittani Louise Taylor +Smosh +Smosh Games +VISO Trailers +Selena Gomez +deadmau5 +Crochet Geek +Bruno Mars +Soulja Boy +Shut Up! Cartoons 

Welcome +SB Nation and +Ride Channel to the Popular on YouTube circle!

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Oh no!

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The tide is shifting as noted by +Brian Stelter.  What a crazy, exciting time for those of us working at the intersection of media and technology!

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This should be good!
Watch The Mediatwits podcast live on Google Hangout on Air! Moderated by PBS MediaShift's Mark Glaser, with Ana Marie Cox, Andrew Lih, Monica Guzman and Felix Salmon. Topics include the new "House of Cards" show on Netflix and what it means for binge watching. And how much of the journalism aspects of the show could be real? Ask your questions in comments and we'll try to address them on the show.

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Check it.
Live tomorrow, Thursday 10/4: Sam Seder and Drinking With Bob debate right here on PoliPop! Check out our previous shows and post your topic suggestions here or tweet us @polipoptv!

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Check out this Hangout on Air LIVE with the cast of WIGS (
Young Hollywood is hanging out with 6 people right now in a live Hangout On Air! #hangoutsonairErin Wert, Alyse Gilbert, Nick Rood, Robert Beiler, Jayne Skudder, and Aaron Aaronson

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Introducing a few new enhancements and features for nonprofits on YouTube.

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Now you can start a Hangout from a post!

Google+ Hangouts: Going beyond the status update

One of the most intimate forms of human connection is eye contact. Our digital tools have given us new forms - text messages, email, status updates - but nothing compares to the richness and intensity of looking into someones eyes as they talk.

Our emphasis on face-to-face-face group video communication has lead to some amazing experiences. By giving this away for free, we've enabled people around the world to see into each others eyes and share discussion and laughter in new ways.

Today, we improve the service significantly.

1) We are enabling you to hangout on any post.
2) We've reached an important milestone for "Hangouts on Air". Hundreds of people (who we have whitelisted as part of our trial) can now broadcast their hangouts to the entire world for free completely self-service. Our goal is to enable this for everyone on the planet.
3) We are making it possible for you to start hangouts from messenger on Android or iPhone devices.
4) You can call any phone number in the world and conference in anyone.
5) We threw in a reindeer :-)
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